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custom homes Broken Arrow | A Hardwood Tile Flooring

custom homes Broken Arrow | A Hardwood Tile Flooring

Shaw homes, session one, custom homes, broken Arrow, we have several market ready home, so we’ll go over some of those market ready homes and some of the benefits of a living here and what they have to offer and all the numbers and all those good things as well so that you can decide if this is a place where you’d want to live. The first one is a zero, zero, one dash cc zero, one zero, zero six zero, three zero block six lot 30, model a d one square feet, 1,857 Spec addison a d one, one three, zero, zero, six east 43rd street, a two, four, zero, $240,000. One hundred percent complete. Three to three mls, one eight, zero, five, seven, four, five. custom homes Broken Arrow The next one, zero, zero one CC zero. One zero, zero, zero six, zero, zero, zero, one block six lot 1:00 AM one, 1,683 square feet spec amber, a, m, one, four, three, two, six south one, three, three rd.

He added a v priced at 206,000, 769, or 1000, 100 percent complete. THree, two, two, a mls, one, seven, four, three, eight, zero, six custom homes, broken arrow. The next one up is zero, zero one s I r s l zero, one zero, zero, one zero, one eight, a block one lot 18, a s one four, nine, nine spec ashton has one, two, three, four, one seven east quebec street that is priced at 185, eight, six one eight, zero five eight, six, 100 percent complete. And that is a three to two mls, one eight, zero, one, one nine, seven custom homes broken arrow. The next one up is a zero, zero one s l zero, one zero, zero two zero, one eight, block 2:18, one, one four, 9 million spec. Ashton has one, three, four, three, seven east quebec street, uh, that is priced at 182, eight, two, five, one eight, two eight, two, five.

Plumbing, final three to two custom homes, broken arrow. These are just a couple of the spec homes updated as as close to five, 11 to 18. A lot of these spec homes don’t even make it to a mls. They sell quicker than that, so uh, people need to be aware of that as well. The next one, at the zero, zero, one sl, zero, one zero, zero, two zero, two zero bucks to lot 20 be a one, 1000, 336, one, three, three, six. Spec bay would be a one, two, three, four, four or five east quebec street, 174,000, 1:57, one seven, four, one five slash seven plumbing. Final three to two custom homes, broken arrow, zero, zero one s l zero, one zero, zero, one zero, one nine, block one a lot. 19. See a one, 1000, 662 square feet spec cambridge, ca one, three, four, one, three.

East quebec street, 187,756. One eight, seven, seven, five, six, 100 percent complete. Four bedroom, two bath, two car garage, mls, one eight, one zero, zero, one eight custom homes broken arrow that cambridge does, a just newly to a four plans that you can do hardwood tile and all those things as well that go throughout and you can make that fourth bedroom into a flex room or you can leave it as a bedroom. It also comes with the med detention there. That’s a four bedroom most affordable for bedroom. Uh, it also has a private masters, what I like to call it, because the master is just off to the corner. And so that’s a great one to get if that’s what you’re looking for. Handles, you have durham, you have not knobs, you have all those things as well. So just remember, that’s a beautiful plan. Custom homes, broken arrow. Uh, we have, uh, an amazing deal going on right now for 4,000 off of the closing costs, 4,000 off the purchase price. Or you can split that up. How you’d like to split that up. So you have that incentive when you use one of our preferred vendors. We have three preferred vendors. So you can just use any of them custom homes, broken arrow.

Shaw, home session one, custom homes Broken Arrow we will talk about the process. The process is very important. We’re always talking about the process, so you’ve got to definitely go over the process a lot with the customers and all those things as well. So the process, you have one step, two step three, step four, step five, step six step, seven step. And then there’s also a map your path to a show home process. So you have the first step which is a model home tours model. Home tour has several different steps. You have 60 minutes, a five, seven minutes on each home and all those things as well. So you’re going through all the different homes that are available, custom homes, broken Arrow,

so you’re going through all these different homes and all the things that are going on. And then you want to talk about financing, which would be step two, step two is financing. So you have the first step, which is the model home tour. Step two is financing. Uh, and those two things are right there as well. Um, so you talked about the financing and you talked about the model home tour. We have a lot of different homes, so a lot of different items that you can look at and choose from. So there’s Birkdale, there’s a day where there’s a different homes as well. There’s newport, there’s a liberty, there’s a sense of tone, so you just have to remember that there is a, all these different homes for you to choose from. So you gotta keep looking and finding what you want, custom homes Broken Arrow and then you have the first step, the second step, the third step, the fourth step, the fifth step, six step, seven step, eight step, all these different steps so that a eight step is the warranty or the seventh. The ninth step is the warranty. And so you’ve got to remember that you have that step as well. So you have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and then you have a price at which is 45 minutes purchase agreement, which is one hour. Can’t forget about those steps. Custom homes, broken arrow.

So you have all these different steps and a lot of different things and a lot of funds where you’re talking about the model home tours. So you start out in the Birkdale that we’d go to the cameras Birkdale, so three bedroom, two bath and it’s around 1400 square feet a little bit over and then you have a Cambridge which is at 16, Sixty eight and uh, you can go in that one as well. Custom homes broken out. So we talked about those homes that we talked about, some different home given to Cambridge. You have the Birkdale, like I said, Birkdale has nice large, uh, island counter and you’re treating, you have a desk and all those things. And then the Cambridge has four bedrooms, two bath those are fully furnished, beautiful decorated models. And then we can go to Tucson. Bill for. You’re going to have a, a new port as well. Custom homes, broken arrow. Yeah. You can go there and see a new port or liberty or see whatever you’d like to do. And uh, that’s, that’s something else that you can check it out

No, they’re custom homes Broken Arrow, go there and go through all the different tours and all those things. So we’ve talked about one step we’ve talked about to set, we’ve talked about reset, we’ve talked about for step, we’ve talked about five steps, we’ve talked about six step, we’ve talked about seven steps behind that warranty as well, so it’s backed by liberty mutual. So don’t forget about that. So you have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven model home tour, then out in a homesite reservation and financing and a price and purchase agreement, you have all these different things that you need to do. So just remember that we handle all those things as well. So never forget you, uh, can be taken care of here. So our model home tours, 60 minutes finding, it’s been five minutes, price off, 45 minutes per scream at one hour from groundbreaking move in five days. So you just remember that. And then we’re also gonna talk about the different selections and the price out custom homes, broken arrow.

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