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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Furnished and Beautiful

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Furnished and Beautiful

Today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about the shop process because nobody has a process when it comes to building custom homes, broken Arrow like shaw homes. This is our area of expertise regardless of your price point and desired home price. We feel like we can service most buyers from the one sixties all the way up to a million dollars because of the streamlined process that we’ve developed to make sure that your custom homes, broken Arrow home experience is as seamless as possible. We’re first going to start out with your model home tour depending on what collection you’ve chosen to build with shaw homes, whether it’s our Manchester collection, which goes from the one 62, Custom Homes Broken Arrow the two forties, or it could possibly be our heritage series, which goes from the two four, 2:30 to the 40 fifties, or it could be our waterstone collection, which goes from $450,000 all the way up to a million dollars.

We feel like this process works for anybody building a Custom Homes Broken Arrow home with shaw homes. You go on your model home tour with one of your sales managers from one of the neighborhoods and they are going to be the expert on these model home tours, so usually we ask our buyers to take about two hours to view these five to seven homes in different communities and you can get to select which one bets best meets your needs for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. You actually get a chance to walk through the different floor plans and drive your own car from neighborhood to neighborhood, looking at all the different homes and features that each one offers. We like to keep this part of the process completely stress and pressure free. We don’t discuss pricing during this process and we believe there is something for everyone.

We focus on the function of the home and what basically meets your needs and only in information. These are all furnished and decorated model homes, so you actually get to envision them as they would be if you were possibly living in one of these homes as your custom home broken Arrow home. Once you’ve gone on your model home tour, that’s when we talk about money because everybody is concerned about how much money they’re going to spend. We don’t like to focus on the big number because we realistically understand that most people aren’t just gonna come in and pay $300,000 cash for their home. Although Custom Homes Broken Arrow we do have cases where that does happen and we greatly appreciate those buyers for choosing shaw homes. As your custom homes broken Arrow home. However, if you’re deciding to finance this home, we offer multiple different financing options through multiple different lenders are lenders are well versed in Fha and conventional loans, va loans, and native American loans.

So no matter what type of loan you may be wanting to go with, you can be sure that our reps at spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, or first Oklahoma Bank are all experienced and ready to service your loan to the best of their ability. They will match rates as long as you have a prior rate in writing, so you never have to worry about losing out to somebody who may not. Who has a better rate because our lenders will match that and there’s usually an incentive that comes with using one of our preferred lenders. The incentive is going to vary depending on what collection you are building your custom homes, broken Arrow home with. So for example, our current incentive for our smallest Manchester collection is going to be $4,000 towards closing costs and or options. However, if you upgraded to our heritage collection, our current incentive, you with the use of one of our preferred lenders is going to be a $20,000 package.

$10,000 of that can be used towards closing costs and slash or options. And we call that Shaw Fund money. However, the other 10,000 are distributed in $1 options that you can get for your home. And so we’ve selected all of our most popular upgrade from cabinets to mud benches to high end Custom Homes Broken Arrow appliance packages and have made these all available to our buyers for $1. Making your custom homes broken Arrow home, stunning and highly desirable. So once you’ve squared away your financing and you know that you qualify to build a shaw home in your custom homes, broken Arrow home, then you can go to our home site reservation. We like to think of this as one of the most important parts of the process because we can never duplicate the land that your home sits on. So it’s important for you to take a look around all of the different communities.

Maybe you fell in love with a home site during the model home tour. It’ll be important for you to ask your sales manager if that home site is available and if the home that you desire to build fits on the home site and how it fits on the home site. We want to make sure that we give you as much information about your custom homes, broken Arrow home so you can make a great decision. So on home site, once you’ve selected your home site, we offer a benefit that nobody else does. We actually allow you to reserve that home site for seven days with no obligation. Basically, we want you to get all of your questions answered. We don’t want you to have any questions about it and we don’t want you to make any rash decisions. We keep the check in house. That check is cashed, which means if you have a change of heart about your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home throughout that homesite reservation process, that check gets given right back to you and is not at all put into the bank and you’re allowed to switch home sites.

So let’s say that you fell in love with a home site, but during that seven day plan, you find another home site, which this one’s your really your dream one. Don’t worry about it. Contact your sales manager and they’ll be able to transfer that over as long as the home site is available and for sale and they’ll be able to transfer it over and we’ll just hold that home site for you until you make your final decision about your custom homes broken Arrow home. Once you’ve selected the home site that you want to build your home on and you’ve secured your financing and selected the specific plan that you’d like to build on that floor, on that home site, Custom Homes Broken Arrow then we go to price out. This is probably my personal favorite because we actually get to design your home during this process. During this step of the plan, we have the path we actually get to price the home exactly how you want it, so you get to know the exact price of your custom homes, broken Arrow home with all of the different options and features tailored the way you want to design it, so there’s going to be a ton of options that you can choose from.

We ask that you give yourself several hours for this process to make sure that you are selecting all of your selections without any rush or hurry. We want to make sure that your custom homes broken Arrow home is designed exactly with all of the bells and whistles that you intended to put in. What the cool part about this is that you walk away with the price down to the dollar. There is no guessing how much your home is going to cost because you actually have an itemized price list of everything that’s included in your home creating no surprises, no alarms. You know exactly what you’re getting into and we ask that you loaded up with everything your little heart desires because that’s not the final step. We allow you to go home and make the final decisions about your custom homes, broken Arrow home by yourself or with your significant other.

If you’re doing this with a partner, and see which of the features that you selected are the most desirable and important features to put in your custom homes, broken Arrow home. Once you have finalized your selections and your decision and you are ready to go to purchase agreement, you contact your sales manager and yet again, we’ll set one more meeting. This meeting is going to be your contract meeting and takes about an hour long, and here is where we’re talking about all of your options and the finality of the options in your custom homes, broken Arrow home. We’ll discuss structural options and your home site selections, all of the colors, all of the finishes, and all of the final arrangements of this purchase agreement. Whatever monies you put down towards your home site reservation will also be part of the earnest money that’s required at purchase agreement, depending on the price of the home that you’ve selected or another words.

Different. Home plans are different. Collections have different standards at far as how much is due for earnest money. We don’t expect someone building a $170,000 home to put the same amount of money towards earnest money is somebody building a $400,000 home. So all of those are comparable depending on what product you choose for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home, but after we finalize that, then you get to go to preconstruction where you’ll get correspondence from a construction manager with your plan reviews and the scheduling of all of the different trades and contractors that we will be using to build your home. After we do that, you will when it built and we’re going to select for your building permits and after we received the permits and you’ll see the little sign go up on your home site, we start to break ground and that’s when the exciting portion happens in the Manchester collection. It takes approximately five months. However, in our larger collections, it does take a little bit longer to build some of our larger plans Custom Homes Broken Arrow that we offer and once we’re done building, you will go to closing and that’s where you get your keys to your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and you get to move right in. So we hope this system and this path makes it easier for you to select shaw homes for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home experience.

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