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custom homes Broken Arrow | Building An In Home Office

custom homes Broken Arrow | Building An In Home Office

Chase Scott Session for June 27th custom homes Broken Arrow We’ve been going over the process and a lot of different things with the process and how you have step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven. So you have all those different steps and you just have to follow them and that’ll be the easiest way to go through the process and eventually get in your brand new show home. So let’s talk about step one. Step one is the model home tour and that’s where we go and view all the different floor plans and really focus on the function of that home. So this is what we’re going to want to do. We’re going to want to go through, uh, the liberty in Newport in Tucson village. And then we’re gonna. Want to drive to silver silverleaf and go through the Birkdale in the Cambridge.

And then we’ll drive the crystal creek and look at the Ashton in the amber. And I just really want you to focus on the function of the home. That’s the most important thing we really want to do is just see what you like about it. Do you, uh, do you like a large living room? Do you like a large bedroom? Do you like the pocket office? Do you like the longer look? Do you like the wider type of foam? So there are tons of different things that you can look at. custom homes Broken Arrow when looking at a home. So for instance, when we walk into the Newport, it’s going to have a large open concept. It’s over 2000 square feet, so it’s going to be one of the larger homes and it has a 15 inch, three grand ceiling. Uh, so those are some highlights of that home when you walk into the liberty, it has a, a desk built in desk office kind of by the neck and also as a mudroom.

And that’s very nice about that as well. custom homes Broken Arrow. So those are two things about those homes when we drive over to silver leaf will gather the Birkdale that has a pocket office in the living room, which people tend to love, but also has a very open concept floor plan and then the Cambridge right next to it is the most affordable four bedroom home that we offer. And it also has a, it also one parade of homes, number one best home in that price range, custom homes, broken arrow. So you have those two. And then we would go to a crystal creek, pistol creek as the Ashton for plan, which is 1500 square feet. It’s a large home, it’s very nice and uh, it’s very popular. And so we can go into that and uh, you can just enjoy that home and see how you like it and all those things as well.

And with that you have the Ashton. And then with the other ones we have the, uh, the hair or the Ashton. And then we would go to the amber. And the amber is one of the larger homes and it is a, you can walk in at 1700 square feet and it’s a three bedroom, so it’s one of the larger three bedroom homes and it also has a flex room that is very desirable through, after looking at all these different homes, we’re gonna decide which one was your favorite and the function of it and all of that. So you were going to pick that out and uh, you are going to decide what a witch foreplay and you wanting to go with. And so now we’ve picked a fan favorite and have that it takes about 60 to a hundred and 20 minutes to take this story to the next is the price out.

So the price out we are going to price out the home and figure it out. And in down to the or no, the next step is actually the preferred lenders. We’ve talked about step one, custom homes, broken arrow, preferred lender. You have one Rodriguez with first. So Columbia have luxy gaines was fair bank. And you have a Ethan Wagner with abby. Okay. All three a, you get the, uh, raising the bar, fitness and nutrition with all three. You get a preferred lender discount of $4,000 off the purchase price or towards closing costs, however you’d like to use it so you can remember that. Then you get those things as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and uh, they’re all great and so you can talk to either one of those are all, you know, any of them and all of them. And figure out which one you liked the best and which one willing to do the best work for you and do all those things. Custom homes, broken arrow.

Chase Scott Session for June 13th, we last left off going over a selection and the price out and all those things, but we’re going to backtrack a little bit to the model home tour, which was the first step and what I was doing earlier was explaining some of the flow of the home and different things that you would like in the home we’ve been talking to in the Cambridge, one of the fan favorites for floor plans. And it just lets you know, a really want to get an idea of the flow of the home, like I said. So then we talked about, uh, talking to a lender where it’s completely free a, they run an application and then they let you know what your buying power is and we also want you to get comfortable with that monthly payment. So they will explain interest rates, monthly payments, all those things.

They will also match any, uh, interest rate that you get anywhere else. And also you, that also gives you the $40,000 incentive when using them. That 4,000 incentive can be applied towards the price of your home or that can go towards closing costs. So it’s however you want, or you can also split that up. So remember, you do have options. They’re custom homes Broken Arrow so that was a lender. So we had the model home tour and then we have the price down. Now we do the home site reservation. Homesite reservation is very important. It’s one of a kind. Where do you want to be and the community, uh, to do this, you write a check for 2:50 and you’ll also fill out a form. We do not cash that check. It stays at the model home. Uh, this just takes it off the market for one week and a, allows you time to decide if you’d like to move forward and also scheduled a price out with me.

Three of the price that we’ll go over, any upgrades that you’d like to do, and a, any questions that you may have about, about your home and by the end of this appointment will have a, an itemized statement for you to take home with the upgrades that you’ve chosen and that final purchase price. So there are no surprises when we move forward in the purchase agreement, uh, after the price, how we would move forward to the purchase agreement. That’s where $2,500 is due. This is the earnest money for your home, the down payment, um, and we do selection, so all selections are final. So we have the home site, we have the home, uh, we have selections and we have the earnest money, then we can proceed with building the home. The building process takes four and a half to six months to build your home. You’re going to get updates from the construction supervisor, he’ll give you weekly updates and try to always and, uh, go over.

Thanks. custom homes Broken Arrow and you can come by and view your home a while the building process is taking place. And that’s a very exciting time to be able to do that and do all of the things that you’d like to do and, uh, you know, just check out your home and make sure that you’re happy with everything and doing all of those things. And uh, then we do that. And then we, uh, go into closing. So you’ll be notified 45 to 30 days before your homeless complete. That closing process will start, you will get with a lender and get all the paperwork and everything ready to close on your home at closing. Uh, the rest of closing costs will be due. And the rest of your, a down payment on the home. If that was three and a half percent, five percent, 10 percent, 20 percent, whatever type of loan you were doing, custom homes, broken Arrow, and a with all of that, uh, you can, uh, then close on your home.

After that you do a, you’ll, you’ll do a walkthrough pre-closing with the construction supervisor. Make sure you’re happy with the home, you do a walkthrough after closing and make sure happy with the hump. We want to make sure you were happy with the home and everything is in great shape for you because a happy customer is going to be a great referral person for us in the future. And, uh, that is a win win for us. custom homes Broken Arrow and then, uh, after you were happy with everything. And then close on the home of warranty department starts. We have somebody on time or on staff full time, a warranty department and also 24 slash seven line for emergencies. So try and take the best care of you that we possibly can to make sure you’re happy with everything. Custom homes, broken arrow.

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