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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | A Master Suite

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | A Master Suite

Custom homes broken your out is a specialty here at Shaw. We are one of the top custom home builders in the area and I’m broken Arrow, big speed chinks in the Greater Tulsa area. We build a lot of custom homes, broken Arrow, um, and our process is really what sets us apart from other builders. We take our customers on model home tours and those tours, so usually start in broken arrow and go through bixby and usually in, Custom Homes Broken Arrow in chunks on the custom homes, broken Arrow model home tour, and we start in a neighborhood called ashbrook. Um, it’s going to be just off of 241st East avenue between 91st street south and east 101st street. Ashbrook is one of our half acre home sites. And that’s where our Prescott model sits. It is a two story model that can also be built as a one story as well.

Uh, the Prescott is known for having the most windows in the living area. It also has the most storage closets. It features a late night laundry. Um, it’s quiet because it is the furthest from the master bedroom. And also far from the downstairs bedrooms as well, and it offers a huge walk in pantry. Um, like I said, our press got model can be built. Our press, that model can be built several different ways. Like I said, it can be a Prescott one, which is going to be a one story. Um, it’s going to have a master suite on one end with your master bath master closet and oversized master bedroom. Um, then you will, and you walk off of the great room to enter that master suite on the other side of the great room is going to be your kitchen and cook with your covered patio as well.

On the other side of that kitchen is going to be your utility and your laundry room. Custom Homes Broken Arrow You will walk off of the walk into the utility room from that garage and from the utility room or the mudroom area. Uh, you will have your laundry. Now on the other side of that, um, great room, just opposite from those windows is going to be your open dining room. Uh, you walked down the hallway to your, your hallway bath, and you’re two bedrooms. And then right off of that entry is going to be your study, and now when this is a one story home, at the end of that hallway will be the stairs to go upstairs. You can either have the press got a, which will be just a game room upstairs. You can have the press got eat, which will be a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs with a game room or the press got h, which fix which features the game room, two bedrooms and a bath. Um, so that’s going to be the largest that we can build the Prescott. I’m the Prescott Age. We’ll have 3000, 362 square feet. Um, but do keep in mind that is a five bedroom home. So you’re going to have a lot of space there with that, with that Prescott.

So the next floor plan that you are going to see on your model home tour, um, when you’re looking at custom homes, broken Arrow is going to be our addison. Are Addison is going to be our most economical way to build a floor plan with five bedrooms. We, there are a couple different ways, like I said, to, to build this floor plan. When you do have the, the five bedrooms, keep in mind that one of the downstairs bedrooms, uh, you would be losing a steady to gain that, that bedroom. Custom Homes Broken Arrow Um, so you can have it as a four bedroom with a steady or you can have it with

five bedrooms without this steady. So just kind of depending on what you, um, what really fits your lifestyle’s really what makes more sense. I’m that study is going to be a little bit smaller than those bedrooms. It’s going to be a nine, nine feet, nine inches by 10 feet, Custom Homes Broken Arrow seven inches. Um, most of the other bedrooms are a little over 10 by 11 and a half, so it’s going to be a little bit smaller. Um, that’s why a lot of people will use that as a study or a lot of people would even use it as a nursery because that study is right off of that master closet. Say you’re a master suite is going to be on one side of the home with your master bedroom. I’m your master bath right off of the bedroom and your master closet right off of the bath. It does have a fully walkable through that, through that master suite, the custom homes, broken Arrow, we are able to build this addison as a one story as well. So with the game room and the bedroom up that will give you two, 421 square feet. And as a one story, it will give you three bedrooms at 1,857 square feet. So as you can see, that’s why we are able to build it. So economically, uh, there are just so many different options that we can do when we are building that Addison. Um, and we like to pass that along with our builders, um, as a customer’s homes, broken Arrow builder.

Now the next neighborhood that we co two in the Addison is in our most popular up and coming neighborhood in highland creek. Highland creek is going to be just off of 225th East Avenue, 101st and 111th. I, you’ve got really quick access to the creek turnpike to highway 51 and you’ve got a lot of new things that are being built in that area as well. Um, it’s also a great neighborhood that has a lot of features in it to, um, they’re going to have a swimming pool and splash pad and walking trails and all those kinds of things that are going to be really excited for a growing family. So we’re really excited about highland creek. And the next neighborhood that we are going to take you on our tour is going to be brightened village. I’m now in Brighton village. You are going to be right off 121st street south and that’s going to be between um, county lane and our county line and Lynn Lane. Uh, the home that you are going to see in the Brighton village neighborhood is going to be our parkwood. Custom Homes Broken Arrow So you’re going to actually be seeing our Parkwood X. um, we can also build it a few different ways. Um, the Parkwood can be built, the park would, x actually features five bedrooms. So it is a master bedroom downstairs and then four bedrooms up, so you’re going to see that you can change the number of bedrooms upstairs when you build the Parkwood,

so you can also build the park wood with three bedrooms app and at one bathroom or two bedrooms APP and one bathroom or three bedrooms app with two bathrooms. So there are a few different ways that you can build that, um, that parkwood and what really is so strikingly different about this floor plan is going to be that it is, separates that master bedroom from all the other bedrooms. So if you’ve got some older children are growing children and you’d like to kind of have your own space and have the adults have their own space on that first floor. This is a really great floor plan for you. You have the option of a two, three or four bedrooms up and one or two bathrooms up. You’re always gonna have all the master suite downstairs and a powder bath. This floor plan also features a steady. So in lieu of a dining room, Custom Homes Broken Arrow you are having an extended nook right off of the kitchen. Um, you’re also gonna have a really good size covered patio between the master bedroom and the nook. It just gives a, a really open floor plan here. Um, you’re also gonna have a really good size master bath. I’m in a really beautiful. You have a really beautiful sized shower and bathtub in that master suite as well.

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