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custom homes Broken Arrow | Different Floor Plans and Models

custom homes Broken Arrow | Different Floor Plans and Models

Session one, shaw homes, custom homes Broken Arrow We talk a lot about at different stages because it’s important to talk about the stages. You have multiple stages when building a home and a lot of times customers come in and they’re unsure of where to begin and what they need to do in order to build a home, so it always starts with a the model home tour, the model home tours, very important in what we do is we go to different floor plans in different models and a look at all the different homes, so we would start out in silver leaf and go to the Birkdale and walk through that home and notice pocket office and see if he liked the flow. Then we’d go next door to the Cambridge and walked through that home. It’s a four bedroom, two bath and it’s the smallest four bedroom available, most affordable one as well.

So we would go through those two homes and then we would drive to crystal creek and go through the stage to Ashton and walk through that. That home has a large front porch in the back covered patio and a lot of storage as well. So that is what it is known for. And so we would go through those and then we would drive to Tucson village and go to the Newport and the liberty. Those are still under construction and looking great. The Newport is a beautiful, it’s a four bedroom, two bath and it has a high entry ceiling, 15 feet ceiling with the window coming through. Liberty is also beautiful as a snooze button. Closet is what we like to call those custom homes, broken arrow. And uh, we would go through all of those different homes and walk through and see what you like and see what you don’t like and talk about the flow and talk about anything that you potentially need or would want in a home.

And then we would, uh, you know, go back to the office. So that is what the model home tours about. And then the second thing would be the financing, the financing. We need to know what you can afford monthly and what she wants to pay. And so we would, uh, have you talked to a preferred lender and a go through the prequalification and see what you’re comfortable with on your monthly payment and a how much a house you want to build. And we have three preferred lenders. We have one from bok custom homes Broken Arrow one from a first Oklahoma, one from us beer bank and those three will work with you and they’re all great people and easy to work with in the benefit of using the preferred lender. And you get a, our incentive, which is $4,000 off the purchase price, or 4,000 towards closing costs or however you’d like to use that.

$4,000. They always make sure to, uh, a match. Any rate you get from anybody else so you know you are getting the best deal when you go through the preferred lender. custom homes Broken Arrow So that’s the second step, which was a, the, a preferred lender and financing. And then the first step, once again was the model home tours to the model home tour. You go through all the models and look at all of those and see which one’s your favorite. We have a more decorated models than anybody else and award winning models more than anybody else. Custom homes, broken arrow. And then the second was the financing where you talked to a preferred lender, you can talk to Ethan Wagner would be okay. Juan Rodriguez was first Oklahoma Lexi gains with Spirit Bank and uh, they will rate match and they are all wonderful to work with. The third step would be the home site reservation, the reservation.

We need to know what upside we are building your home on. They are all wonderful kinds. So do you want a large backyard? Do you want a small backyard? Do you want to be on a cul de sac? Do you want to be close to the pool? Do you want to be front close to the, to the entry? Uh, it all really just depends on what you would like to do. custom homes Broken Arrow It’s important to do the a homesite reservation sooner rather than later because those go quickly. I’m not the only shop manager. And, uh, there are multiple people that can reserve in each of the communities. So the homeside reservation is a check for $250 custom homes. Broken Arrow is a check for $250. We do not cash it and a custom homes broken Arrow and we, uh, let it sit there and this reserves that lie for one week and, uh, it gives you an opportunity to hit the pause button, decide if you would like to move forward while we do the price out custom homes, broken arrow.

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