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custom homes Broken Arrow | An Exciting Process

custom homes Broken Arrow | An Exciting Process

We are going to continue to look over a lot in different plans that can be available and some really nice things that are going on here. I like locked 24 on a block for that is a 10,000 square foot a home site and looks like it has a nice a cul de sac and backyard that can have to a reserve. So, uh, but it may be in a little bit of a flood plain that will be removed though. Don’t worry about that. custom homes Broken Arrow And then we have some other things going on here. So we have a block one block two lot three, lot one, lot two, lot three and those are 8,000 square feet. And we have some back here. And I wonder what that is, if that is a pso easement, I am unsure. I will have to double check on that to see what’s going on there.

There’s a little reserved, uh, as well. And then back here it’s unplanted. So we’ll have all of that custom homes Broken Arrow and then we can talk about the tour a little bit yet, but model home tours which takes about 60 minutes and it’s five to seven homes furnished, decorated, drive your own car, no pricing, no pressure, just information focused on the function. Something for everybody. Three to four bedrooms, one or two stories. Model home tour takes 60 minutes financing, five minutes financing, monthly payment quotes, three preferred lenders have extra incentive, five minute application, 20 for approval process, interest rate matching, closing fast matching, conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, all those things as well. You can do spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma for Oklahoma, and then there’s also that incentive, custom homes, broken arrow. Then we have the homestart reservation to 50 deposit refundable for seven days.

No rush decision switching. Homesites is allowed. Take your time, get all questions answered. We don’t cash the check. Competing customers are blocked from site homesites are always one of a kind. Then we have the price out. Immediate. Your favorite 45 minute meeting, itemized pricing, no surprises. All questions answered. Price the way you want it down to the dollar total price per print out on the spot, tons of options to choose from. Knowledgeable staff, custom homes Broken Arrow Then we have the parents out 45 minutes. Purchase agreement whenever a purchase agreement when our meeting structural options, final home selections. Final colors aren’t final and it shows our final additional deposit of 2,250 will be do mortgage approval, do contingent delay of build. Congratulations. All those things as well. Then we have preconstruction. That’s a ratification of agreement of main office building. Permits. Ordered construction loan application in closing for Shaw homes, construction manage manager.

Plan Review and scheduled trades from contract to breaking ground about five weeks. custom homes Broken Arrow Then we have building the break ground construction manager. Initiates contact with you. Construction manager sends me weekly. Progress updates. Home is open for your viewing. Written notice for closing issued 30 or 45 days prior to closing the homeowner orientation seven to 10 days prior to closing. Discuss homeowner orientation, custom homes, broken arrow. Then we have clothing. We have title transferred keys given time to move in me at title company, downpayment fulfilled, pay, closing costs, Morgan for custom homes broken out. Then you have the warranty, which from groundbreaking to move in is five months while Auntie uh, is, uh, Tulsa’s best warranty, 10 year structural to your mechanical, one year limited warranty, 24 hour emergency line fulltime warranty coordinator on staff, 60 day follow up, call, 11 month followup call, excellent customer service, custom homes, broken Arrow, and that is really the roadmap to owning, edit, and say your path to a new whoa. And you can follow all of those things as well. And then you definitely have to look and see for all of those things and it’s really exciting because that is the process and what you look at and the model home tour, it all starts with that. So you can remember that’s an exciting time of building your home and getting everything in the way you want it. Hey, the way you design it and all of those things are that concrete process that you can remember. And I’ve always enjoyed.

So home session for June 20th, custom homes Broken Arrow and now let’s look at some, uh, minimum in black ones. So we have loved one minimum a fee, 6:30 to want to minimum ff six, three, three, lot three, six, three, four, lot four or six, three, six, lot five, six, four, two, seven, six, four, six slash eight, six, four, four, nine, lot six, three, four, 10, six, three, nine, 11, six, four, zero, a lot. One, six to eight and a lot. Three, six, three, two, four, six, three, four, five, six, three, seven, six, six, three, four, seven. That minimum fee is six, three, two by eight. The minimum fee is six, three, zero custom homes, broken arrow. And then we have 25, six, 37, and 24, six, three, six, 23, six, three, five, 22, six, three, four, and 21, six, 32, 26, 30, zero, 1967.

18, 64 slash 17 slash 16 to 16, 16 to 15, 61. custom homes Broken Arrow 13, six, one nine slash 12 slash 60 1:11, six to three, 10, six, two, five, nine, six, two, seven, eight, six, three, zero. And then we can go over some of the curve table curve. See one is at a 39 curves and then we have a. let’s talk about the different streets in here. We have east Winston and we have South Twentieth Street. We’d have a. Their streets do we have on here we have east van Buren Street, we have south 20th place, we have East Union street, we have east Tucson place, we have a south 22nd port, south 22nd place. So those are two other ones. Custom homes, broken Arrow, no access. Beginning a commencement easement, easement drainage, drainage, easement easement. And then it says the amount of $9 per trust recipient is subdivision in the city of broken Arrow in Tulsa, Oklahoma being part of the emi dash four, section one zero, one township 17 north range 14 east of the Indian days.

And I’m ready and custom homes Broken Arrow And then we have our two models so which is great. That’s great, so we have those two models right upfront and uh, you can, uh, remember that. So maybe I should, uh, actually put this a little different so people know I’m going to do that is exactly what I’m going to do. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and then we’re looking at some different things. We’re looking at the model homes and properties and all those things that you need to remember. So we have the different areas that you can look at and we have the models right here, custom homes Broken Arrow and then when we have someone come in we want to do. How did you hear about his friend? Google shot homes, parade of homes, realtor signs. What do you want to be in your new home?

Immediately? Three to six months, six to 12 months. Over 12 months. Do you run her own number of bedrooms? Three bedrooms, four bedrooms, five bedrooms, number of bath, two baths, two and a half bath, three bad number of garages to two and a half, three fourth. Do you want to study? Yes or no? Do you want a dining room? Yes or no? Do you want an upstairs? No. Yes. Game remotely. Yes. Game Room Math? Yes. Game Room, bed bath, desired square footage? 16 to 200, 2020 500 2,500 to 3000, 3030 535 plus desired price range. A hundred 50 to 200, 200 to 2:50, 2:50 to 300, 300 to 3:50, 350 class custom homes Broken Arrow So those would be some expensive homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, but that does not apply to the songs I need to get rid of that. Custom homes, broken arrow. So then we have our new lists on here as well and the new list shows the different things that we have available and uh, all the floor plans and all of that. So it’s very exciting to have those. And we can go over those because this is the wrong square footage and all that. Custom homes, broken arrow.

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