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custom homes Broken Arrow | A Very Easy App Process

custom homes Broken Arrow | A Very Easy App Process

Chase scott, session three, June 13th, we are still in the Cambridge and we’re going to talk about some of the other features and maybe some of the highlights of this home and you have that, a nice patio. So we will go out onto the patio and it has been a large patio so you can get that extra, uh, and then it has the oil rubbed bronze levers. And uh, so now we walk out here and you have that in large patio. It comes out about eight feet, that’s about $600 extra and then you have that brick, Wayne’s pouty and it looks like we use a gray one. And uh, then you have all these other nice things, internal blinds which are very nice to have that keeps the cats from ruining that custom homes Broken Arrow and a, in the mastery you have this nice little area where you can just sit down and enjoy the couch in here and all those things.

So we talked about the process a little bit in the process can be confusing or it can be a really easy to understand. So the first part would be that model home tours in the model home tours, but we’re kind of doing right now, which is looking at all the different floor plans and designs, custom homes Broken Arrow and the reason for that is we want to figure out what’s the perfect floor plan for you. We want you to enjoy the Hoa, the flow of the home. Don’t focus so much on the aesthetics and everything like that in the house. Uh, we want you to really just focus on the flow and see what you want and see the size of the home and all those things. Uh, so you don’t have anything to worry about there. And then once we’ve picked out a, your favorite four plan, which is that step one, which is a model home tour, then we would go to a financing.

We’d have you talked to one of our three preferred lenders, a Juan Rodriguez, Ethan Wagner, or Lexi gains. All three are fantastic and we have you talked to them and uh, see, uh, what you’re comfortable with, with your monthly payment. It’s an easy application. And usually it takes about five minutes, uh, it’s, it’s free of charge, of course, custom homes Broken Arrow so there’s no charge there. And now you’re just going to figure out your buying power and all those things as well. And let’s figure out a where you’re at on that. And um, once we know that we move forward to the home site reservation, now we need to find that perfect. One of the kind of Unicorn Horn homesite for you. Uh, do you want a large art? Do you want a small yard? You want to be on a cul de sac? Do you want to be in the back of the neighborhood?

Do you want to be in the front of the neighborhood? Do you want to be close to the pool? Do you want to be far away from the pool? Do you want to have trees in your backyard? Do you want no trees in your backyard? There’s so many different selections to choose from when the home site. That’s why it’s so important to get that done sooner rather than later. Because there are 12 competing sales managers in all communities. I can reserve in this, uh, area, so at anytime one of those people can take the home site that is completely risk free, it’s a check for $250. You also fill out a form that keeps that home site secure for one week. It gives you a chance to breathe, take a step back and, uh, get things in order to decide if you’d like to move forward.

Uh, during that week we will also do a price out custom homes Broken Arrow a point of the price out is that there. So there are no surprises. We go over any upgrades that you potentially like to add in the home, uh, talk about, uh, all of those things. We price everything down to the dollar. We get a, your monthly payment down, so you’re comfortable with that as well. Uh, and then, um, we would, uh, go from there. So you have that price out. Uh, you have the home site and now we’re going to do selections. We’re going to look at all the different things that you’d want in the home and we’d select all of those things and get everything ready that is if you’d like to move forward with the purchase agreement. So the purchase agreement is a contract, uh, to build the home for you.

Custom homes, broken arrow. What does that do then is $2,500 in earnest money and we also do all your selections. So we’re making all selections, all selections are final. This is right before where you’re going to begin building your home. So we need to know all of these selections. It’s very important. custom homes Broken Arrow and a. Then we do all of that. And uh, we do selections and we did the price. That’s when we know the price of the home. And now we’ve done the purchase agreement. And that $2,500 is do custom homes, broken arrow.

Sha homes, session three, custom homes Broken Arrow we’re going over the steps and all the different steps that entailed to bios shot homes because a lot of times people come in and they’ve never bought a home with a new construction company and they’re not sure of how it works and every company works differently. So you want to make sure that we have set up the right expectations and that you know, what it takes to up or just at home. So we have several steps in. The first step is the model home tour and we’ve talked about that. How you start out in silver leaf. You go to Crystal Creek and you go to Tucson village and Silverleaf, you’ll look at Birkdale, you’ll look at it and Cambridge, you’ll look at an Ashton, uh, you’ll also look at a dewberry. And then we go to crystal creek and you’ll look at an Ashton and you’ll look at an amber and we have those there.

And we have 20 slots available. And Crystal Creek. We were down to only about nine lots and silver leaf. So now’s the time to buy custom homes, broken arrow. And then we would go to Tucson village, our newest Manchester community, and I’ll be there shortly. And uh, it’s fantastic. And we’ll look at the Ellington. We’ll look at the dewberry, we’ll look at the liberty, we’ll look at the Newport and we’ll look at the remington. So those are all newer for plans, a little bit larger, a little bit higher on that price point. And um, those are different plans that we can look at as well as custom homes, broken arrow. And then you’ll look at those and then you’ll decide what’s your favorite floor plan. Once we know what’s your favorite floor plan is, then we can kind of move forward and we can do financing as well.

So then you’ll do financing and uh, we will have you talked to a preferred lender, will, you will rate, match and all those things and they will make sure that you get the best deal and make sure that you’re happy with everything. And so you can do that because sometimes broken Arrow and then that way you know what you can get and what she can afford it. And then we also know your favorite floor plans. We can move onto the home site reservation, which is one of the most important things we can do because I’ll homesites are one of the kind that you want a large backyard. You want a small back yard and you want to call it the sac. Do you want to be in the frontline community? Do you want to be in the back of the community? We want to be on a green belts.

You want to be close to the pool? Do you want to be far away from the pool? All these things go into play and you also have to remember that there are several homes managers that work in these communities. So, uh, at any time, at any given time, they can be reserved a. So you need to reserve it if you’re even thinking about it. And that way you don’t have to worry about making a rush decision because we hold it for a week at a no charge custom homes, broken arrow. During that week we will schedule an appointment to do a price out during this price and we will go over any upgrades you want and I’ll print off a list, an itemized statement of a, of all things that you would like in the house and so you have that with you and then you can decide if you would like to move forward.

And once again, you don’t have to worry about a rush decision because you have time to decide custom homes Broken Arrow, you have time, time to decide if you would like to move forward and all that. Once you decide to move forward, it is a earnest money as do about a $2,500 and a so you can do that and uh, then then you will have that and you can. And then we know that we can begin building if you are in a lease or anything like that and you need some more time, no problem at all. We can do a delay of built in that way. It’s just like what we say, just go over that way. Uh, we can just delay the build of the home and, uh, and then you can just run out your lease and all that so you don’t have to worry about anything.

They’re custom homes, broken arrow. If you need to sell your home, we can do a contingent contract and uh, that way call Ethan. Yep. Already did that. Uh, that way you can decide if you’d like to move in custom homes Broken Arrow and then you can decide what you need to do a with a contingent contract. You don’t have to worry if you don’t sell your home, no problem. We would release you have that or you can decide to sign up for another four months, but it’s completely risk free and no cost at all in this way. You lock in the rate and you lock in that one of the kind of home sites. And uh, that’s just, uh, some benefits to it because some sites go fast, especially in this price point. Custom homes, broken arrow.

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