Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | The nicest homes

Bixby New Homes | The nicest homes

At Charles Hotel, where the biggest Broken Arrow home builder – and this is part 2 of your path to a new Shaw home, the first portion had to do with prior to your contract and that’s another great thing that separates us from a lot of the other. Broken Arrow home builders is We Lay everything out to the tea for you, so that way, there’s no confusion. Okay, so we lay everything out for you, so being a broken arrow home builder Shaw homes really takes the time to make sure that nothing is confusing. So after your contract, once you sign your contract with your sales manager and you pay your deposit and the next thing after that is, you will get a phone call from our home office, typically about 3, Bixby New Homes  around 3 business days after your contract has been turned in They’Re going to set up three appointments with you, one is for interior. When is for exterior Men final signatures, no structural changes can be done, you’re going to be assigned an interior designer where we won multiple award-winning Awards during Parade of Homes, the largest Design Studio. You don’t have to go to multiple locations to look at your selection. The only time that you do have to go to a separate location is just going to be for your lighting appointment you’re, going to see tons of options, and this is why we said you know during your price out appointment, don’t worry about it.

Things can be changed even after contract. Things can be changed so when you are in the design studio. Of course, you may change some items and that’s okay. As long as they’re, not structural changes, you’re fine going to be a simple process. We highly recommend that no children are with you at this time. In fact, if children are with you, we’re going to have to reschedule your appointment a lot of times with a design studio, there might be multiple families in there, so we want to have very little distractions for families when they’re picking these options. Because, let’s be honest here when you’re looking at over a hundred pile option, that can be a little overwhelming once you pick out all of your options for your interior and exterior we’ll go on to the plane review now, keep in mind that Design Studio can really Really factor in when your house is going to be done. Typically, Bixby New Homes you know we like to shoot for your Design. Bixby New Homes Studio appointments the last no more than 30 days, but there are times whenever we do have to kick people out of the design studio because they are very indecisive and taking too long and that’s what the interior designers are there for.

You know if you have a hard time, picking out options. Please do let them know that’s what they’re there for is to give you their opinion, and if you want a lot of their opinion, let them know if you want a little. Let them know so after your design studio is going to be your plan review. This is where you’ll review your selections, discuss the timeline discuss weekly updates, discussed, homeowner orientation, you’re going to meet up you’re going to meet at the main office or going to meet your Builder review. Your blueprints review your site plan and discuss the grade of the land. After your plan, review is going to be the building. Bixby New Homes This is where you guys will meet at your home you’re going to get weekly updates. Everyone welcomes all of your questions and honestly you’re really going to enjoy going to your home and viewing the progress. It’S pretty amazing, seeing you know one week, you’ve got the foundation being poured and then all the sudden, the framing, goes up you’re going to see every single process of your home going up, and we welcome you to go. That’S another thing about being a broken arrow home builder. Is we welcome for you to go and watch it? Ask your construction manager, any questions and to be able to see your house process from beginning to end is absolutely amazing. So after your after your plane, review is done typically from the moment that we break ground till you get. Your keys is roughly around 6 months pending on weather, of course, so once we’re done, building your house in the ninth step is going to be closing.

The keys are given to you time for you to move in you’re, going to meet at the title company down payments going to be fulfilled, pay for closing cost or what’s left pending on whatever incentives you were part of the mortgage is signed for and then the Title is transferred to your name and then you going to move into your house now. The final process of your new show home is going to be your home warranty. We have the best warranty actually out of all the Broken Arrow home builders Shaw homes of the best warranty we’re going to give you a 10 year, structural warranty on your house, a two-year mechanical warranty and a 1 year limited warranty, you’re going to have a 24-hour Emergency line to call we have a full-time warranty coordinator on staff and she’s, Bixby New Homes actually right in our home office, where are Design Studios as well? In fact, if you don’t have any issues going on in your first year of your house, the women at our warranty department, they will actually give you a phone call at 60 days in your 11 month, just to make sure. But there’s not anything. Dog may be overlooked, we need to come out and maybe do a little repair with that’s what the warranty department for and we get out the best service, and that is the entire path into getting into your new Shaw home weather in Broken Arrow Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa Inola even off site but Shaw homes, is the best Broken Arrow home builder in town.

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