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custom homes Broken Arrow | A Beautifully Decorated Home

custom homes Broken Arrow | A Beautifully Decorated Home

uh, we are going to go through the Cambridge real quick and walk through all of the features and see some of the highlights of this. So right now we will look at the front white door and it’s a two panel door and it’s really nice. custom homes Broken Arrow and a to the right. You have a beautiful nook. And right now there’s a gorgeous table with four chairs and some decorative plates on there as well. It’s a beautifully decorated. It says the best of, I don’t know, the best are made, gathered around the table. Best memories are made around the table that looks a little fuzzy, couldn’t really tell what it was saying. And then there’s also something that says home, so we have that as well. And then you have the nice hardwood tile as well. And to the left you have a, a nice stand with the letter s and a couple of bases and a very.

A candle smells lovely. That’s on there as well. custom homes Broken Arrow And then we walk a little bit further. So we just walked by the notes. So the nick was on the right and then uh, above us was a beautiful contemporary, a light fixture and then also to the right you have some, the kitchen which is a nice open island kitchen and then you have this little area where you can have a, what we’d call, like a Barista counter where you can have a coffee bar or anything like that. And then custom homes, broken Arrow, and then you turn around and you see the pantry and you have this nice white trim and we have oil rubbed bronze levers on here as well. And so you have the three centimeter courts and the under mounted sink. And then the oil rubbed bronze, which is very, very nice.

And then you have a frigidaire gallery set that as a 900 upgraded. It has a convection oven at five burner. It has a stainless steel plate on the inside of the Dishwasher, which helps with the noise and it’s also washes and dries in 30 minutes or less. And uh, then for the backsplash, you have a gorgeous backsplash. It is a white ledger, a stone split, a backslash backslash. And then we have farmhouse cabinets, which I really liked, custom homes Broken Arrow and then you also have the white cabinets and then we have an oil rubbed bronze handles on there as well. And then you have the backsplash and all those things in the five burner. And then the, uh, under mounted sink and it has a stainless steel sink and it was a 60 40 sink, so you have one side that’s a little bit larger than the other.

And then you would continue to the right of that and go into the living room. The living room has a vaulted ceiling with the four canned lights or we have a fan on there as well, and you have a upgraded carpet and you have these three large windows that you’re looking at when you walk in custom homes Broken Arrow and uh, those are operable and they’re a low e vinyl dual pane windows. And so that just helps with the energy efficiency and all those things as well. So we have a bat room and we would just continue to walk back to the master bedroom, custom homes, broken arrow. And you walked to the master bedroom and you have this little patio entrance, so that’s nice for some people they really like to have that because they can just go out to the patio and a people to hang there.

And then you have this large master bedroom with that vaulted ceiling in there and you walked to the master and you have a, a dual vanity with oil rubbed bronze fixtures. We have cultured marble, it looks like a squirrel. And we have those farmhouse, house cabinets, white cabinets. And then you have this three foot soaker tub, which is just lovely. And this nice large window. Uh, and then there’s some other things in here as well. It looks like all because two good people fell in love. Everything happens for a reason. Love all those things in there. And then you have your shower in the shower, has a, what we would call some can lights as well, and a custom homes Broken Arrow and you don’t have to worry about anything there. And then you have the uh, head knockers on there and the farmhouse cabinets as well. And then you have this large walk in closet and a, so you just got to remember that it is a beautiful home, custom homes, broken Arrow, and uh, so it is one of the better, a nice bathrooms that you can do. So you can remember that custom homes broke now.

session one, custom homes Broken Arrow we’re going to go over the steps a little bit. The steps are a really important part of the buying process that you need to know all the steps and what it takes to purchase the shot home because every place is different. So we want to make sure that you understand what it takes to purchase a home. So the first step is going on a model home tours. So the model home tour is very important because you’re going to look at all the different floor plans and see what you like and what you don’t like and what you want. Do you want a three bedroom? Do you want a four bedroom? Do you want a two story? Do you want a two car garage? Do you want a three car garage? Uh, what do you want in the house? It’s all about looking at the flow of the home.

You do not want to concentrate on the aesthetics of the house. So just remember that when you’re doing the model home tours. So the model home tour, we would start in a relief. So we’ll start in some relief and we’ll go to the Birkdale, walk through the Birkdale first and walk through that entire home and then walk next door to the Cambridge and walk through that entire house and then go down and look at a they would and then look at an Ashton and then look at, uh, what else do we have there? We have to do barry as well, custom homes Broken Arrow and then we would leave and go to crystal creek and Crystal Creek. They have an amber there that we can look at and they also have another Ashton so you can look at that as well. And we would walk through those.

And then, uh, after that we would walk and go to a, that we would go over to Tucson, which is our newest community, which is in broken arrow. It’s 121st in county line. We have begun. Construction is looking fantastic. So that’s a great place to be if you’re interested. A custom homes Broken Arrow And then we would go there and we would look at the Ellington, we would look at the Remington, we would look at the dewberry, we will look at the Newport, we will look at the liberty looking, all those are plans, those were all of our newest for plants. And they look fantastic. So you got to remember that, that you can look at all those four plans and get an idea of what you’re looking for. And that’s the idea of the whole process is to really make sure that you were comfortable and you know, what you want and that you’ve looked at all the different designs that we have to offer customer who’s broken arrow.

We want you to look at all those designs so that you feel confident when you, uh, make your purchase and you know, what you want, custom homes, broken arrow. And then that way you won’t second guess yourself or think maybe I should have gone with something else because you’ll have looked at all of these homes and you’ll know what to expect and all of that as well. And uh, so we look at all the floor plans and we find a, your favorite floor plan and that’s the step one. So that’s a model home tours step on the finalized, what is your favorite floor plan? And that’s what we want to do. Our main objection of this step, custom homes, broken Arrow, step two is finding it seemed we have three preferred lenders are all fantastic and with large reputable banks in the Greater Tulsa area, they will also rate match.

So you don’t have to to worry about not getting the best deal, you will definitely get the best deal. You got to one of the preferred lenders and you get qualified and once you are qualified then we know you’re a budget. So that’s how that works. It takes about five minutes to make in conversation. Like I said, they will rate match and the benefit is that you get to the incentive that we’re doing at that time custom homes Broken Arrow So, uh, with all of that said, then you talked to them and they let you know and they send over the prequel letter to me. And, uh, now we know the favorite home that you have and what you want to build and we know what you can qualify for. So that is great. We have those two things out of the way and, uh, the next step would be the home site reservation. So this is very important. We need to find the perfect one of a kind of home site for you, uh, that you would like to live in. And then we need to do a reservation on there as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and that’s just a very important step. So we’ve talked a little bit about a model home tour. We’ve talked about financing, we’ve talked to a touch on a homesite reservation. So we’ll go over those once again here in a little bit.

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