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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Building It With The Features You Want

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Building It With The Features You Want

Today we’re going to talk about our Manchester series and some of the included features that we offer in that series. So within our Manchester series, which is the lowest collection that we offer at Shaw homes to build your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, we featured lots of different included features that don’t cost any additional monies to our buyer. For example, if we talk about the kitchen, you are going to get a package of all black appliances that are going to come standard with your kitchen. This includes, um, the range, the dishwasher, microwave over the range, a garbage disposal in the sink area, and for recessed lighting’s, all of your appliances are going to be the frigidaire collection and you can upgrade those if you’d like a frigidaire gallery type of package for your custom homes, broken Arrow home. But we feel like this package is the best package for this collection.

This collection also features 30 inch upper cabinets that you can upgrade if you’d like to, but included. You can actually have a choice of race, panel, farmhouse, or Shaker style of cabinet doors. With them, it comes with crown molding and the hidden hitch, it hinges and your choice of either stain or paint of these cabinets. A lot of other builders will charge you extra monies to paint your cabinets and your custom homes broken Arrow home. This is going to be an included feature with your Manchester Collection home within shaw homes. It’s also gonna come with two centimeter granite countertops, and if you don’t add an additional backsplash to that, it’s already going to come included with a four inch backsplash of your choice and you can choose the edging that you’d like on that particular surface. So you can have pencil edged flat or have bull nosed corners in your included countertop features in your gourmet Manchester kitchen of your custom homes.

Broken Arrow home. It’s going to come with Delta Faucet in a chrome finish, which is going to be if chrome Polish, and it’s also going to have a stainless steel double bowl sink. That’s going to be a top mounted sink. We do offer options at an a small additional charge if you wanted to either upgrade your countertop, um, centimeter with, or if you wanted to add a back splash, you will be able to do that. You’d be able to get larger cabinets or even Scilla granted under Mount Sinks depending on and different types of faucets and knobs. Custom Homes Broken Arrow So these are, as part of this collection, we offer great great exterior features, so you’re going to get meridian brick and it’s going to have a wainscotting on all four sides depending on the plan that you choose, which means this brick is going to go along the bottom of the plan for an additional charge.

You can add more brick to your custom homes, broken Arrow home, but this is how it is going to come included. All of our plans are going to come with a covered patio and outdoor living space, which is really beneficial if you’re looking at building a Custom Homes Broken Arrow home in broken arrow. Some are going to be larger, some are going to be smaller, and some of our plants are even going to come with a front porch included on some of those as well. So it’s important in our Manchester collection to really review all of the 12 different plans that we offer. Within that collection, we offer post tension slab foundation, which are pulled to 32,000 pounds, making this very, very sturdy for your home preventing movement. We offer wonderful windows. These are low energy argon gas filled windows, which are very amazing for energy efficiency and also the argon gas that’s flown into the middle is going to prevent any sun rays from getting into your custom homes, broken Arrow home and fading any of your furniture or causing any damages from the race.

So those windows are very important and you have your choice of tan or clay or white windows and they are on the front and back of your home. So our insulation is something people ask about a lot. We actually have blown in ceiling insulation and um, wall batts exterior wall bats with a no tolerance application on the exterior walls. So all of the windows, exterior doors and are all energy foam sealed and energy efficient. So though that’s going to also be wonderful for your home and making sure that we keep your utility monthly utility costs as low as possible. So you’ve got, um, guttering that’s put on the front of the home and in addition, you can add the back to your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, but this is how it does come included, um, you actually get a wrap around your house. It’s a house wrap and that’s gonna help with moisture and protect it from any kind of moisture getting into your home.

You are going to, um, receive exterior paint, which is wonderful, but you’re going to get multiple colors, so you’re going to get one main color as well as a separate trim accent color for that. So there’s a lot of different, um, wonderful options for your exterior as well. You are going to have a front door with, has a weather strip protection, um, and a back patio fiberglass door. So the door on the back is going to have a glass in the middle. You can add blinds inside the middle of that door if you wanted to make it a little bit more private, but again, that’s just an additional option that we offer. Custom Homes Broken Arrow One of the neat things that we offer in your custom homes, broken Arrow home that other builders don’t is going to be the carriage style garage door that we offered. It does come with included hardware, so you don’t have to pay additional for that, and that’s an overhead door, primed carriage door, so it’s going to be actually brand name serviced by the overhead door company here in town.

I’m also in the exterior. You’re going to have landscaping that’s going to come with your home as well as a fully sorted front and backyard. It’s going to have a hose bibs that come included in your custom home, broken Arrow home as well as some outlets, some weather proof outlets for you to be able to plug things in outside of your home like Christmas lights if you wanted to decorate your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home for the holidays. Um, as far as the interior of the home, that’s where I think that we offer a lot of included features even outside of the kitchen that I’ve already mentioned, like a lot of our flooring we don’t offer, um, for Mica or laminate floorings like some other companies do. We’re going to have included floorings like tile and carpet, and also offer real hardwood floors for an additional charge.

If you wanted to put real hardwood floors in your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, um, it’s also gonna come with a standard six pound carpet pad so you don’t have to upgrade that, but you can, if you want to, it’s going to have bold nose corners and archways and all throughout the home. So it’s going to give it a much more smooth, rounded look. And if you have little ones at home, this is really great to make it safe. And in your custom homes, broken Arrow home, all of, um, the doors are going to have multiple door designs that you can choose from. Um, you’re going to get a cable combo phone jack in two different rooms. Usually we place those in the living room and in the master, and you’re also going to get to paint colors that are going to come included in the home.

You’re going to have a trim color and a wall color, so being that you’re also gonna have a cabinet color as long as you. If you use the same trim color as you use cabinet color, then you can add one even additional color on top of that to maybe your bathroom cabinets of your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, or even maybe paint your island a different color. So these are just some of the included features of the Manchester collection that we have when choosing to build a custom homes, broken Arrow home with shaw homes, and feel like all of these are not only beneficial but far surpass any of our competition within broken arrow. If you’re looking at building your custom homes, broken Arrow home in the near future.

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