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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Conducting Quality Control

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Conducting Quality Control

Show home should be your goto builder when you’re thinking about building your custom homes, broken Arrow home. We build homes anywhere from $160,000 all the way up to almost a million dollars depending on what series you’re custom homes, broken Arrow home falls into. We start off with our heritage or Manchester Collection, Inner Manchester Collection. We have a price point from 160,000 to approximately $230,000. Within this collection. You could get homes ranging from 1300 square feet to 2100 square feet, making it a smaller collection for your custom homes, broken Arrow home option. Our next level up is going to be our heritage collection, which goes and ranges from 230,000 to $450,000 Custom Homes Broken Arrow and this conduction is going to be where you find that we specialize as a company. We have more neighborhoods within this collection than any of our other collections and really feel like this is a great option for your custom homes.

Broken Arrow home purchase. We feature homes and all kinds of school districts around the Tulsa Metro and outside of Tulsa area, but broken Arrow being predominantly where we focus. We’re headquartered out of broken Arrow, so it’s easy access. If you’d like to go to our office with any questions regarding your custom homes, broken Arrow home within this heritage series collection, you’re going to find neighborhoods scattered all through north and south broken Arrow, and our last collection, which is considered our waterstone series, Custom Homes Broken Arrow is the last collection that we offer as your broken Arrow custom as your custom homes, broken Arrow home collection, and this collection. You can have floor plans all the way up to even six or 7,000 square feet if you’d like. And those homes range up to a million dollars. So it’s going to really depend on what you’re on the market for and what you. Pardon me, what you’d like in your custom homes, broken Arrow home.

So currently in the Manchester collection, we’re featuring two different neighborhoods within the broken Arrow area. We have our stone or Silverleaf community, which sits at 51st and county line in Broken Arrow, which has close access to shopping and very close to broken Arrow high school. It’s also close to any kind of sporting events. If you have children who play softball or baseball, it’s a great option for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home. This Custom Homes Broken Arrow community will feature a community pool and playground in the later phase of development, so it’s very enticing for first time home buyers and our lowest price point neighborhood that we currently offer our other neighborhood featuring this Manchester collection in broken Arrow and an option for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home is going to be your newest community, which is our Tucson village community, which sits at 121st and county line. This community sits very close proximity to the Warren Theater and all the upcoming entertainment development that’s coming into broken arrow.

So if you’re looking for a community that has rising property values and gorgeous surroundings and amenities, Tucson village would be a great option for your custom homes, broken Arrow home. Most of the homes that we have move in ready in this neighborhood are going to be a little bit larger in size as we’re featuring all of our newest floor plans that we’ve just recently created. One of those plans is going to be the dewberry. Dewberry is an excellent four bedroom, two bathroom floor plan, Custom Homes Broken Arrow which features 1,806 square feet of living space. We currently have a custom homes broken Arrow home to bury into song village available for move in. This floor plan is a split concept open concept floor plan, which features two bedrooms on one side and two bedrooms on the other. So it’s this completely split concept. You have one half the family on one side and half on the other.

It does feature a pass through utility room from the garage into the utility causing the utility room to dual as a mud room. So if you’re doing yard work or maybe you’re shoveling snow outside, now you have a dual space for your family to be able to take advantage of instead of having it positioned in the middle of the home. If you choose to build this floor plan yourself, you do have the option of turning bedroom number four into an open flex room, creating an open space for a formal dining or an office area. This dewberry for plant also features 10 foot ceilings with crown moldings in the entryway, Custom Homes Broken Arrow and a 39 foot mud bench with a shelf as a bonus feature included making this highly desirable at this particular price point for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, another floor plan that we have available currently in the Tucson village community in broken Arrow is going to be this Ellington.

Ellington also features four bedrooms, two bath and 1,876 square feet of living space. And is also a split concept. This neat floor plan, um, offers a huge master closet, which is probably my favorite feature and also very enticing if you’re going to build your custom homes, broken Arrow home, you want to make sure that you include all of the features and amenities that are enticing to you. I personally struggle with putting away laundry. So for me, Custom Homes Broken Arrow I love the fact that the laundry room in this floor plan is actually connected to the master closet, making it very easy to wash and dry your clothes and put them away with ease. It also features a large 15 foot ceiling which is open to the windows above it and creating a gorgeous entry and also carries the option to turn bedroom for into the flex room, much like the dewberry.

This particular Ellington floor plan is priced at $208,001 and is also available for moving in our Tucson village community, a four year custom homes broken Arrow home. So within this collection there are a few different options that you have, but not nearly as many as you have in our heritage series. Once you move up into our heritage collection, then you have many different communities within the broken Arrow area that we offer. We offer a, I would say about 12 different communities between 11 and 12 that are featured in broken Arrow within heritage, and it features communities such as stone would crossing or communities such as well stone at Forest Ridge Forest Ridge seems to be one of my personal favorites when considering, uh, the heritage collection for your custom homes, broken Arrow home because of all of the amenities that surround it. You’re going to have not only the golf club and the swim and tennis center that are right across the street, but even within the community, you’re going to have lots of amenities like a catch and release, Custom Homes Broken Arrow fishing pond, basketball courts, a soccer field.

It also is a gated community creating lots of privacy and it’s also has a rainbow places system swings, a large common area and 10 miles of paved walking and biking trails. So this is a very, very, very desirable community for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home. And there are several homes within this community, um, Custom Homes Broken Arrow and home part. And that you could build a home on. So if you’re looking to build a home in forest ridge, there are home sites available and you could take advantage of that within this town of broken arrow. You also have community such as the village southern trails. This is another broken Arrow community which sits just down the street from all of the shops at Aspen Creek, and it has very easy access to the creek turnpike. This community to also features a community pool. An outdoor park and fireplace corresponds with Wolf Creek elementary, Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow highschool, making it a really great place to build your custom homes. Broken Arrow home.

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