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Broken Arrow Home Builders | Going To The Homes For Proof?

It’s a lovely thing, day in the village at Southern trails, Shaw homes and Broken Arrow Home Builders walking outside. And the a beautiful weather. It’s about 78 degrees. Sunshine had a night and morning of heavy downpours, lots of rain. But now the weather’s clear, slight clouds and the flowers are blooming. Lots of sun patients in the village at Southern trails in Broken Arrow Home Builders, Shaw homes. A crepe. Myrtle is starting to uh, have some nice Barry colored blossoms and the a little Christmas tree looking plant is going gonna look nice with some lights on it this winter. Nice. Festivus Christmas decorations. The uh, orange and patients, I think I like the orange and patients’ better than the pink ones and at least they just picked one color instead of several. That gets confusing when you pick several colors. The a constant solid one color is a lot more pleasing to the eye.

It looks like the grass needs mode. I’m sure those guys will show up a little later to put some ruts in the yard after the rains. Yeah. Playground next door at the village. It’s Southern trails and Broken Arrow Home Builders, Shaw homes. Um, seems to, uh, seems to be holding some water under the, the slide. I guess there’s a slide over there and I climbed me thing and rock wall looking thing and nice little covered pavilion with a fireplace. Not really for sure why that’s next to playground equipment, but okay. Um, once again, the flowers are lovely. It’s a few puddles outside in the village at Southern trails. Brooke broken arrow, Shaw. Oh, homes.

Not much wind today it’s pavements still slightly wet. Grass is green. I’m anticipating fall and a little cooler weather. Although my, my favorite season is summer. I like the hot in the village at Southern trails in rock and arrow. Shaw homes. I feel like the hotter it is, the better you get to sweat and it, you know, promotes more outside activities when the weather’s nice and hot. It slam in the pool type village, a Southern trails, Shaw homes, broken arrow, lots of, lots of neighborhood walking space. And you could walk for Ron and get some exercise in, take the kids to the park, let them play on the, on the playground till they’re nice and exhausting so that they’ll sleep at night and go to bed on time and be hungry enough to actually eat their dinner. Lots of nice areas to walk. You could walk through from village Southern trails in Broken Arrow Home Builders, Shaw homes over to the next door community, Tanner Berry or across the street to Wolf Creek and you could probably get several miles in possibly train for a, you know, the Tulsa run or route 66 or any kind of athletic type activity to keep you from just sitting around being lazy.

It’s a few cars driving through the neighborhood today. Most of them look like they need to be washed since we’ve had lots of rain and there’s lots of puddles and the dirt is getting all over the cars or some ladies walking their dogs earlier. I’m pretty sure their dog peed on my car. It’s never encouraging when people are letting their dogs pee and poop all over the grass in the neighborhood. You’d think they’d grab a bag and pick up the dog poop. That would be courteous of them. Have to watch for nails in the various communities to make sure that you don’t run over a screw or a nail and a puncture your tire and spend a day or two getting the tire patched or replaced the, the lawn looks like it’s been fertilized recently. I see some nutsedge but not very money. Not very many dandelions or Clover or various other weeds. Just a few sporadic nuts. Edge pieces tends to happen when it rains a lot. Those pop up quicker than the other grass and it’s a fast growing weed. If you pull that weed out, it actually causes to the root buds to scatter everywhere and spread more nutsedge everywhere. We really need a higher end lawn care company to take care of things like that. I, I think there’s also a company that can come out and pick up the dog poop in the yards. Um, before you could just get a shovel. [inaudible] Walmart bag.

It’s a beautiful day in the village. It’s Southern trails, reckoned arrow, cha homes getting very sleepy. Had lunch and didn’t get any caffeine. I could probably lay down on this front porch in the nice shade, take a nap. I would probably be slightly frowned upon when someone shows up to look at the house and I’m asleep on the porch. I just hope that I’m not drooling or snoring when someone shows up. However, the last time I was out on the front porch, a spider fell on me and so that would probably deter me from falling asleep on the front porch with the size of those Wolf spiders running around everywhere, eating Nance, all those nice bugs that we get in Broken Arrow Home Builders, intelligent Southern trail. Shaw homes seems to be some bug bodies on the front porch with the cute little plants in a bench.

Well, I guess I could sit on that bench and relax. Anybody wants to stop by and sit on the bench or some pillows on it to be weird. If I showed up and someone was asleep on the front porch, just hanging out, reading the wording, the pictures on the porch says to an Irish blessing made the road rise up to me. To me, the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your field. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the Palm of his hand. Can’t say I’ve ever heard that Irish blessing before. It kind of sounds like something someone just made up and wrote on whatever this is. Um, I don’t know. That’s kind of weird to me. And Irish blessing or maybe just some scribble that someone pulled out of their head to ride on an old window they found in the trash, whatever. It’s a decoration of some sort and somebody said so. Anyway. The other one is there’s some fake plant items on the porch.

It looks okay, I guess some cobwebs, maybe they could get the power sprayer and cleanness off. I never realized the top of this porch was gray and a walls or off white, but I guess that matches the trim gray. The stone is gray and the brick is red and stuff is Bay age. So I guess the trim on this house being gray, the window seals are clay colored. So the clay kind of mash matches the base, and then there’s some under mounted lights around the front porch. There’s a light bulb burned out on the porch and on the garage, but I don’t have any extra bulbs currently. We’ll have to tell somebody at the office to send the construction manager out Broken Arrow Home Builders.

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