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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Developing Feature Homes

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Developing Feature Homes

In this podcast we’re going to talk about shaw homes is path to your new home with our company, Shaw homes. You can build your custom homes, broken Arrow home in the broken Arrow area with the best process around. We’ve actually simplified the process for our buyers so that they can purchase a Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, and have it tailored to fit their personal needs, their own style, and be able to adjust to whatever price point they have in mind when they’re coming into first visit with us. We as a company have broken down our custom homes, broken arrow homes into three different collections. You’re going to hear us talk about hair, Manchester collection, which is our lowest price point collection, which ranges from $160,000 to approximately $230,000. Our heritage series, which is our next collection up, is going to range from 230,000 to $450,000.

And our last collection, which is our waterstone series, that’s going to feature homes from $450,000 all the way up to a million dollars. Although we have all of these varying price points for your custom home broken Arrow home, that does not necessarily mean that you have to abide by all the same restrictions. Each collection is going to have its own unique set of features and benefits that are wonderful for buyers. When looking at custom homes, broken Arrow, our path starts with a model home tour. Regardless of what collection you’re going to select, you’re going to start with the model home tour. This is usually between an hour and two hours and it’s usually has contains about five to seven different model homes. Custom Homes Broken Arrow In this model home tour, you’re going to get a chance to tour the homes within your selected and desired price point and feel which floor plan best suits your family’s needs for your custom homes.

Broken Arrow home, there is no pressure or obligation during this tour and it’s just we focus on function, it’s informational, and we want to make sure that you get out of this experience with no stress and just no pricing. We just ask that you soak in all of our floor plans and figure out which one works best for you after you’ve gone through our model home tour. Our next step is going to be to talk about financing. Financing is very important when you’re disgusting. Custom Homes Broken Arrow, because we need to know what your starting point is. Some people look at big numbers and we don’t like to do that. We like to break it down to the small numbers, the monthly payment, so we want to make sure that we link you up. One of our three preferred lenders we work with here locally, Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank.

Your partnership with any one of these lenders and your desire and your choice to build your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home with shaw homes is also gonna. Come with an incentive which means that we are actually going to reward our buyers for using one of these lenders and taking advantage of the partnership that we have with them depending on the different collections that you choose to build with. That’s going to depend on your corresponding incentive that you received from that lender, so you’re going to be able to go online and most of our lenders even have an APP that corresponds with their system and you’ll be able to fill out your financing application. It takes about five minutes in it. You’ll find have an answer of approval within 24 hours from all of our different lenders. If you’re coming to us with a rate already secured from a different lender, as long as we have that in writing, we’ll be able to match that current rate as well to make sure that you still get the incentive that you can get with one of our preferred lenders as well as the amazing rate that you were quoted for your custom homes, broken Arrow home.

Once you’re familiar and you’re comfortable with that portion of the process, we move into homesite reservation. It’s important to do the financing before the home site reservation so you know exactly what you’re looking for. But the home site reservation, I believe is one of the most important processes, part of the process, because we can duplicate homes, but we cannot duplicate homesites are land. So depending on the home site that you select, we have multiple different communities in which we build multiple different collections for your custom homes, broken Arrow home. Some of these are larger community, some of them are smaller and they will require different types of deposit depending on which home site you select. So the neat thing about this deposit and what no other builder in Tulsa does, is it it’s completely 100 percent refundable, which means if for some reason during the process you find that it’s just not beneficial and it wasn’t what you were looking for, there is no obligation.

However, it is our experience that most people actually find this as a video. So after you’ve gone ahead and you’ve selected your home site and you’ve reserved your home site, that gives you seven days with no obligation to really think it over and get things done during that timeframe that you may need to do. Now, depending on the collection, Custom Homes Broken Arrow this is going to look a little bit different for each person. We like to do what’s called a price out. The very first step in that seven day period is going to be the find out how much the home is that you selected to build on that home site, so we bring you into our sales office to basically design your custom homes, broken Arrow home from top to bottom. You get to pick all of the different features and upgrades that you choose within your home, and it’s priced exactly how you’d like it to be priced.

This usually takes about an hour to two hours and you will get an itemized list once you walk away, which means there’s no surprises. All of your questions will be answered. You’re going to have a lot of options to choose from as far as selections and walk away with a master list that you can then dwindle down to all of the necessities that you and your counterpart decide to put in your home. Once you’ve dwindled that down and you’ve narrowed down all of the selections that you chose for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, then we get to move into the purchase agreement portion. That is usually takes a little over an hour and that’s when we discuss all of the finalities about your home. We will sign a final contract making all of your selections official and final. We also will talk about things like delay of build or if you’re a contingent contract possibly at this point, all of your colors are final, all of your finishes or final, absolutely everything is completely final.

Once we signed the purchase agreement for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and that’s when we start preconstruction. As soon as you sign on the dotted line, we missed no time and sending that paperwork over to our office in broken Arrow to get started pulling your permits for your desired homesite and home. We will ratify that agreement at our main office to make sure that we’ve got all of the processes set in place for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home as far as building and closing, and the construction manager gets a plan review and start scheduling out all of the different contractors that we’ll need for the building of your home. And then we’re ready to break ground. Once the building process begins. This is where the magic happens and you get to see your custom homes broken Arrow home coming up from the ground, so usually the construction manager will keep you in the loop of all of the different milestones within the build process and they’ll discuss all of those different steps and keep you updated with weekly progress update.

At this point, the home is open for you to walk through and see, and then as soon as you get close to closing, you’ll get a 30 to 45 day written notice prior to closing, followed by a homeowner orientation seven to 10 days before you officially closed on your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. And then once it’s complete, it’s time to go to closing, and that’s where you’ll be giving your down payment, depending on how much you’re looking at putting down. Also any monies that you’ve given for the home site reservation and the earnest money is going to all be applied towards that down payment of your home. And once you’ve signed over all your paperwork and given your down payment, the keys to your home will be given to you and it is time to move in. So after that, that custom homes broken Arrow home is officially yours, then you’re going to have warranties that come into play. We are the only builder in Tulsa that offers the best warranties, including a 10 year structural warranty backed by liberty mutual insurance. This also includes a two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty on anything internal. And we offer a 24 hour warranty line. So if you’re ever concerned about or have a question about something, feel free to give us a call about your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and somebody will be there to give, deliver excellent service and answer any questions that you may have.

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