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custom homes Broken Arrow | Answering Your Questions Today

custom homes Broken Arrow | Answering Your Questions Today

Session five, Shaw Homes, uh, June 20th, custom homes, broken arrow. We’ve talked about different communities and different stages. Now we can kind of talk about the path. Did your new home and we’ll go through that list in detail. So the first step is a model home tours in the model home. It takes about 60 minutes. And uh, what we do is we take it to her five to seven homes furnished and decorated. You drive your own car. There’s no pricing, no pressure. One to two stories, three to four bedrooms, something for everybody focused on function, just information, custom homes, broken arrow. Next step is financing. Financing takes about five minutes. It’s a five minute application. Three preferred lenders have extra incentive, monthly payment quotes, Internet rate matching, 24, our approval process, native American loans, Fha loans, va loans, conventional loans, closing cost matching, Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma First Oklahoma Bank are the three preferred lenders, custom homes Broken Arrow number three of homesite reservation homesite reservation switching.

Homesites is allowed. No rush. Decision refundable for seven days. Take your time, $250 deposit and get all questions answered. We don’t cash the check competing customers are blocked from site homesites are one of a kind, and then there’s a picture of a Unicorn custom homes Broken Arrow Then we have the price out you need at your favorite home, a 45 minute meeting, itemized pricing, no surprise, all questions answered, knowledgeable staff, tons of options to choose from. Total price printout on the spot down to the dollar price, the way you want it, the price that takes about 45 minutes. And then the next step if you’d like to go to that custom homes, broken Arrow would be purchase agreement and that takes about one hour. Purchase agreement is homesite selections. Final structural options. Final one hour meeting colors. Our final finishes, our final delay of build.

Congratulations. Contingent mortgage approval. Do additional deposit. Do have a 2000, 250. The next step would be ratification of agreement on main office building permits, ordered construction loans, application and closing for Shaw homes. Construction manager planning. Review in scheduled trades from contract to breaking ground, five weeks. Preconstruction custom homes, broken arrow. Next we’d have building, building break, ground construction manager initiates, contact with you. Construction manager sends you weekly progress updates. Home is open for viewing, discuss on orientation, homeowner orientation 70 days prior to closing, written notice for closing, issued 30 or 45 days prior to closing custom homes. Broken Arrow titled Transferred Keys given time to move in. This is closing Meta title company, downpayment fulfilled, paying, closing costs, mortgage sign for, and that is a closing warranty from groundbreaking to move in date, five months total. So best warranty, custom homes Broken Arrow 10 years structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, one year limited warranty, 24 hour emergency line, excellent customer service.

Love them. Month followup. Sixty day follow up. Call Coordination Coordinator on staff, full time coordinator, custom homes Broken Arrow so you got to remember that. So that’s one step which is a model home tour. You have to step, which is finding the third step. Homesite reservation of four, which is the price out. You have five, which is the purchase agreement. You have number six, which is the preconstruction. You have number seven, which is the building. You have number eight, which is the closing. You have number nine, which is a warranty. Once again, that’s number nine, which is the warranty number eight, which is the closing number seven, which is building number six, which is preconstruction number five, which is purchase agreement number four, which is price out number three, which is homesite reservation number two, which is financing number one is model home tour, custom homes, broken Arrow, and then that’s all the price out and we’d go through that and make sure that you comfortable with the tour and all the things, uh, that we just talked about. We want to make sure that you know all of those things and that you are ready to do those things and that it is a very important that you understand what is going to happen and how we will, uh, determine the building of your home and all those things. So we just need to make sure that we’re all on the same page and that you have everything that you want. Thank you.

Chase scott, session five, June 13th, we’re talking about the different stages and all that goes on when you build with Shaw homes and we’ve talked about the model home tour and we’ve talked about a price that and we’ve talked about so many different things that we need to remember that uh, there’s a lot that goes on when doing these price out. So you, uh, with the price out, we go into homes that you would like to build custom homes Broken Arrow and we would figure out a what you would like for the upgrade. Would you like a three centimeter going on? Would you like courts? Would you like a granite? What would you like to do? Would you like the stainless steel appliances which are 900 upgrade? Or you can do a $300 upgrade, which is another option as well. So you can always do those things.

You just have to remember with the price out, there’s a lot of different things you can do and then you have this high ceiling in the master and that is included. So you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s see. About some other upgrades that we possibly can do in these homes. So you have the dual vanity in here as well. You have the oil rubbed bronze and all those things that are set up very nicely. And then you would walk back and you see this large closet and uh, you would have that large walk in closet and all of those things as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow and a, that’s all included in the price and all those things are fantastic. custom homes Broken Arrow These are upgraded foster. Those facets are a little bit extra there about $80 extra per. And uh, then you have the Roman Tub Faucet, which is a lovely.

And then you have a bathroom, master bathroom and the shower and all those things. And then you have the uh, refrigerator in this one that does not come included. So don’t think you get it. Some people have thought that in the past and that’s a big no, a custom homes Broken Arrow And then, uh, we’ve talked about price stuff. So we’re talking about the price that we talked about, the selections. What type of wall do you want? What type of sink do you want? There are so many different selections to choose from. You need to remember that there are a tons of things that you can and can’t pick. And then we give you the itemized statement and itemized reports on all those things so you get to pick what you would like to do. And now we’re on the elevation of the homestead, the elevation at home.

You can do a, a three car garage and a on lots of permitting. Then you can do a two and forefoot month out in all of those things and they come with the lights on the outside and the hardware on the outside and so really doesn’t have many lots left. So this is the place that you want to be. You need to remember, you need to get here sooner rather than later. Custom homes, broken Arrow and gutters come, but they do not come on the back of the home. custom homes Broken Arrow So that is a additional if you would like gutters on the back. So people normally a add those to the back because they are a great feature to add and then you have all the other trim and all those things as well. And then you can make sure you get what you want and get your dream home.

And then we’re walking into the birkdale right now in the Birkdale a has all of these things available and it has the gutters and it has a door that she likes. So it has the six panel door on here. I’m not sure why that other one has a different door. And then this one has the six panels. So we’ll walk in here real quick and check that out. And it has a different doors in here. Custom homes, broken Arrow and this is a little bit larger of a bedroom. So you need to remember that and it has the light here and um, it has the different doors. And then you have another bedroom in here as well and it has the standard carpet in it. And then you have a, custom homes Broken Arrow looks like a great al a tint on the doors and you have a two panel door in two more large windows in here and uh, you have hardwood floors and all those things in this one.

And then this has eight round St cultured marble and that looks like it’s a, I can’t really tell. Is that a white? It looks like a white. I can’t tell that Steve. And it has hardware in here. These look like raised panel doors. It does not have a head knocker. custom homes Broken Arrow That’s the standard, a shower combo as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and it has the chrome finishes as well, which is the standard and custom homes, broken arrow. And then you have the window that a is right next to the front door so you can look and see who’s there as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and then the beautiful scenery on the outside and all those things as well. And you can pick from white, Tan and gray for the window trim. Thank you for listening.

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