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custom homes Broken Arrow | Beautifully Designed, Scientifically Proven

custom homes Broken Arrow | Beautifully Designed, Scientifically Proven

Shot home session three, custom homes Broken Arrow We really like our process. The process is very important, so we always try and follow that process. The first we’re going to go over some different things that we have going on with his Tucson. Tucson was just that 121st street and 23rd street. County line, custom homes, broken arrow. Uh, we are building a liberty and a newports there as well. So Liberty in Newport and it looks like we are going to have an amber and ash and the bay would have Birkdale Cambridge, the dewberry Ellington, liberty, newport, remington. Uh, you can have different types of brick, Aztec Glen, Burlington, and from shelter bluff, shadow falls, custom homes, broken arrow. So those were the floorplans semester break. The status has on there. And then the floor plan. And then you have the exterior and the brick, the exteriors telling you to Senator Bayh’s, Chelsea Gray, Galveston, Gregg Harper, grey pencil, charcoal night train, northern cliffs, silver set, and sage mountain smoke tech stack grade when you have marine time like calm white, silver, Satin Kendall charcoal, silver satin, northern Roosevelt’s bittersweet.

Chocolate earning time, white silver, silver, satin. So those are all the different things that you can do. Their custom homes Broken Arrow And then we have some really, we have one, we have one from site available to home sites available. 300 sites available, four or five home sites if six slash seven. We have eight. We have nine. We have 10, we have 11. We have 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 custom homes. Broken Arrow. Uh, so those were the sites that we have. And then we have a couple of homes for sale. We have a couple of days. What’s for sale? A couple of that looked the same. So you just got to remember that there are different ones. I’ve looked the same. And then there are others that don’t look the same. So you can always just choose between those custom homes. Broken Arrow. Uh, and I’ll be back.

I’m here in the community and just stepped out for a few months to show movement home. If you’d like to tour this model. Police Party and all the back in minutes to thea. Thank you. Chase got custom homes Broken Arrow And then we have different types of composite sink, so it is beautifully designed, scientifically proven, so it’s a bronco sync, those things. And that’s important to remember. I don’t know the difference between a composite in the block, but I just say both, but I’m not sure which one. It really is. Custom homes, broken arrow. Then we have these different for plants. And then, uh, I don’t know what other communities were going to have. We’re going to have one right across the street. I know that. So that’s a finding to, uh, to talk about is that we’ll have on a across the street that’s going to be a great community and something very important.

And uh, we can uh, build there. And uh, so that’s a place that you can definitely move as well if you’d like this area. I don’t know which area you would like Arrow. That’s also part of the model. Of course it gives you a one because we never know when that you would like have to take the customer, take a look around those places and decide what you would like to do and what you can see yourself doing and you just have to kind of go with that and check it out and see which one that you would like to actually look at. custom homes Broken Arrow and we have this um, uh, uh, looks like a board game that we use for that as well. And you can decide what you would like to do and go from there. I don’t know which one that you would really like to do.

So you have to decide on your own custom homes, broken Arrow and then there’s going to be a bull in the park and the green belt and all different types of things when we’re building a new barrier. Our building to do a Remington and liberty in newport, in Ellingson into different ones going on. So that’s a little bit longer of a home site. That should be interesting. That’s backing up there. And uh, yeah, you will have those as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and we have different home sites available and we’ll have some other ones that will be available later on that are not available yet. So you can just remember that there will be a different home sites to be able to get into.

Shaw homes, session three, custom homes Broken Arrow we’ve been talking again about the steps and we left off at, uh, the fourth step, which is the price down. So the price that is set for the third step is the home site. Reservation reservation is step three, a number two is financing. Financing is step two, number one is a from tour, won his model home tour, so you can always remember that. And just to recap some of these steps real quick. You have the model home tour, which is step one, and that’s where we go look at a bunch of different homes, uh, focus on the function of the home. Uh, so we will go to different communities and see what community you want to be in different homes. Is it large as a small d one, a three bedroom, two bath. Do you want a four bedroom?

Two Bath? What type of elevation? So the front of the home. Do you want custom homes Broken Arrow There are tons of different variable spews from model home tour seconds of financing. So then we get you in touch. Uh, you get to pick one of our preferred lenders and you get the 40,007 by using them. So that’s off the price of the home just by using one of our preferred lenders. They also don’t have to worry about rates or anything like that being higher because they will rate match. So you will know, you’ll have that peace of mind knowing that you will get the best rate. So it’s really a win win situation because you get that $4,000 and you’re going to get the best rate and so you have no reason not to use. So one of the preferred lenders, custom homes broken our. So then you have.

So we’ve talked about one which is the model home tour and we’ve talked about too, which is a, the financing which you just went over. We’ve now set three is the reservation. So that’s where we have communities where the homes are just going so, so fast. So what you need to do is reserve one of those home sites if you’re thinking about building because you don’t want to lose one of those home sites. Uh, and um, miss out on a building with us, so I’m just remember that as well as custom homes Broken Arrow. So what we do is you reserve that law for a is he reserved the lab for $250 and uh, it’s in the form of a check that we actually never cashed and once you do is he reserved that lot and then we can get to, uh, do the next step which is the price at which I also talked about.

So that was the third step which is the home site reservation and be able to afford semblances the price down, which is where I left off where we talk about different upgrades and you can make a lot of the selections and all those things. There is not going to be any hidden costs or anything like that. We will know the price of the home down to the dollar, what you were going to be paying all those things as well. So you can always remember that, that you’re going to be getting a great deal. And there are not any signs up custom homes Broken Arrow So you don’t have to worry about, uh, not having a good deal in those types of things as well because we will a rate match and do a lot of those things. Um, so you know, that you’ll be getting a really good deal.

And uh, yeah, you can always do that. Custom homes, broken Arrow, why doesn’t that. Oh, it does have a for sale sign in there now. So that’s good. Um, so then we were talking about different things as well, so you can price match and rematch that we have the price out. And then the next step would be a purchase agreement. So then we sit down and we write custom homes Broken Arrow we write the purchase agreement. This is where you decide to build with a shot homes. It takes five months to, oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Um, it takes five months to build homes and you can, um, and then you’re also getting updates from our superintendent and all those things as well. And the purchase agreement can be made contingent if necessary, if you need to sell your home or delay a build. If you’re an elise lease, so you can always remember that you do have those options as well. So that’s exciting to remember. A custom homes broken arrow.

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