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Broken Arrow New Home Construction | Find a Floor Plan You Love

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Today we’re, uh, sitting in the villages. So there are trails in broken arrow new home construction, and we’re going over some various floor plans and different communities for Shaw homes, broken arrow, new construction, and see where you are. Currently. We, uh, we’re looking at older communities and we looked at Belcher race, um, HOA dues, 3 43, zip code seven car oh one two. The elementary school is country lane in broken arrow, middle school as Centennial in broken arrow. And the high school is or canal high school. And, um, it is city water, city, sewer, real quote of Jake’s, um, no longer hustling availability’s Chisholm rant. Um, the unsure on the, on the HOA dues that is in big space, 7 4 0 0 8. The elementary school is big. The Northeast middle school is big Spain middle school, and the high school is Bixby high school. It is city water and sewer, and, uh, country view of GenX has a sold out as well of estates of Shanandoah.

Speaker 1: (01:40)
The next one is fairway park, HOA dues for $300. And it is in broken arrow. 7 4 0 1 to the, the, the elementary school is Creekwood and middle school is Centennial and it is in broken arrow, high school, uh, city water, city, sewer. There was at one point a neighborhood called Greenbriar. And at one point there was a lakes of failing ranch. Uh, at one point there was Melissa pond, one and two, and new Bedford, two and three, um, Oak Ridge park. There was a part of, it looks like park, uh, Willow Springs and a park at Florence. There’s a Remington trails and 7, 4 0 1 floor. The elementary school is Oak crest. The middle school is Childers and the high school is broken arrow and it has septic for sewer. Uh, seven Oaks was a 250, no

Speaker 2: (02:59)
$350 HOA, and it was broken arrow. 7 4 0 1, 2 elementary was oh, crest Sequoia, middle school, broken arrow, high school, seven lakes. Um, there was an HOA of five 50, and that is in big SPI 7 4 0 0 8. Um, elementary was big screen. North middle school was big SPE high schools, big SPE city of big SPE or city sewer city water has sidewalks. Um, right now we are in broken arrow new home construction, Shaw homes, and we’re in villages. Southern trails currently. Um, spring Creek was an old neighborhood. HOA dues were about $500 and, um, that was 7 4 0 1, 1 Aspen Creek. Was it elementary? Middle school was Childers in broken arrow, high school and, um, city water, city, sewer there’s, uh, another neighborhood called Southern trails states. And then there used to be a vintage at Verdigris to HOA dues for $120 annually. And it was code 7 4 0 1 9 Verdigris elementary verdict course middle school and Verdigris high school.

Speaker 2: (04:38)
And, um, let’s see, we will look at the, um, Addison floor plan. We no longer build that as a one-story. We are broken arrow new home construction in broken arrow, Shaw homes, and the Addison P is, uh, our most economicable, uh, two story four plan. The downstairs is, um, well, the total square footage is 24, 21 and downstairs, there is a, a foyer and to the left is two bedrooms and a full bathroom and 11 closet. And then there’s the great room. The kitchen that flows into the great room with a corner fireplace. The note extends off the kitchen and there is a patio exit, often nook, a nice big covered patio, um, off of the side of the nook and the kitchen is the master bedroom and it has the snooze button option that basically allows you to go from the master bedroom into the master bathroom was split vanities and into the closet, and then from the closet straight out the hallway.

Speaker 2: (06:05)
So it wraps around the house. So you don’t have to go back in the master bedroom and wait for your spouse. Um, there’s a study that you can access off of that master closet hallway. Um, so you can have a private study off the master. And then there is the laundry room off the garage. And upstairs in this house is the simple, the PE plan, which is a game room at the top of the stairs and a bathroom and a bedroom. And that’s all upstairs that, uh, house again is 24, 21 square foot, and it can be built. And any of our 36, well, most of our 36 communities. And right now we are talking about neuro move, home construction with Shaw homes and villages of Southern trails. The Crescent is one of our other four plants, and it is 2095 square feet. It is a three bedroom with a study and a formal dining for your broken arrow new home construction.

Speaker 2: (07:13)
And, um, it has a large back covered patio and a corner fireplace in the living room. It’s got the open flow floor plan with the laundry room on the opposite side of the house from the master and off the garage, a laundry room goes into the kitchen. And then of course you have a nice kitchen nook. And then, um, you also have a formal dining room off the entry. The formal dining is on one side and the study is on the other side. And the study actually has a closet in it to where you could convert that room into a fourth bedroom in your broken arrow new home construction. Um, the garage on this house is a three-car garage standard. If you wanted to omit the garage, the third bay, you could, or you could move through two and a half car garage in the Crescent M which is twenty five hundred and ninety three square feet. The, that is the same floor plan as the regular Crescent, except it has a game room upstairs. So it gives a space for you to entertain upstairs. The Crescent P gets slightly bigger at twenty nine hundred and forty six square feet. And that house is the same downstairs as the Crescent and the Crescent M except upstairs, you have a full game room, a bathroom and a bedroom. So you have a entire extra area upstairs for other people.

Speaker 3: (08:55)
The family plan has also been, um, retired as the Addison. One story they Finley was our smallest one-story option. And, um, then we move into the Glendale, which is 2,105 square feet. It is a four bedroom, three bath with a study, and it is, uh, once again, it is a one-story. And, um, so it, it is done with a, um, two bedrooms and a bathroom on one side of the house with the Jack and Jill bathroom set up with laundry out to the garage and then divided. There’s a, uh, no can kitchen, um, and a study in your broken arrow new home constructionAnd I study off the front and a great room, large covered patio. And on the other side of the house is the master bedroom with the master bath, the master closet. And, um, then on the opposite of the master is a another bedroom that could be used as, you know, a nursery or, um, you know, a private, another private office off of the master.

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