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custom homes Broken Arrow | A Very Easy Thing To Do

custom homes Broken Arrow | A Very Easy Thing To Do

Shaw homes, session four, custom homes Broken Arrow. We thought I spent a lot of time talking about the detail of a model home tour and all those things as well. So at a that also says no sang on property. Uh, and so we’ve talked about the model home tour. We’ve talked about the lot reservation, we’ve talked about financing, let’s talk a little bit about the price having purchase agreement. So the per price out, it takes about an hour, hour and a half. And what we do is we go over any upgrades that you’d like to put into your home and we talk about seeing sin when you talk about stainless steel appliances and take her. Granted courts are under mounted sink or if you want a three car garage there, just so many options that you can put in your house. So, uh, those were the different things saying we would look at and we’ve talked about and we would get that price of the home down to the dollar and it would be an itemized statement, all those things.

So you would have that with you. custom homes Broken Arrow. And, uh, once you’re comfortable with the price, then we would go on to the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is a, the homeowners builders or the Tulsa Builder’s Association contract that everyone else uses it. It’s fantastic. And, uh, that purchase agreement, that’s when, uh, the 2,500 is a do for that earnest money. So, you know, that’s a beautiful home right there. I really liked that house. Um, so that’s something else to keep in mind is that you can get that and make sure that you have the contract that you want. And that’s bright yellow car. That was disgusting. Um, and then you can also get all those things can go on the tour right now and figure out what she’d like to build. custom homes Broken Arrow And uh, so first we’d have the model of them toward the model, the tour.

We had certain Tucson or we’d started in silver leaf. And then eventually we’re going start in Tucson village when those homes already as a, it’ll be a to some village and we’ll go from Tucson village over to a silver leaf. And also over to crystal green can see what works best for you and a custom homes Broken Arrow and then we would add, look at all those homes and figured out the floor plan that you want. And also talking about financing it is a very painless process to go through the financing. At first I was even a little concerned about it and then I went through it and uh, it was a breeze and very easy to do and all those things. Um, so you can remember that as well. And a custom homes, broken arrow. And then we’ve talked about that home site reservation as well.

And let’s talk a little bit about a grant and court. So you have granite and quartz. You can do a two centimeter which comes from Cleveland or to the three centimeter, which is an upgrade a, it’s not that big of an upgrade, but it is an upgrade. So those are the things to remember when, when we go over all those things when we do the price out. So you don’t have to think about it then. And then if you want contemporary or do you want conservative house, what type of house do you really want? A, you can decide that and uh, figure out what you would like to do and uh, all those things as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and a, we do selections with you as well and figure out, uh, all the different things that you would like to do. So we have a custom homes and we have, we have modeled home tour, we have a pr, we have a financing, we have a homesite reservation, we have price out, we have purchase agreement, we have closing and we have warranty.

The warranty is Tulsa’s best warranty and you can always have a great deal there. Custom homes, broken Arrow, that warranty, you have a craftsman warranty which covers pretty much for the first year and then you have the next year you’ll have a, the mechanical warranty and getting clinical warranty will cover, uh, the plumbing fixtures, all of those things as well. And then we have a 10 year structural warranty, so if there are cracks or anything like that in the house, that’ll cover that. So that’s also fantastic and something to remember that you will be covered there so you don’t have to worry about anything like that. custom homes Broken Arrow, and that’s the warranty part. And we have someone on staff who is 24 slash seven and always available there. And so that’s a a great, great thing that we do offer. It’s a worry free thing and you have that. So you have all the different steps of building a home with us.

Sha home session for custom homes Broken Arrow talking about a incredible interiors as well. So we’ve talked about a lot of different things. We’ve talked about the mechanicals, we’ve talked about the kitchen, we’ve talked about the laundry room, we’ve talked about the exterior of the magnificent master suites. We’ve talked about a lot of these different things that go into the home. And uh, just going through a little bit quickly to review some of the things that we have gone over. Custom homes, broken Arrow, a, we’ll talk about the exterior. So you get a king size breaking. It’s a wainscotting on all four sides per plant. You can do it up to the first plate if you need to, uh, on those plans as well. And then you have an outdoor living. The covered patio. We offered covered Patios in our homes that come included. We have some of the larger covered patios that I’ve ever seen.

And those are included. A lot of places will charge if you would like the covered patio custom homes Broken Arrow So just remember that when you’re selecting your home and then also for your elevation, you have one elevation to elevation, three elevation for elevation elevation, six elevation, seven elevation, eight elevation nine elevation 10 elevation gets to choose between 10 different colors for the front of your home with trim as well. So then you get six different breaks. So we’re going to have more exterior colors than anybody else. I can guarantee you that custom homes, broken arrow. So we have a more granted selections than anybody else. We have more cabinet colors license in. Anybody else. We have more exterior colors than anybody else. Probably a more tiles than anybody else. Custom homes, broken arrow. So selection wise you are going to get more selections here than anywhere else.

What’s your favorite selections? That’s a really nice one where you can go with more of a white looking contemporary. Uh, so it’s entirely up to you. You get to decide what you’d like to do. custom homes Broken Arrow And then we talked about the coe front door entry set including a deadbolt. So then you get to pick between satin nickel or oral rubbed bronze or chrome, and you get the full sodded yard and you’ve got seasonal bushes and some other things as well. Planting them, filled with mulch and seasonal seasonal shrubs. Uh, so you have to remember that. And then the uh, seamless, uh, aluminum gutters and downspouts of the front of the home. So you can, uh, have that fantastic thing. But let’s go over some of the exteriors for a second. You have the light fixtures in oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

Now you get all non masters people bath tubs come with the cultured marble variety tops and backsplash white fiberglass shower tub combo. You Got White Faucets Delta classic champion features in there as well. And then the paint one color for the walls, ceilings throughout the home, and one color for doors. And Trim A, you’re going to cable phone Jack Combo in the great room and the master. So remember that you have those in there already. And then you have the door knobs at hinges in your choice of finished oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or grown custom homes Broken Arrow and then you get the door knobs and hinges and the choice of finish as well. And then you get the doors with the painted trim. Your choice of Cheyenne Rome, Rome arch it riverside to panel square or a six panel colonial style. So those are a lot of different choices.

Even with the door, you get tons of choices. So just remember when you pick with a shop, when you go with Shaw homes to build your home, you’re going to get more choices than anybody in the most affordable price, not to mention all the warranties and all the fantastic things there. And then you get a bull bullnose, archways and can in corners and all entry. Living Room, dining study entries, two and a half base trim, two and a half casing the home to two and forth. And with bulldoze. A lot of times that is actually extra. I know at a another builder it is extra custom homes, broken Arrow, a custom made solid stain, a older or paint cabinets, and then your choice of Shaker farmhouse raised panel doors that will come with hidden hinges in crown molding, so remember that you got the six pad, a carpet for that. You can do the optional apad if needed, customer custom homes, broken Arrow under the carpet and all the areas and you have the ceramic tile and all those things as well and you get the vaulted ceilings, which sentencing went on here, but that’s one of the best things I think is in the living room. You don’t have to pay for vaulted ceilings or anything like that. It’s not going to be low the second it feels super small or anything like that. custom homes Broken Arrow

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