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Speaker 1: (00:01)
So here I am hanging out and villages Southern trails and broken arrow new home construction by Shaw Holmes on October the 10th, 2019. It’s the one-year anniversary of hurricane Michael hitting the Gulf coast. Most people in this area don’t even remember this hurricane happened or the significance of that day. Um, that particular day, um, my best friend lives in Lynn Haven. And, uh, she was in her bathroom holding onto the pipes to make sure that the hurricane didn’t blow her roof off and suck her away. She was in the bathroom with her two dogs and some dog food and, and beer, and, uh, praying that the storm would pass by and leave her untouched. So today I looked up on Google the a year after hurricane Michael blew away homes and businesses in Florida, wind speeds of more than 150 miles per hour. The hurricane’s blame for 16 deaths at about 25 billion of damages in the United States, CBS news revisited, Mexico beach.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
After the category five storm hit Mexico beach was a hot vacation spot for my family and friends and a small town with, uh, close relationships, very tiny people. And after the hurricane blew through, uh, the wave surge pretty much swept away all of that city. And, uh, some of the people had decided to stay even after being on mandatory evacuation. Um, Tyndall air force base had had mandatory evacuation. And right now I’m in the village at Southern trails show homes broken arrow new home construction, home builder, Shaw homes. But, uh, looking back on October 10th, 2018, when the hurricane blew through and wiped out Mexico beach, Florida in the panhandle, a lot of Panama city beach area, and, um, the people that decided to hunker down in Mexico beach, many of them and their pets lost their lives and their homes. And driving back through that area this past summer to drive by the areas where used to be shops people’s homes was now leveled and some in some places there wasn’t even a foundation left.

Speaker 1: (03:06)
Um, the, uh, they’re they’re re rebuilding down there and they’ve, they’ve asked for monetary assistance. And to this day, Mexico beach does not have a gas station, a bank, or even a grocery store. They used to have one gas station when you crossed into Mexico beach. And it was completely down to the sea foundation when we were there in July, everything was gone. Um, the, uh, the hardware store, I guess, manager has also been a mayor for 15 years when, uh, 75% of your city is destroyed things aren’t going to happen quickly. And in a year he says, there’s clearly progress. They’ve had to work on highway 98 to get it back up and running. Um, 1200 people live there before the storm, and now only approximately 400 people live there. That’s a significant loss and population in that small city.

Speaker 1: (04:27)
There’s just been a lot of flows in the very beginning. The last six months, they got a little click in their heels. Um, many people still live in FEMA, trailer parks. Many of the kids and the schools are listed as displaced or homeless and Tyndall air force base. A major employer has spent $700 million on repairs and still has more to do, um, a specialist sit here and wait for it. Start raining and villages, just Southern trails, broken arrow, show homes, broken arrow new home construction builder. Um, many of those people in Mexico beach are just glad to be alive after the hurricane last year. Um, many of the people in that area, we drove through the trees looked like they had been stripped of every lamb. Uh, when we were in Panama city beach, it was, there was nothing. It was just that the trees were empty. The rest, the restaurants and Mexico beach were, were leveled.

Speaker 1: (05:42)
Some of them are operating out of food trucks. Um, the, all the signs in, in the Panama city beach area, all of the signs on typical restaurants, they were all gone. So, um, you know, when you think of a taco bell sign out in front of a taco bell property, they didn’t even have their signage anymore was completely gone. Um, all of their street lights, they’re,  hanging regular street, you know, red lights, they were kind of half put back together, strong across the road. And that was in July, you know, months after the hurricane blew through in October. Um, a lot of these people have just moved off and left their homes because they’re waiting on construction crews and, and insurance money. And there’s so many people that have been through that or construction companies can’t fix everything at once, nor can the insurance companies put the money back to the people to hire the construction companies. If you’re ready to get started on your project, contact our broken arrow new home construction team.

Speaker 1: (06:53)
So a lot of people haven’t rebuilt who was strange to see some of the people were just, uh, they had got an RV or a trailer and were actually living on the foundation of what used to be their home in a trailer. Um, so as the, uh, Florida timber farmers face tough choices after, after Michael, so where they used to have crops and crops of these tall, skinny trees, especially out near Tyndall air force base, they harvest all these tall trees and take them to the paper plant over in Panama city beach. They lost a lot of the trees. So, um, their, their paper mill isn’t doing as well as it was before.

Speaker 1: (07:43)
And, uh, lots of people rebuilding slow to recover. Lots of, lots of time when we were there. One of the stores had had rebuilt, but they were just making slow progress village, Southern trails and broken arrow Shaw homes. We were just, uh, having another cloudy day and fall day. Some strange weather coming in possible hail, but broken arrow new home construction got several houses under construction right now in villages, Southern trails in broken arrow show homes has well four under construction currently with a couple more getting ready to begin construction. And we’re in October. So we’ve got the fall weather and unfortunately everybody’s drinking pumpkin spice and pumpkin this and pumpkin that so cloudy day and villages,

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Hasn’t trails waiting for a terrain working on these podcast because I got behind. So yes, I won’t need to wash my car today. If it’s going to rain put that off till next week or the week after, depending on how cold it is next week. So time to get out the boots for boot season no more. Flip-flops get out the fleece pajamas, blankets coats, no more short slaves. I have to get out the long sleeves. Now get out the comfort foods, all of the stew and chili roast, all the stuff you want. It’s cold outside instead of hot and get that to put the grill away. So just another fall here in village at Southern trails, Shaw homes broken arrow new home construction.

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