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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | A Little More Square Footage

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | A Little More Square Footage

Today’s podcast, we’re discussing a few of the different floor plans and communities that we have in our broken Arrow area, so broken arrow is a highly desirable growing suburb of Tulsa and a great location for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. Um, if you’re looking for something in south broken Arrow than rush, Brooke north may be the perfect community for what you’re looking for. It starts in the high two hundreds and corresponds with Bull Creek elementary school. All of our middle school and broken Arrow high school rush. Brooke North Has Square footage ranging from 2095 square feet, 3,712 square feet and has a community pool in the neighborhood. You have great access to the creek turnpike and the new shopping district that’s coming in south broken arrow. The Warren Theater is a wonderful close amenity that’s very close by and a wonderful option for Custom Homes Broken Arrow homes.

We currently have to move in ready homes that are available in that neighborhood. One of them being our notting hill and floor plan. This home is 2,605 square feet with three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a three car garage, and is currently listed at $325,628. One of the interesting features about this floor plan is going to be the beautiful entryway with the study adjacent to it and the large great room, so it’s got a large island that overlooks this great room with a fireplace, a pass through utility from the garage into the utility room into the master closet, into the laundry master Bath and master bedroom, which really creates an awesome master suite. Custom Homes Broken Arrow This home is pretty private because it gives mom and dad bedroom downstairs and all of the additional bedrooms are upstairs along with the corresponding game room and two additional bathrooms.

So if you have children up there or possibly an office, you have the bedroom for that and a separate game or a separate bathroom for the game room. If you choose to transform that into a theater room or media room, this is a wonderful option for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home. Another home that we have available in that community is going to be our monroe to floor plan. This is a really versatile and popular for plan for Shaw homes. This particular one is 2000, 172 square feet and currently priced at $269,900. This floor plan is a one story, although the Monroe plan can be built on one of our home sites for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home as a two story. This particular one story maybe a little bit better for somebody looking for a smaller option of that floor plan. You still get the beautiful entryway with the dining and the front of the home as well as the large great room and the very, very large covered batteries by nine point seven square feet, so that’s a really great entertainment space and wonderful for your custom homes.

Broken Arrow home, it features a huge master bath and good sized closet which flows right into your laundry room. If you’re looking for a nursery type option or some a bedroom close to the master, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get into a floor plan that has that type of space because bedroom two filters right close into the laundry room and actually has a huge storage in the middle of the home, so if you’re looking for storage space for maybe holiday decorations or maybe you’ve got some kids furniture or things like that, you want to store away this Madison Monroe to floor plan at 2,172 square feet is a wonderful option in this community. For your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, this is just one of the communities that we have in broken arrow. Another one is going to be our highland creek community. This community is highly desirable and also sits in south broken arrow.

It starts in the low 200, so offers a little bit more cost effective option for people still wanting to be in that area of town and part of our heritage collection. For your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, it corresponds with oak crest elementary school children, Middle School in Broken Arrow high school. We have several move in ready homes that are available in that community, like the monroe to eat, much like the original monroe that we just talked about in the rush with north community. This one is two story and significantly larger at 2,952 square feet. It has four bedrooms, three bath, two story, and it’s three car garage, so this floor plan is going to be more suited if you have a larger family or you’re looking for some additional square footage. It also has a large great room and a dining room off the front with the same large master and the bedroom and neat storage in the middle of the home, but it also does have a staircase that leads upstairs and upstairs.

You’re going to have an additional fourth bedroom, a large bathroom, and a great room that measures 15 point seven by 20 dash 11 square feet. Making this a wonderful option for a theater room or just a great lounge area for your family. So this four bedroom three bath option is available as well as our Finley floor plan. The floor plan sits on the smaller scale in terms of square footage for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, measuring it, 1,802 square feet. This particular plan is three bedroom, two bath, and also one story, so perfect for maybe a couple not looking for stairs or with young children or retirees. As you walk into the home. It features a large study and a large entryway at the very front, which you can utilize as a formal dining room if you’d like to do so. It has a pass through laundry from the garage into the kitchen, making it easily accessible for groceries, but it also goes into the master closet which goes into the master bath, making it very convenient for putting away your laundry in your master bedroom.

It’s a split concept floor plan, so you’re going to have the additional two bedrooms on the other end of the home, making it quiet and private for mom and dad and your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. The Finley floor plan is a great option. If you’d like to be in the highland creek community at only 200, 25,000, $388, and if you’d like a little more square footage but still like a pretty fair reasonable price point, you can move to the middle floor plan that we have available, which is our crescent one. This has 2095 square feet of living space and features, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a three car garage. This home is a wonderful home if you are, again, looking for something with no stairs, um, as a custom homes broken Arrow home, it gives you just a little bit more square footage on the one level of featuring a dining room and a study so you don’t have to pick one or the other.

You actually have space for both. It also has a pass through laundry from the garage into the kitchen, which is really convenient in accustom homes, broken Arrow home if you’re bringing in laundry. And it also features a gorgeous large mud bench in that laundry room. The third car garage on this floor plan is an optional feature. So if there is no need for it, you do not have to build it if you don’t want to. With the third car garage, it’s got a very large master bedroom and a beautiful master bath with a large covered patio of the back making this another desirable option in your custom homes, broken Arrow home. All of these floor plans are moving, ready and have been designed by our designers in our design studio located in broken arrow. So if you’d like to build your own home and design your own home, you get the opportunity to build your own Custom Homes Broken Arrow home with shaw homes, and design it with one of our designers and have it tailored to your specific taste.

This is just a couple of the different options that we have. If you’re on a time crunch and didn’t have time to build, there are home sites still available in a lot of our broken arrow communities and so this is still definitely a viable option if you’re looking for something in a short period of time. The ashbrook one community is another community that sits in south broken arrow. Also starting in the low two hundreds, Custom Homes Broken Arrow which is located really close to the forge real ridge golf course, so if you like to play golf, what better option for your custom homes, broken Arrow home than to sit right close to the turnpike, to the highway and the golf course, so you’ll feel like you’re super close to all the amenities and that is in the Ashbrook one community which corresponds with highland park elementary. Oh, Nita, Middle Ridge middle school and Broken Arrow high school. All of these, these, this community has available homes as well as home sites, ready for you to build your custom home, broken Arrow home.

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