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custom homes Broken Arrow | A Couple Of Different Floor Options

custom homes Broken Arrow | A Couple Of Different Floor Options

Shaw home session five custom homes Broken Arrow talked a lot about some relief into different lands at different properties. So now we can go over some of the available ones and what we think of those. So we have a block one lap five that backs up to the other neighborhood. It’s a nice long law. And uh, we have a one next to it which is six and seven. Those are both a wonderful lots and you can build a couple of different floor plans on there and they’re a little bit wider so you don’t have to worry about that. custom homes Broken Arrow So then you have six, seven, eight, six, seven, eight, a backup to that, a greenbelt and all those things as well. So you can remember that in 13 bags up to that a 14 or 11 is Dawson. That one can fit the, some floorplan and only the Dawson for playing custom homes, broken arrow.

And what’s so special about that is it backs up to the green belts and all that as well. And then you have a lot 13, which, uh, can only fit a couple of floor plans on there and then you have 12 and 13, so they would back up to those as well. And uh, you have 16 and 23, twenty three cents a Dubai area and that’s a very important to remember a custom homes Broken Arrow So those are different ones that you have available now. I’m also going to go through some of the inventory and all those things as well. We can go through some of the Crystal Creek and uh, see what’s available there and check that out. And go to Crystal Creek. So I’m scrolling. We have a blog stakes lot too. We have a lot, three lot 34 blocks, three lot 35 block three, not 37.

They’re building a Dawson in Delaware and then another dose. And so they are building some of those on there now tracy. So it has a whole from 4:14. So it’s been an entire month and a lot when it’s supposed to be a week. That one is 43, one eight south, 133rd east avenue left. And don’t get me wrong, everybody does that. So it’s fine. It’s no biggie at all. Customer homes, Broken Arrow, we have shot sold chocolate on site reservation. Shannon homes sold Jonathan’s Oklahoma site reservation, waterstone homes tracking in infant purposes and all those things as well and you have a bunch of now having creek right now, highland creek too and all those things and you have different ones on theirs and all that. And uh, it looks like Arnold has one held in there, so good for him. And you have oak ridge with a lot of ones as well and Ruby estate which is wide open and huge and all those things going on there.

And you have silverleaf. Similarly, if I have a contingent contracts contract being turned into the office with major side of the contingent contract, they’re continuing contract there. Another contingent contract custom homes Broken Arrow contract on paradise. So another hold on talmage in a contingent contracts. So that is a lot of contracts on a hold I have right now, custom homes, broken Arrow and I’m just trying to fill up the rest of this neighborhood and that would be great too. And we have a market ready. Homebase already hung Cambridge and that’s a one. Three. We have the market ready home. Cambridge are market ready home, Ashton and market ready home baywood and another Cambridge and then another market ready home. Ashton is with custom homes, broken Arrow and that’s what we have going on in separately for now. In Tucson village we don’t really have much traction right now. There is a hold on a block, say slot two and that’s contention and that is a paper.

Then we have a block for a lot 14. That’s contingent contingent based on financing and that steel. So we have these different ones going on right now and we just need to see if we can get those processed or not. I don’t know yet. We’ll have to find out if we can. So it’s just a waiting game there as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and then you have market home availability and we also have a sales report that is going to go over and we can look at that as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and we have all of those home sites available and you have different things in some relief as well as I l V E r l e F and then you have lot to block one, lot three block, one lot for block 1:30, fourth street, east Kovak, Sandusky, Plymouth. Those are bit different streets here and so that is actually facing north so all of those homes would be facing north and we have a.

What do we have? We have so northeast, southwest and you can just remember that as well. It’s a lewd. Have East going there. So this building, this is going to last and I just go in east and you can always do those things as well and it’s always a setting windows. It’s a north east, south west, north east, south west and custom homes. Broken Arrow. And then we’re just looking at all these things, trying to figure that out as well. And we can keep going and just figuring out if it rises in ECF. And then that would be going out west, I believe, because it’s always coming over there. At the end of the day, custom homes Broken Arrow

Shaw homes, session five, custom homes, broken arrow. Now we’re going to talk about some of the homes and some of the favorite homes and what’s going on at Tucson village and all the other places as well. custom homes Broken Arrow to some villages, a brand new neighborhood in it has tons of beautiful home sites available. Right now there is a 17,000 square foot home site available that is huge. There is a $12,000 homesite but a available as well. And uh, there’s another larger ones. There’s some culdesac lots. There’s some on the green belt. There’s uh, some, uh, just all over the place. A lot of them back up to the green bond. It’s a great place to build. There are some premiums on those home sites, but now the time to look to a purchase in there. Then you have silver leaf. A silver leaf is very, very full.

We’re about 90 percent full. We have seven homes left for sale and route 14 lots lap. So it’s important to get in there before it is full custom homes Broken Arrow There’s a lot going on there as well. Crystal Creek has been around for awhile, but it’s still has a several great lots left, a different type of shape, lots. So, um, but we do, we do have some sites and all those things available, so it’s important to, uh, to go take a look. And if Crystal Creek as a union school. So if I have someone who wants the game in schools, that’d be a great place to go. And then you have a broken arrow schools for everybody else. So you have, although though the, you have all of those things as well. And uh, we have, uh, we have to sign village. We have a silver leaf, we have a crystal creek and those are Manchester series or Manchester.

Sherry’s homes start at one 68 and go up to about 2:25. And so those homes will help you quite a bit and they will get you going on everything that you need to do. v those are the different custom homes Broken Arrow homes in the Manchester series, the Manchester series we have, let’s see, that they would have the Birkdale. We have the Ashton, we have the amber, we have the Cambridge, we have the newport, we have the liberty, we have the dewberry, we have the Ellington, we have the Remington, and then we have the Dawson and then we have one other planet. Why can’t I think of the name? It’s not the thousand. What’s the name? Why can’t I think of it? It starts with a b. It is not the Dawson custom homes, broken Arrow, but those are some of the newer plans. The last six that I named are newer plants and they are great and they are looking great and really excited to build some of those newer plans for people.

So going over some of the new floor plans, once again, you have the newport, you have the Remington, you have the Ellington, you have the liberty and you have the new, uh, the dewberry and those are the new plans that we just came out with. And also the, uh, Dawson and the other day that I can’t think of custom homes Broken Arrow. And those plans are all fantastic and wonderful. And we can take you on a tour if you’d like to. We also do model home tours like I’ve mentioned before previously on here. So those are some of the new floor plans of the older floor plans that may woods great for people looking at empty nesters are first time home buyers, a tired of renting. They don’t need a ton of space, but you. What I love about that plan is you have the high ceiling and entry and you also have the, uh, the, the, you have the laundry room that connects to the master closet and that goes straight to the master bed.

It’s just a very nice feature that I enjoy a great deal and would use it a lot where you can kind of just close that door or do the laundry and then put it in their customer homes, broken arrow. Many of the Birkdale, which is a very popular plan and it has the pocket office and people either love it or hate it in that pocket offices in the living room. And it’s place where you can just close the door if you want. And you don’t have to worry about people come over or anything like that. You just shut the doors. It can be as nasty as you want or it can be as good as you want. I know my wife would use that a lot as she likes to study right next to me while I’m watching TV and complained about the shows. I’m watching custom homes Broken Arrow

And uh, so that’s the Birkdale. Next you have the Ashton, which is a beautiful floor plan, has a huge front porch. It’s a tons of storage. All those things back, a back covered patio, which is a beautiful tons of large windows as well. Then we have to Ashton’s for sale right now in silver leaf. And we also have a model in crystal Greek. So those are the different things that you can look forward to with the Ashton. We can show you a bunch of those. The next step would be the amber, which is our largest three bedroom, two bath. And uh, it, it has a, it has a dining room or a flex room in the middle. And then you have three bedrooms and you have a, once again, a pretty large front porch and a very large back patio that’s just included in the home. A lot of times that we. We have a lot of included features that aren’t necessarily included somewhere else. custom homes Broken Arrow

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