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custom homes Broken Arrow | Different Home Sizes

custom homes Broken Arrow | Different Home Sizes

Continuing our talk on a different home sites, it’s very important that you always get the right home site and make sure that you are looking at everything you need to look at in order to get that dream because they all are one of the kinds. So you have to remember that, that, uh, homesites are one of the kinds. So don’t miss out on getting that. Why? One on, let me close this. Okay, now we have this so you don’t want to miss out on getting those and I’m going to remove them from this list because they no longer are going to move forward. So delete that. custom homes Broken Arrow and uh, shelly, she’s uh, trying to get more so she needs to, she needs to do more work on credit, stay in touch, stay in touch. And we also have that in us. So that’s important to remember.

And then we have lacey on here as well. So I’m going to put you back on here because she is a great prospect and a great person. custom homes Broken Arrow So you have to remember, you can always do those things. And, uh, just remember that it’s important to, uh, to get all of those things. And um, let’s see you, I just want to make sure I’m getting this correct, a whore and a thick and they need to sell a house getting married in October. And so, uh, so we have all of that and all those things going on and they really liked the newport. Newport is a great floor plan so you can remember that custom homes, broken arrow, it’s a fantastic quarter plan. Everyone likes the four plan, so can’t really go wrong with it. And uh, so you just got to look at that and see which one is your favorite custom homes, broken Arrow because the newport is a fantastic.

It has that 50 15 feet of vaulted ceiling or entryway ceilings so that large look on it. And then you just walked through there and you can see all the different plans and see what you like about it. And you can have the four bedroom or you can have it opened up. custom homes Broken Arrow and you have this window to the side, which I happen to love. It’s your little people windows so you can see what’s going on there and uh, that’s an important thing to remember as well as then you have the turtles and all the decorations in here and that’s just a really nice, nice little thing to have a custom homes, broken Arrow and then you can walk through and you have this closet in the bedroom right here and that’s a large closet and it has a nice little swiffer that I forgot I had in here.

So I’m going to swift that entry a little bit because you want to make sure that it looks very nice and all those things as well. So you’ve got to make sure that everything has been taken care of and uh, that you’re, you know, making sure that it looks nice and making sure that everything is up to par and this home custom homes Broken Arrow and that’s what we’re doing here. We’re just slipping a little bit because it’s nice to switch. How do you not want a hardwood floors? Because it is a lot of maintenance and I can already see some scratches on here. Custom homes, broken arrow. And uh, so then we’re going to do that and we’re going to look over next door and see if they need a little swift action as well because it’s important to keep it looking nice. There’s a lot of traffic through here, so you just want to make sure that, uh, everything is looking good in here and uh, everything is looking nice and we have all of those things when you have the entryway of feeling, feeling here, that looks fantastic and we can just do all of those things and make sure that it’s cleaned up and very nice in the hall.

And then you have these gorgeous hardwood floors on here as well, so you can, uh, just look at those and enjoy that as well and just keep going with all of those things. And you have that vaulted ceiling in there and everyone loves that. And everyone seems to really like this for plan. This is one of the more popular Ford plans. So don’t forget that a, this is available and you can get this into some village or the other neighborhoods. So you can always do things like that. custom homes Broken Arrow Shaw homes session three, July 12, custom homes, broken arrow, Chase Scott, we’re going to go over the process again because the process is the most important part. First, we’re going to go over frigidaire and all the different things that they have to offer. So we have the basic frigidaire package. First frigidaire gallery, advanced package. So frigidaire basic. You have the range, you have the continuous grades, you have the five burner, you have the fifth burner. Spell burner. You have the one point six C, c Uft Interior. You have the 2:20 cfm sucking power. You have the 12 point five glass turntable. You have the 54 dba louder. You have the plastic interior of the five cycles. You have the quick wash time of one hour. Custom homes, broken Arrow, you have 45.

Then we have a the frigidaire gallery, which is continuous grades. It’s a five burner. It’s stronger btu faster. Boiled time, fingerprint resistant convection oven, fast. Preheat riddle included handle on bottom drawer, fifth burner, small burner, fifth burner, oval burner. Fingerprint resistant rack to cook multiple plates, one point seven cu. Ft. Interior sensor cooking options, a 300 cfm custom homes, broken Arrow, 13 glass turntable. Turntable on capable, we have a 55 dba. No, we have the 51 dba. We have stainless steel interior helps while driving and sound seven cycles, energy star rated or bit wash system cups, custom homes Broken Arrow spinner at the bottom of the tub that has more capacity to get water to hard to reach places. Quick wash time, 30 minutes. Sensory Washer, state in play store allows you to open the door partially without dropping to the ground. 14th place setting, custom homes, broken arrow.

So those are all the different options that you have can do there. And that is once again for your frigidaire set. So while we’re doing the price that you can decide if you’d like to upgrade to that and that’s something that you can always do. And then you can look at some different things also because there’s tons of features and options that you can do. And so we want to make sure that you’re doing what’s best for you. So you need to go through all those things and decide that we normally generally go to those things in the price of. So you just seem to remember it’d be in the price out that you can do those things and remember that those are always available. So you can talk about Julian that and once again in the model home door financing, homesite reservation price. Now purchase agreement, preconstruction building closing, yeah, warranty, custom homes Broken Arrow Those are all different steps that you need to remember all those steps because it’s very important to you. So once again we go over a block one lot. One, it’s 11,406 square feet. And then we have block one, block two, which is 8,400, four square feet. We have block one, lot three, which is 8,404 square feet. We have blocked one lot for which is 10,990 square feet black one lot five, which is wow.

Twenty 6,000, 26,000, 46 square feet. We have block one, lot six, which is 16,405 square feet. We have blocked one lot 37, which is 13,624 square feet custom homes. Broken Arrow. Thanks for listening.

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