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custom homes Broken Arrow | A Very Exciting Experience

custom homes Broken Arrow | A Very Exciting Experience

Jay scott shaw homes session six, June 27th custom homes, broken Arrow, talked about the steps and we’ve talked about different things involving these steps and what you should pay attention to and now what you should not and all the different important things to remember when going through all of those things, so you need to just pay close attention when when dealing with a new home and all the different things. We can talk about brick little bit. Burlington and seek union. City shadows fall in Muskogee, Oklahoma, brown mills, king, flagstaff, king as tech. When shelter, bluff, custom homes Broken Arrow so then we can go on a little bit and go over some grayness in cabinets. Let’s start with some cabinets. We have a painted white cabinet opinion beige cabinet, painted gray, another painting, another painting gray. Then we have some wood stain cabinets and then we have a raised panel or shake her cabinet and then we have some different grants.

We have a new Venetian gold. We have a lunar pro, we have a water wave. We have a correlation or animal. We have a steel gray. We have different ones also over there, so custom homes, broken Arrow, we have a graphite ebony, and whether different a hardwood floors, uh, American, no goal is on here as well. And so there are different things that you can add. Pick here, Linden point your ego or is it residue career? Uh, and uh, they also honey. And so that’s a really nice custom homes Broken Arrow So those are the different ones there. And then we can also talk about different communities. They are a different different home sites and all the large ones going on. So that one is a currently reserved at a 22 and so you’ve got to remember that’s taken. And then we have some different ones.

We have seven and we have a eight and we have a three and we have block five and we have 13 and all those things as well. So the custom homes, broken arrows. So there are different home sites available right now. I need to take that out of there because uh, it is not completely accurate because, uh, it has been taken but there are a lot that had been taken. And so you got to remember all the custom homes Broken Arrow so we’re just trying to remember all of those different stages and things can be done and the process and all of the things that go on with the process, like model of them tour. And then you have financing and then you have the home site reservation. Then you have the price out and you have the purchase agreement. Then you have preconstruction and you building.

Then you have closing. Then you have warranty, custom homes Broken Arrow on a home tour, take 60 minutes. Financing, takes five minutes, it takes 45 minutes. Purchase agreement takes one hour from groundbreaking to move in. Date equals five months. So that’s something that you can remember. You have that a timeframe to look forward to. So it does happen and it happens sooner rather than later. So you can remember it’s a very exciting time when you’re building a home and all the different things that a entails. Uh, when building a home and all the things you get to come to you. So you get to do all those things and you can remember it’s a lot of fun to do and I a homes broken Arrow and uh, when you remember that you can remember that all of those things are available for you and that you get all of those things.

So this is a register who had every vacation, airfare, and hotel. So that would be a lot of fun, wouldn’t it, to register for that custom homes, broken arrow. So what we did for a parade of homes and uh, we have three, we have four, we have five, we have six and we have seven and we have eight and we have nine and we have 10. So we have those tools. I need some more folders, custom homes Broken Arrow some more folders because I ran out because we just had the tour. There were just a million people in here throughout the week and it was a lot of fun. Custom homes, broken arrows to them to once again, we have three. Once again, we have four, we have five, six. Once again, we have seven skin, we have a and I and 10 custom homes, broken arrow.

Chase scott, session six, June 20th, custom homes, broken arrow. Talked about the different stages. We’re going to go over the stages again because it’s really important that you understand all of the steps and everything like that to your path of a home. So first to start is the model home tour and we drive your own car. There’s no pricing, no pressure furnished and decorated models. Five to seven homes, 60 minutes, and just information you’re focus on the function. Three or four bedrooms, something for everybody. One and two story model. Home tour, take 60 minutes. Financing, takes about five minutes, which is the next step. custom homes Broken Arrow financing, monthly payment quotes, and there’s a three preferred lenders convention. Conventional loans, Fha loans, va loans in native American loans, closing cost match, interest rate, and matching. Twenty four hour approval process. Five minute application. That’s financing. You can meet with Leslie gains from Spirit Bank.

You can meet with Juan Rodriguez from Oklahoma. You can meet with Ethan Wagner from B. Okay. Number three is that homesite reservation that homestart reservations are one of a kind of competing. Customers are bought from site. We don’t cash the check that all questions answered, no rush decision. Swishing homesites is allowed to take your time. Refundable for seven days, $250 deposit custom homes, broken arrow. Next is the price out and eat at your favorite, a 45 minute meeting, itemized pricing. There’s no surprises. All questions answered. Total price printout on the spot. Tons of options to choose from. Knowledgeable staff down to the dollar price of the way you want it, and that is the price out and that was step four. Step three was a homesite reservation. Step two was the financing stuff. One was a model home tour, custom homes Broken Arrow The price that takes about 45 minutes of purchase agreement takes about one hour purchase agreement.

If we need to do delay a build, we can do that. Congratulations. You need a contingent mortgage approval. Do additional deposit is due. Finishes our final colors, our final hump selection. Final structural options. Find a one hour meeting, custom homes Broken Arrow, and that takes about one hour. So we’ve talked about the purchase agreement, which is number five. We’ve talked about the price at which is number four. We’ve talked about I’m reservation, which is number three. We’ve talked about financing, which is number two. We talked about the model home in or tour, which is number one, and then we have preconstruction number six, ratification of agreement at main office building permits, ordered construction loan application in closing for shop homes, construction manager plain review in scheduling trades from crunch check to breaking ground, but it takes about five weeks custom homes. Broken Arrow building when we break ground construction manager initiate contact with you a homeowner orientation seven to 10 days prior to closing discussion, homeowner orientation, written notice for closing issue 30 to 45 days.

Home is open for your viewing. Construction manager sends you weekly updates. Construction manager initiates contact with you break ground, and that is number seven, which is building custom homes, broken arrows, so that has seven, which is building six, which is preconstruction five, which is purchase agreement for which is price out three witches homesite reservation too, which is financing one, which is model home tour number eight is closing at the title company. Downpayment fulfilled. Pay closing costs already assigned for title transfer keys given time to move in and custom homes Broken Arrow number nine is the warranty from ground breaking. Ground move in date equals five months. Tulsa’s best warranty, 10 years structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, one year limited warranty, 11 month followup call 60 day follow call coordinator on staff full time. Excellent service. Twenty four hour emergency line, custom homes, broken arrow. So once again we have number nine which is the warranty number eight, which is closing number seven, which is building number six, which is preconstruction number five, which is purchase agreement number four, which is priced at number three, which is some site reservation number two, which is financing number one, which is model home tour.

And this is your path to a new shop. Home, custom homes Broken Arrow. And then you talked about them. All of them taking 60 minutes financing, five minutes price out 45 minutes. Purchase agreement at one hour from groundbreaking is a five months. And uh, those people are still here and I don’t even going on a title transfer keys given. So that is a for the closing. Thank you for listening.

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