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Broken Arrow Home Builders | Getting The Best Home?

Okay, so we’ve gone through steps one through five in our previous podcast on how to, or the pathway. I like to say it better that way. The pathway to building a Broken Arrow Home Builders. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to pick up with steps numbers six through 10 in S in steps number one through five. We talked about the model home tour, we’ve talked about financing, we’ve talked about our Homesite reservation, our price out, and then the purchase agreement. Now you’ve purchased a Broken Arrow Home Builders. Now let’s go on to some of the other components involved in our pathway. Beginning with stick step number six, which is the design studio at Shaw homes. You’re going to have your own personal design consultant to help walk you through the process of picking out the colors, the finishes of your home, everything that you’re going to need to take this floor plan and make it come alive and become a home of your very own.

This, this one of a kind home, you’re going to be in some very good hands as our design staff has been intimately involved in the selection of the colors you see in our award winning model homes. Shaw homes has the most well-appointed design studio in the Tulsa area, filled with everything you’re going to need to be your one stop shop for, for visualizing and selecting your color palettes all in one location without the hassle of driving to 20 different warehouses all over town. When you’re finished choosing your colors, we will finalize the selections with your signature as approval and then launch into the building phase of your home. There are tons of options offered here. The process is a very, very simple process. As a matter of fact, we break it down into three easy meetings where we’re going to, uh, decide on 12 different items.

We’re going to, there are five decisions that need to be made regarding your interior. There are seven decisions that need to be made regarding your exterior. That’s meeting number two and then meeting number three. We’re just going to get the final signatures for your Broken Arrow Home Builders. Once we have the designs, the colors, the finishes, it’s now we’re now launching into the building of your home. Step number seven is the, is the plan review. Now that all the selection decisions are final, it’s time for the plan review where you, you will meet your construction manager who’s going to be working directly with you through the completing of your home. You’re going to review all of your selections. Then you’re going to discuss the timeline. How long is this going to take from, from, from this, this time to this time. And what happens during that time?

A, you’re going to discuss with your country, your construction manager, the weekly updates. Uh, we’re going to discuss the homeowner orientation. We’re going to, uh, uh, review all the blueprints. We’re going to review your site plan. We’re going to discuss the, the grade of the plan. We’re going to, uh, we’re gonna meet at the main office. The builder is going to be there and he is going to go over all of these items and all of the specifications, all of the finishes and, and the site plan and the home site placement itself at this time. And when this meeting is completed, it’s now time to break ground and schedule this excavation. So we can get started with step number eight, which is the building process. During the building process of the home, we will have two scheduled meetings with you. The first is called the pre dry wall meeting and it’s at this point in construction where we’re ready to put dry wall up on the walls, but all the guts of the home are still exposed.

And so because they’re still exposed, we want to meet with you to, to go to go over to the home site with the construction manager and review everything in the home. For the simple reason, it’s a whole lot easier to make an adjustment to something before the dry wall then after the drywall. So during, during that time, uh, where we’re going to, uh, we, we want to show you kind of the, the guts of what’s going on the, the electrical. We want to show you the plumbing. We want to show you the HV AC and how all this is, is coming together. It’s, it’s not really a, a pretty thing to look at, but it is necessary so that you get an idea of not only the progress that’s being made, but again, as I said earlier, we want to make sure that if there’s anything to tweak and there’s anything to adjust, uh, we wanna we wanna know about that before we put up the drywall.

And obviously not after we put the drywall up. So now on to now during this, uh, a second meeting, during this second meeting here, we’re going to schedule with you. This is now called the homeowner orientation meeting. And during this time, this is where you get a room by room walkthrough of your home with your construction manager. Again, you’re one of a kind home on your, one of con home site. This Broken Arrow Home Builders. He’s going to help you to understand how everything in your new home works. You’re going to learn how to ignite pilot lights. You’re going to learn how to use the appliances in your home. You’re going to learn how the mechanicals work as well as we’re going to go through and do a a quality assurance walkthrough at that time. Now, of course, during this time, while we’re going to be doing a lot of explaining and a lot of educating, there’s going to be a lot of information going on during that time.

I want you to be aware that of course we want and welcome your questions during during this process. This is your new home in broken arrow and we want you to make sure that you have all your questions answered and so that this process is just as enjoyable as possible as we’re building your new home in broken arrow. Step number nine, we’re going to, uh, we’re going to begin the well of the closing process. We’re going to notify you of your closing date approximately 30 days prior to to the closing. We’re going to email you a closing letter with some helpful information and some and some instructions. The is going to have contact information for the different utility companies that you’re going to need to contact in order to get your service turned on and have it in your name. You will have your closing at the title company office and all the paperwork from Shaw homes will already be there when you arrive at your closing.

An agent of the title company will walk you through the paperwork and at that time give you the keys when all the signatures are completed so the title will be transferred. The mortgage will be signed for the closing costs will be paid for. The down payment is fulfilled during that time. This is closing on your new home in broken arrow. Now let’s go on to the final step. Step number 10 this is the warranty we give you Tulsa’s best warranty. We give you a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, and a one year limited warranty on your Broken Arrow Home Builders, we have a 24 hour emergency line. We have a fulltime warranty coordinator that’s on staff in house. You’re going to receive a 60 day followup call and then an 11 11th month followup call. And we’re going to give you the Disney experience.

We’re going to give you our best service possible and we’re going to give you direct access to our warranty department so that you can get your needs and your questions answered, uh, during, uh, during the time that we have. And so, uh, even if you don’t have any needs, you will be contacted, as I said earlier, by our warranty coordinator at the 60 day Mark at the 11 month Mark, and make sure that that your Broken Arrow Home Builders, your shore home is exactly the one of a kind home on the one of a kind home site. Again, congratulations.

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