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custom homes Broken Arrow | Groundbreaking Solutions

custom homes Broken Arrow | Groundbreaking Solutions

Shaw Homes Chase Scott Session six, July twelfth, custom homes, broken arrow. Uh, I think that’s everything we left off at building, which is step seven. Step seven is building, so you have to remember that we’ve gone over step one, which is the model home tour. We’ve got to reset to which is financing. We’ve gone over step three, which is homesite reservation. We’ve done over step forward, which is price out. We’ve got over step five, which is purchase agreement. We’ve got every step six, which is preconstruction. Now let’s go to step number seven, which is building. So building it takes about five months. Home is open for your viewing. Construction manager sends you weekly progress updates. Construction manager initiates contact with you break ground, written notice for closing, issued 30 to 45 days prior to closing. custom homes Broken Arrow Homeowner orientation seven to 10 days prior to closing. Discuss homeowner orientation, custom homes, broken arrow closing.

Meet at the title company, downpayment fulfilled. Pay, closing costs, mortgage sign for time to move in. Keys given title transferred custom homes Broken Arrow. So you have step eight, which is the closing, and you have step seven, which is the building. You have step six, which is a pre construction, you have step five, which is a purchase agreement. You have step forward, which is the price out. You have step three, which is the homesite reservation. You have step two, which is the financing. You have step one, which is a model home tour. So now let’s talk about step eight, which is closing meet at the title company, pay closing costs, mortgage time for down payment and fulfilled time to move in keys given titled Transfer. That’s really exciting. And that’s when that all happens. So let’s go to number nine. Custom homes, broken Arrow, which is the warranty.

Number nine is the warranty. Excellent service. Twenty four hour emergency line, 60 day follow up call at seven month followup call one year warranty and two year mechanical warranty coordinator on staff. Full time tenure, structural warranty, Tulsa’s best warranty. And uh, so once again that’s a step one, which is the model home tour. That’s step two, which is the financing custom homes broken arrow. Step three, which is a homesite reservation, step four, which is the price out custom homes, broken Arrow, so five, which is a purchase agreement that sec six, step six, preconstruction. Step seven is the building. Step eight is the closing tips. Step nine is the warranty. The model home tour, take 60 minutes of financing, takes five minutes. The purchase agreement takes one hour. The price that takes 45 minutes from groundbreaking to move in, it takes about five months your path to your new shop home.

So those are all the different steps you need to remember those, uh, so you have a really good idea of what it takes to move into your brand new custom homes broken out. So now let’s look at some of the different tiles because there’s a lot of Nice ones like Lindell lindell point ratio, a residence, a career, uh, canes, Masiya. We have some different ones as well. Am a trailer out there right now and I’m not sure what that’s all about. custom homes Broken Arrow out and then we can look at us and different colors and we have some different breaks and all those things. We have shelter, bluff, king, we have shadow falls, king, we have flagstaff king, we have asked that Glen, we have browns, mill, king, we have burlington antiques. And just remember you have all of those choices and you don’t have to worry about it.

You’re always going to get a fantastic deal on everything that you purchase through us. So it’s a very exciting when you have the Amazonian clinics and we have the different, different features on there as well. And then let’s look at the minimum five and a minimum fee is six, three, two, six, three, three, block two. Minimum fee is six to eight, six, three, zero. So we have all of that. You have the side and the county line over here as well. He has some beautiful homesites, uh, backing up to a this lot and uh, just got to remember that all of those are a, one of a kind of very nice. When you find the one that you want, you need to jump on it as fast as you can. Custom homes, broken Arrow, because you never know when that home site is going to go. And they do go really quick. So especially at this price point, you’re always going to look at them one day and then they may be gone the next day. So do not hesitate. You need to act fast. If you’re even thinking about building, I suggest that you do the homestart reservation. It’s the best thing you can do. custom homes Broken Arrow
Chase scott shaw homes session six, July fifth, we’ve been going over the different process and all the thing and entail. So now we’ll go over some of the market ready homes because it’s important to have this list in front of you and that you know whether what homes are being built, market ready homes, that just means that these are homes for sale. So don’t forget that. So, uh, the first one we have is a one zero, zero two zero, one six, block two lot 16 va one, 1,323 square feet. That’s suspect they would be a one. One, three, three, zero five east 41st place that is a 180, $2,267. And it is 100 percent complete and it’s a three to two mls is one eight, one nine, nine, four, nine custom homes broken arrow. Next one is zero, zero one CC zero, one zero, zero six zero, three zero block six lot 30.

And that’s an 81. One thousand 857 Spec addison 81, one three, zero, zero six east 43rd street, and that is $240,000. That’s 100 percent complete three to three, and the next one up is a zero. Zero one zero, one zero, zero six zero, zero one block six lot 1:00 AM one, 1,683 square feet spec amber a m one four, three, two, six south 133rd east avenue, 206,769 100 percent complete. MLS is one eight, one nine, nine four, two custom homes Broken Arrow Next one up is a zero, zero one s l zero, one zero, zero one zero, one eight block one lot 1880 [inaudible] 1,499 square feet spec Ashton a s one three slash four, one seven east [inaudible] street, 180,586.

And so we’ve been going through the list and all of the different things and uh, so we’re going to continue to go through it. It’s a zero one, zero, zero, one zero, one nine, block one lat 19. See a one, 1,662 square feet spec Cambridge, ca one three, four, one three, east Quebec’s, 387,756. One hundred percent complete for two, two mls, one eight, zero, one, one eight, eight custom homes broken arrow. The next one, we have a zero, zero one silverleaf zero, one zero, zero two zero, one six, block two lot 16, ca one, 1,662 square feet. And that is a SPEC and that is a Cambridge Ca. One three, four, three, six east [inaudible] street. And that is 187,413. One hundred percent complete for two, two mls, one eight, one six, two, two nine. Custom homes broken arrow. Next one up is zero, zero two zero, one zero, zero four zero, zero six block for a lot 60 [inaudible] one thousand eight hundred and six thousand square feet.

Do Barry Sixty seven, one, three south 20th place 200, 8,000, 227 drywall for two to custom homes, broken arrow. Then the next one up is a zero, zero two TV zero, one zero, zero four zero, one zero block for a lot too one, and that’s a 1,876. Spec Ellington, custom homes, broken Arrow six, seven, zero, zero South Twentieth, place two, zero eight, zero, zero one. That’s four. Two, two custom homes. Broken Arrow next week have zero zero to Tucson village one zero, zero four zero, zero seven block for a lot seven l I won 1,932. SPEC liberty six seven zero, nine south 20th place and that’s a two. One, one eight, six, five framing three to two. And then you have a custom homes broken arrow. Thank you for listening.

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