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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Developing Floor Plans

Are you interested in building a brand new home, but don’t know if you your budget can allot for it? Do you love seeing new construction and picking out your own designs, but wonder if you can at your price point, be able to have that type of opportunity with shaw homes. You can have your own custom homes, broken Arrow home and design it yourself at a very cost effective price point. If you were in the market for a home in the sixties all the way up to possibly the two hundreds, Custom Homes Broken Arrow we have a collection for you. Our Manchester series is the most cost effective series for a custom homes broken Arrow home. In this collection, you get the opportunity to pick one from one of our 10 different floor plans and design it yourself with one of our sales associates. Within the model, you get to see all of the different features and touch them yourself and check out the materials and design your own custom homes.

Broken Arrow home at a budget that you and your family can afford. We currently have two communities in Broken Arrow servicing both buyers interested in north broken Arrow and south broken arrow. If you’re interested in north broken Arrow, silverleaf is the community for you. That community sits on 51st and county line and is super close to the high school and all of the sports areas in broken Arrow, so this is a wonderful option for a custom homes broken Arrow home in this community. You’re going to have floor plans starting in the high one sixties such as the bay would and the Birkdale and floor plans all the way up into over 2000 square feet depending on what you and your family are looking for. This collection is called our Manchester series collection and currently, although we do have home sites available and silver leaf, if you’re looking for a custom homes broken Arrow home in which you can move right into, we’ve got the solution for you there as well.

Our silverleaf community has multiple homes available at a great price point. Our Bay would plan, for example, is currently for on the market for $176,917 and features three bed, two bath of living space. This neighborhood is really enticing also because it does have a community and play pool and playground coming in. The next phase of development, so for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, it’s gonna. Be wonderful to be situated in a community where you have amenities available to your family. This particular bay wood floor plan is 1,336 square feet of living space, but it’s a wonderful open concept floor plan and from what I hear, nobody can believe that. Custom Homes Broken Arrow It’s really that square footage that’s well the plan is laid out. It’s got two bedrooms and a bath as you walk into the front of the home, but it opens up into a large great room with a beautiful island and nook vaulted ceiling and nook attached to it.

It’s got to pass through laundry from the garage into the master closet, which is a feature that you usually only see in our larger custom homes, broken Arrow homes. So once you go from the garage into the laundry, you can go into the master closet and right into the home making it a really perfect accessible master suite. It’s got a large corner pantry in features, a back patio. What’s neat is that the 10 foot ceiling in the entryway automatically comes with crown molding included. So maybe you don’t need a ton of square footage, but you’re still looking for something with nice options. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get into a custom homes broken Arrow home that you have designed and still have a lot of the bells and whistles about some of our larger floor plans. Offer another floor plan that we have.

Move in ready in this community is going to be our Ashton floor plan. This floor plan features 1,499 square feet of living space and is a three bedroom two bath. One story for plan. One of my personal favorite things about this floor plan is going to be the large covered front porch that is in the front of the home, as you can see from bedroom to in the front of the house. Another thing that I am partial to is going to be the orientation of the island. Many homes this size, if you’re looking at a custom homes broken Arrow home, it’s going to have the island facing a little bit different direction here as you walk into the home. The kitchen and the great room all filter into one large great space with a huge vaulted ceiling and measuring 14 point nine by 18 point 10 square feet.

It’s got a large covered side patio that you can see from the book, so if you’re sitting eating your breakfast, you can look onto your covered patio or maybe eat breakfast on your covered patio of your custom homes, broken Arrow home. This plan can also be built with an additional third car garage if you chose to build it within the community, but these are just moving ready option that you have available to you. If you don’t have time to build your own another floor plan, and the last one we’ll discuss in our silverleaf community and north broken arrow. For your custom homes, broken Arrow home option is going to be the Cambridge floor plan. This four bedroom, 662 square feet of living space. Home is a great option for a family who’s looking for four bedrooms and a cost effective price. This floor plan offers me one of my favorite features, which is the nook that looks onto the outside.

What do you mean? Well, when you walk into the home, instead of having the bedrooms being the first thing that you see, you’re actually going to see a gorgeous dining area which overlooks the large front porch that this home features. It’s got a large, great room and a hallway conveniently situated to fit most of the three additional bedrooms, which means that all of your children, if using this for a family, will be in the same area of the home right by the laundry room, making it really convenient for mom and a neat feature for your custom homes, broken Arrow home. It also has a large back patio in what covered and what most people like about this entryway is the. Custom Homes Broken Arrow The door to the master is kind of hidden off, so you can’t really see into the master bedroom from the great room, which gives it a little bit more privacy for whoever is purchasing this floor plan as your custom homes, broken Arrow home option.

These plans are all located in our silverleaf community on the north side of broken arrow. However, we do have our latest upcoming community in south broken Arrow, which is Tucson village. Tucson village is located at 121st and county line and is a gorgeous community that will have a swimming pool, clubhouse and pool house at in the second phase of development. There are so many great home sites still available in this new community. For your custom homes, broken Arrow home option that you are going to definitely want to check out Tucson village. It is close to the Warren Theater, the Rose district, the Nsu campus, and a bunch of brand new shopping that’s just been announced for the South Broken Arrow area. It corresponds with Spring Creek elementary, children’s middle school and broken Arrow highschool. We currently also have several move in ready homes available in that community as well. If you don’t have the time to build your own custom homes, broken Arrow home, one of the new floor plans that we’re featuring, that community is our Ellington floor plan.

That floor plan features 1,941 square feet of living space and is also a great option if you’re looking for a cost effective four bedroom in broken arrow. This particular home is listed at $208,001 and has a wonderful flex room option, so although it’s listed as a four bedroom, if you’d like a office or dining room area, you can also convert it into that type of space as well. It’s a split concept floor plan which features a huge master closet that goes into the laundry room area. It has a 15 foot ceiling. Custom Homes Broken Arrow What you walk into the home, which make gives a, creates a wonderful grant and transcend, opens up to the windows that are above you. This is a beautiful feature for your custom homes, broken Arrow home in our Tucson village can be the Remington is going to give you 2000, 207 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, two and a half bath, and optional three car garage.

This plan is our largest floor plan that we offer in this community and does have a large covered front porch and four bedrooms with a game room upstairs. So if you’re looking for something with a little bit more space for your custom homes, broken Arrow home in our Tucson village community, this is a wonderful option with a five foot built in bookshelf in the great room. What better feature for your custom homes? Broken Arrow home. So this should summarize, or Tucson village community in broken arrow. And we have both of those in our Manchester series in broken Arrow for your custom homes, broken Arrow home.

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