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custom homes Broken Arrow | Energy Efficient Windows

custom homes Broken Arrow | Energy Efficient Windows

Shaw, home session, three custom homes Broken Arrow we’ve talked about the exquisite exteriors and all that it entails, like ordinary owens corner and Arthur activity 32 blown in ceiling installation in our 13 exterior with a, with Bateson zero tolerance application. And you also get the framing with the two by fours and sixteens and uh, you got the low erm filled a windows and they’re energy efficient windows and that’s so fantastic because you’re going to see it on your utility bill and you’re going to see all the benefits of having a new home on that utility bill. You’re also going to see the benefits of having any new home in silver leaf because, uh, we are regular county taxes. So you saved money there. You save money on save money on utilities. You also save money on homeowner’s insurance. So those are three ways. Building the new buying a new home can save you buddy custom homes, broken arrow.

And then now we’re onto the magnificent master suite. It’s accustomed made solid stain grade, older or paint grade cabinets. You get your choice of a Shaker, farmhouse, raised panel doors in your choice of a painter term saying color one color of the cabinets throughout. Keep in mind you can also get a different door styles as well, and then you get cultured marble in the bathrooms. That’s a countertop. We have four different types of a courtroom cultured marble and so that’s great. It looks beautiful in there and you can do a wave sink or a circular saying. Then you’ve got the fiberglass tub shower combination as well, and you’ve got the optional cultured Marble Garden Tub with the cultured marble decade and fiberglass shower with frame glass door with chrome per plan. You also get to pick us ceramic tile for there. Do you want 18 by 18?

Do you want a 20 by 20, 46 slash 20? Do you? What do you want? You get a towel bar. You don’t have to pay for any of that. And uh, you also get the come out. It’s going to be white faucets, Delta, classic plumbing fixture, custom homes, broken arrow. Keep in mind you’re getting that culture model. You don’t have to pay anything. It’s not going to be for Micah anywhere in your home, so you don’t have to worry about that laminate or formica. You get ceramic tile, you get granted. You have vaulted ceilings in the home, you’ve got all of these things that just come included in our beautiful homes, custom homes Broken Arrow so you get to pick what you would like for those areas, luxurious laundry in the wall, Washer box with hot and cold water supply and drain line, and you have your choice of a gas of a 200 Twenty v connection for the dryer dryer vent or connections, so you get to pick a which you’d like to do there as well.

Custom homes, broken Arrow for the incredible interior, so you have the ceramic tile throughout wet areas as a four year. That’s a kitchen, that’s a note. That’s a bathrooms. It’s utility remarks selections including colors, patterns, your choice of one color throughout, so you get to pick one of those, but if you pick one for the living room with an extra areas and like that, you can pick a two tiles in there as well. So don’t forget about that. You get a six pound carpet pad, so that’s nice carpet in all areas of your choice of the color through outs. We have a lot of carpets, custom homes Broken Arrow custom made, solid stain grade, older or paint wood cabinets, and full bath. I’ll Dab per play in your choice of Shaker and you get to pick all that your choice of paint or stain throughout.

We have one page, two, page three, page four, page five, page six, paint seven, page eight, page nine, page nine, different paints you can do, and then one, two, three, four different paints or stains you can do giving you a total of 13 different options. That is way more options and anybody else I can guarantee that custom homes Broken Arrow and then for granted. So you have one grand and you have to terminate. You have three grand, four grand, five grand, six grand that year of seventh grade and you have eight grand. That is eight brands to choose from. You have one, one quarter, two quarter, three quarter, four courts for different courts to choose from. I can tell you that it’s going to be way more selections in anybody else. I can guarantee it, especially at this price point. custom homes Broken Arrow and then, uh, we’ve talked about the dryer vent. We’ve talked about a top notch mechanics talking about, uh, the pecs, freeze tolerant plumbing lines, the 200 amp electrical custom homes, broken Arrow, you have the, a o Smith or equivalent 50 gallon high efficiency gas water heater, a 14 seer carrier, high efficiency cooling equipment and automatic thermostat with heat and control. Custom homes. Broken Arrow.

We’ve been going through all the floor plans and a different third custom homes, broken Arrow session three, and now we will go over different sinks in different selections that you can choose from. In here. We’ll start with the frigid gallery set and go from there. The basic package versus the frigidaire gallery appliance package. So a continuous grades, five burners storage, Btu, a fingerprint resistant convection cooking fast. Preheat griddle included handle on bottom drawer, fifth burner burner fifth burner burner, and all of those are frigidaire gallery except for the fifth burner. Small Burger. What does the free generic basic habit has continued with grades five burner, fifth burner, small burner, custom homes, broken arrow. And then you have the, uh, over the range microwave you have fingerprint resistant, you have a wreck to cook multiple plates, you have a one point seven, so you have to into interior sensory switching.

Three hundred CFM. You have the 13 glass turnbull, turnbull off on captain capable. So you have all those things as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and then you have a bunch of other things as well. You have the dishwasher, which is a 51 dba. You have stainless steel interior which helps drive and sound. You have a seven cycles energy star rated orbit wash system, a 30 minutes a sensor, Washington state in place door, always open door, partially without it dropping to the ground. Fourth place setting allows you to open it without doing that, so custom homes, broken Arrow, those are the dishwashers. Now we have a flat edge or flat edge or half bull nose or pencil edge, and that’s for the different sides to your counters. What do you want on those counters? You can do different things and so you just have to remember that pencil edges out pretty popular.

Then we have some different grants and different things like that. Custom homes, broken Arrow first and backsplashes. You have a craft fond, you have craft gray, you have a traveling team, tumbler silver, you have a vino cream, you have traveling 10 days. You have travertine silvery of Arctic White Ledger. You have urban era. You have choice bevel. Then for the St Blanco saying beautifully designed, scientifically proven, still granite, and that is a hygienic surface. It’s non fading, scratch resistant, easy to clean, proven impact resistance, same resistance move, no porous surface, safe for food prep, a proven heat, custom homes Broken Arrow and we have a biscuit color of a Scottie color truffle, cafe Brown and anthro and syndrome, metallic, uh, whites and a metallic gray custom homes, broken arrow. And those are all the things that you can do that you can put that in the synth. You can do an under mounted sink and it looks fantastic.

It’s beautiful. You can have all those things right on there and you can do the different colors in. There are a lot of different options for colors. I’m not sure which would look bets. You’d have to decide what looked best on there with the, your granite encounter. So if you have the pirate craven, granted I would say the sender or the anthracite would look the best with some of this granite. And uh, yeah, it would look nice. It would match that. A very nice to have that in the sink and do all that as well. And a custom homes Broken Arrow and you have all those choices and you maybe, I don’t know if everything would show up with that color, so you may need to do a white or something like that for the. A sync into just to have that a little bit different.

Custom homes, broken arrow. I think the white may be the way to go because I think more things would show up on black, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’d have to do a truffle. Maybe you would do a metallic maybe in the tablet graves the best. It’s the largest one up here, so a must be the most popular options you have is that. That’s how I like writing and I like the metallic gray custom homes, broken Arrow and so we have all of those different options and those are the different things that you can do and those are the different things you can see. So you have a different options. You Have Arctic White Ledger, you have different plans and all those things. custom homes Broken Arrow and those are just the things you can do to your sink, which make it sense a scratch resistant, all the other things I’ve mentioned before. So that’s a very neat to keep in mind when you are building a home with us. You have all those options as well. And uh, you can use whatever you’d like and just remember you can do the undermanned in sync as well. And, uh, that’s very important to remember customer homes. Broken Arrow should remember, there’s several things that you can do and, uh, that you can always do those things as well. And there’s gonna be plenty of options for you and always a different designs. Custom homes, broken arrow.

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