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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Keeping The Office Busy

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Keeping The Office Busy

Shaw homes, session three, Custom Homes Broken Arrow we’ve been talking about the different stages and all that it entails. We talked about step one, which is the model home tours step, and that’s a lot of fun where you just look at a beautiful homes that are fully decorated, Custom Homes Broken Arrow and you’re really just trying to concentrate on the flow. You’re not trying to look at any of the cosmetic things going on. We’re really just there to look at the flow of the home and um, you know, just see what you’re looking for. You’re looking for three bedroom. Are you looking for four bedroom? Do you need to bath? Do you need to? Sorry, do you need the three car garage? Those are all the things. We will look at the model home tour now. Uh, the next would be the financing. That’s where you talked to one of our preferred lenders and they will let you know what you’re prequalified for it.

It’s also great because hey, if you need a little time to get ready, custom homes, broken Arrow, if you’re not ready to purchase, that’s fine as well. They’ll let you know exactly what you need to know and give you that roadmap on a home ownership and what it all entails, Custom Homes Broken Arrow and uh, so that meeting’s important. So that’s important. Then you have stuff to which is a financing finding step two, step one was the cyber risk or the model home tour except three is the reservation. So now we need to know what home we are building on. So you just got to remember that as really important to know what a, what a home we are building on and all those things as well. And uh, that was uh, that step three and um, that’s a reservation. It’s completely refundable. It’s a check for 250.

We just keep it at the office. I don’t catch it. If you do not want to move forward after the week, you just tear up the check. If you want to move forward after the week, you can apply that towards your down payment, which comes at a later step. So that was step three, humps and reservation. Then fourth is price our price to support that. And that’s where we go over all selections and all those things as well. And now we look at the home and uh, we go over any upgrades and we’ve talked about all of those numbers and get the price to where you want it and you get the itemized statement of what the upgrades would cost and you don’t have to worry about anything a, any, anymore, there’s not going to be any surprises or anything like that as well. Custom homes, broken arrow.

So, uh, there’s no surprises. You’ll know the exact amount down to the dollar and uh, all those things. Custom homes, broken arrow. And then after the price out, we’ve already done the home site reservation. So you’ve had that check for 2:50 and now now that other check you have to, what we’ll do with the other check is a. or then after that you have the price out and you know the price out. And we’ve already collected the check for 2:50. So now after the price out and you have all that information, you decide if you’d want to move forward. If you want to move forward, then you just apply that to 50, uh, towards the rest of the earnest money that’ll be due. If you do not want to move forward, then if you do not want to move forward,

you do not want to move forward, uh, then that is fine as well. You don’t have to worry about it or anything like that. Um, you, uh, just, we would just tear up your check. And so it’s no worries. Custom Homes Broken Arrow and those are really important. So you have the same phone. You have to step two, step three, step four, step five, step six. You have the sub 70 of the step seven, you have the step six, step seven, you have the step five, you have the step you, you have the set three, you have the step two, you have to step one a. So there are just so many steps and you just have to remember all of those steps and they’re all equally important. And uh, so we’ve talked about the model home Jordan, we’ve talked about the financing, we’ve talked about the reservation, we’ve talked about the price out, then we’ve also talked about purchase agreement a little bit and that is where the rest of the to $2,500 is due.

So you have that 250 that you paid for the home side reservation. Now we would deposit that check and you’d have 2000, $250 remaining in the earnest money as long as he’s spending 10,000 or less than upgrades. If you spend 10,000 or more and upgrades and it’ll be a $5,000 deposit. This is, goes towards, uh, you know, build up your home or the down payment on your home, custom homes, broken arrows. So don’t think it’s a pe or anything like that. Then the next step would be a, we begin building your hump on the purchase agreement. You can also do a delay of built. So say you are in an apartment and you don’t want to, you can’t move into your home for 10 months. Well, we’ll do the liability for four months, no problem. Uh, so we can really coordinate that with you and make sure that you’re in there and the time you want to be there. You don’t have to worry about paying two rents. You don’t have to worry about any of that kind of some homes broken arrow.

So we’ve talked about all the different steps and now we’ve been in the Cambridge and we’ve talked about that as well and we were walking down the hall right now and it has a bunch of bushes and a lot of different things. So you can look at session three, shop homes, Custom Homes Broken Arrow three l, three eight. Oh nine. And then there’s this whole side over there. Then there’s a for sale sign over there and there’s a different home still available. But this community has built up and it’s filling up really, really fast. So the streets may be in across the street soon, but we’ll see a need to decide where I would like to go. Would it be, would it be some relief? A crystal. So that’s good. A custom homes, broken Arrow, then we’re walking just back up here and it’s three, eight, zero five.

So it’s a. that’s where the address is and we just have to decide what we’d like to do. Custom Homes Broken Arrow, and then you have all the different price out information and you have the different price outs and you have the different things that you can do to the home and we can, do you want an upgraded foster? Do you want oil rubbed bronze, like what type of thing do you want to do to that home? So you just have to remember, you can always do that. Custom Homes Broken Arrow and see, have the Delta and then you do you do the uh, upgraded uh, faster. So you wanted an oil rubbed bronze. Do you want it in a satin nickel? Do you want the standard? What do you want a for that home. So that’s important to remember that custom homes, broken arrow.

And this is a salesman for Fyi, kind regards. Andrew just wanted to update the sales team that are led lights do not have a lifetime warranty on them. I spoke with butch and he educated me that one time that they first came out, they did, but as time has evolved the product and most led lights that have been taken, five your life expenses, I want to make sure that we’re not giving incorrect expectations for a clients head. Someone in last week that said that they have, which they do not. I also want to give a better estimate on a raised Bar Island at one time. This was a 400 option. While back, I wrote custom for a level two hearing last week and it was 11. So the clients were frustrated. Hope this helps inform our clients a little better. A custom homes broken arrow. So just remember that you can’t always do that as well. What does this have? A Brita? Brooklyn and candace

Shannon Chase chose why is just the one, they’re a Custom Homes Broken Arrow And uh, we’re also talking about the different things in here. So you have the different steps and the different levels of different things. So you can do a lot. You can have a liberty and a newport, which we’re going to have in that a facility and that’s a very exciting and very nice and you just got know the, you’re going to have that right there and uh, you can, uh, take that to the bank and cash it and then you have these different large homesites and all these different things that you can do, custom homes, broken Arrow and

that you like

your dream home and that’ll be really nice and you can always do that. So you just want to make sure that that’s important to you and something that you can get done and we have all the different steps and all the different stages and then all the different things that you would need. And uh, so you just remember that and that is just so, so weird that, that is coming up. I don’t even know how that is coming up. Um, and then we have all those different things so you can get the pre closing, closing is preconstruction. And then we have closing Meta title, company payment fulfilled pay closing costs. Marie have signed for title transfer keys given time to move him. Warranty Tulsa’s best warranty, 10 year structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, one year limited warranty, 24 hour emergency line, full time parenting coordinator on staff, 60 day followup call, live, followup call, excellent customer service, custom homes, broken Arrow, and then you have the column. You have the winds breath, you have the seed, probably you have the Brandon Bays, you had the sea haze, you have the Chelsea grey and you have the Kennel charcoal, the other tlc granted the chest and that you have all these different selections, so never forget that custom homes broken arrow.

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