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custom homes Broken Arrow | Convenient Locations

custom homes Broken Arrow | Convenient Locations

Session six, custom homes Broken Arrow we’re going over the steps. Step one step, you have to step three, step four, step five, step six step. You have six step five, step four, step three, step two, step one step. The first step is the model home toward the second step is talking to a finance lender, and then the third step is the humps I reservation and the fourth step is a price out in the fist step is a purchase agreement and this six step is a or this is six seconds of closing the seventh as a warranty. So those are the different steps and all those steps are very vital and important men, so more than a homesite reservation, you have to make sure that you’re getting mad at home site. That’s one of a kind of perfect for you. Do you want it in the back?

Do you want it in the front? Do you want it on the green belt? Do you want it close to the pool? Do you want to far away from the pool? There’s just so many different things that you can do. We also could put it by the golf course if you want, you can put it by upon there are all these different options, but if you don’t act fast and you’re not going to get the home site of your dream, so you need to remember that custom homes Broken Arrow and all those things go into place and we have to make sure that we’re getting the perfect home site for you and then make sure that you’re happy. Customer homes, broken Arrow, and we also do the model home. Turned the model home tours a lot of fun. Uh, it’s a, it’s a way to relax and just go look at a beautifully decorated homes because who doesn’t like to go do that?

Everybody likes to go do that. All right, we are on 51st street. This is very odd. I don’t know how I came to this side a, but somehow I did. So it’s a Omaha 51st street and we’re at 193rd, so I am right next to the model. So that’s a very cool. They realized I was all the way back there. Custom homes, broken arrow. And you would just go on that 193rd and make a left and right down the street is the high school. So that’s a very convenient from silverleaf. You’ve got to remember that custom homes Broken Arrow and they also have this, the workplace right here and next to it you also have Eagle Creek, which is just down the street. And then you have a bunch of mature trees and it looks really nice. You have Johnson Woods, which, uh, is a very nice, uh, custom homes, broken arrow.

And then there are all these different things to remember. So then you have a eagle creek again and you would just keep driving down and we’re almost a silver leaf into the right as another development by shaw home. So we have all those things as well. custom homes Broken Arrow And uh, when we would go to a north 33rd street and make that left and uh, we will be there. So there’s new Bedford right there, right next to us. And then we would have another entrance for new Bedford. And then it tells you to go 30 miles per hour. And then we would make a left on silver leaf and you’ll see the open house signs and you’ll see a lot of my information as well. So that’s important that you can always do that. And there was a turtle crossing the road and I almost, and it over, oh, don’t say their turtle.

Um, hope you make it across the road. Then we have the model home tour, which we’ve talked about and we have all the other things that go on with that. And uh, so that’s important to remember. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and we a have a couple sold a signs up there and we want to go look at those and see if uh, that potentially fell down. I don’t know. I think it did, but we will find out. And uh, we, uh, here in silver leaf, we’re doing a gosh for, we’ve been doing for home sites a week now and I mean it’s just insanely busy. So now is the time, if you want some relief with prices rising and all those other things, custom homes Broken Arrow and now is the time to, uh, to really, uh, you know, invest in your home and all those things, uh, because, uh, if you want to live here, you’re going to need to do it sooner rather than later because this is the time we have all those things. And so that’s a very important to remember. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and uh, we have that model home tour and you have a price out and you have the financing and you have the purchase agreement and you have the warranty and you have the closing and all those things that we will do on every single home every single time. So don’t you worry about that. We will take care of you.

Chase Scott Session six, June 13th, we’ve got over the process and a lot of different things and model home tour and all of those things as well. So, uh, we just want to kind of review that and we can also go over a reminder letter that I wrote and we’ll see about that. So good afternoon below isn’t updated inventory list of the Manchester series as $165,000 to 230,000 that are not on mls. Wanting to let you know that I will be opening to some of those next week and we’d love to give you a tour if you’re interested, just shoot me a message and we can set up a time to Somerville. South Bay models are opening June 16th minutes from the Creek Turnpike, Warren Theater in schools homes starting in the one eight 80 silver lake va. I have eight lots and six slash six left. There wIll be not another phase until it will not be another phase until early next year.

This has been our hottest community. Wagoner county low taxes, minutes from va school, easy access to the highways. And we have zero, zero, one s I a 1,499 spec ashton a s 1:34 slash 17 east, go back 180,586. And then we have zero, zero one custom homes broken arrow zero, zero sl, 1,499 spec. Ashton has one, three, four, three, seven east club, x street, 180, 2,825. And then we have zero zero one s l a 1000, 100, 336 spec. They would be a one, three, four, four, five east quebec street. That price that 174,000, 157. And then we have zero zero, one sl, 1,336 back. They would be a one, two, three, four, four, zero east and street, 176,009, 17. And then we have zero, zero, one sf, 1,662 spec cambridge a see a 1:34, 13 east quebec street, 187, seven, five, six. And then we have zero, zero, one s l 1,662 square feet spec cambridge see a one.

Then we have three, four, two, nine east quebec street, a hundred and 89,304. And then we have zero zero, one sl, 1,662 spec cambridge, ca one three, four, three, six teeth, quebec street. and that’s priced at 187,413. And then we had zero zero two tv, one eight zero, six square feet spec, dewberry d one 67, 13 south 20th street that’s priced at 200, 8,227. Then we have zero zero two tv, 1,876 square feet. Spec ellington, l one 6,700 south 20th place $208,000 that we have zero, zero to t v, 1,932 square feet. Custom homes, broken arrow spec liberty, el [inaudible], 6,700, nine south 20th place 211,865 zero zero to tucson village, 2048 square feet. custom homes Broken Arrow spec newport in [inaudible], 67. Oh, five south 20th street, 213,878. And then we have zero zero to two tv, 2100 square feet spec remington, our eu, 67, 16 south 20th street, 230,053 custom homes, broken arrow that we have cambridge, ca 1:34, 13 east [inaudible], 187,756.

And then we have a 1662 square feet spec, cambridge, ca 1:30 4:29 [inaudible] street and one 87, 4:13. And we have all of these available. These are different aspect homes. And uh, they are uh, per market ready homes ready to build on. And they also include that warranty. And that’s a beautiful thing because you get to move right into a brand new home. You don’t have to wait that time to, uh, to build a home if you don’t have time for that. So you can always remember that that is an option. custom homes Broken Arrow so you can always do that.

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