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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Knocking On Doors

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Knocking On Doors

Alright, so here we are back again. Um, when you talked a little bit about, um, we’re on the common pitfalls, um, that sales agents have when they sit in a model or they’re selling new construction and they have a new buyer that comes through the door. Um, let me introduce myself. My name’s Nigel Arnold. Custom Homes Broken Arrow My number’s nine. One eight five, one eight, one, two, six, six. My email is in arnold at [inaudible] homes.com and I am the number one sales agent at [inaudible] homes and I’ve been here doing, doing this five years. I’m Charlotte homes is the greatest and definitely the best custom homes, broken arrow builder in the area. Um, they are easily the most custom homes broken or a builder because um, the kinds of levels and abilities they have. Um, they’ve been doing it 38 years. I’ve been working with them for five and a, if I pulled the building now reports, we do own the lion’s share of the new home business, the custom home broken Arrow business because by revenue we are the number one builder.

And especially in them when custom homes, broken Arrow builder in the area. Custom Homes Broken Arrow So, um, with all that being said, I’m not only do I believe all of that, I know it because I’ve built two houses with shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, and um, love both of them. It’s a matter of fact. I still have my first one as a rental right now. So truly, truly love it. Um, so anyways, first a pitfall that we talked about in the last podcast was feature dumping. Custom Homes Broken Arrow It really it’s almost born feature dumping is really almost born on a nervousness and a lack of confidence. You feel like something you’re going to say is going to make a person buy and I’m a kitten. Be Farther from the truth, the way that you make a buyer, a prospective buyer by, as you understand that buyer and you meet a need, um, and not only the immediate need to make them feel comfortable, like they can trust you and you offer a good product. So, um, those are the ways that you make a person buy. And it’s not by your intellect or your ability to sell or anything like that. Um, so, but we did talk more about feature dumping. And so now I want to talk a little bit more about the second pitfall, which is awkward silence, awkward silence. Awkward Science is basically the flip side of the feature dumping. It’s uncomfortable.

It’s a practice of walking through the home and not saying a word, um, but allowing the customer to say everything. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Um, a lot of times it’s looks like a person that’s walking behind the buyer, which means you’re not leading, you’re letting the prospective buyer leads you through the home. Um, generally, um, it’ll be you looking around or looking at your phone for text messages are sitting there in silence, smiling and comfortably. Um, and it really kind of begs the question why is even the salesperson there if he’s not adding value to the process? And so I’m awkward silence as a huge problem and it’s the opposite problem, you know, I don’t know if you heard the monitor. When people get nervous, they do what? And sometimes people say, when I get nervous, I talk about, and then sometimes people will say, when I get nervous, I don’t say anything, I’m generally, it’s me.

I’m the one that talks a bunch when I get nervous. But, um, I’ve been practicing the side of asking the pointed questions and listening to the heart of the buyer, which is generally the best way to go about it. Um, but I, I think awkward silences is more awkward and more uncomfortable within overtalking somebody. So I didn’t in that way, but awkward silence. He could it be any worse than that as a show homes, broken arrow builder, if you have agents in a, they’re walking a buyer, a prospective buyer through the home and they’re not saying anything and they’re not walking them. The buyer is actually walking the agent. Custom Homes Broken Arrow There’s a big issue there. And then sometimes it will become so awkward for agents. So homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builders, agents not just show homes, but even whoever it will become some awkward that they will just sit in their chair and just sit there.

And so, um, it’s just crazy to think about the fact that, that the awkward silence if you don’t have, they actually make classes, um, for some agents called the bold classes, someone if you’ve heard of that, I think Keller Williams, those, those were its boldness, which means, um, it’s getting out beyond your comfort zone, which could be walk. I’m walking around your neighborhood and knocking on doors, introducing yourself or a cold calling people or whatever that is. Um, but you know, that that takes a lot more boldness in greeting somebody that walks into your door because those people, you know, at least want to see the house. Um, so what, what kind of effort does it take to at least initial greet and ask them questions to the buyer about what were you male, excuse me, show homes, broken arrow builder, excuse me, what brings them out and how can you help?

Which should be a natural progression to people who are in the customer service industry. So I’m super awkward. Silence is a big deal. I would say that if as a sales manager, you have people that are not doing any initial greets or not leading the buyer through the home or getting to know them or trying to make them feel comfortable, I would say those would be grounds for firing. That’s how strongly I feel about awkward, the pitfall of awkward silence because if you can’t get a person to be bold enough to greet, then you’re going to have issues with the later steps on asking more pointed questions like, have you, have you talked with a Custom Homes Broken Arrow lender yet and what’s your budget? Those are even much more pointed than an initial greet situation where you’re asking the buyer about themselves and what they’re looking for and do they know what they’re looking for and just getting to know the buyer, which is a very important thing that you want to do.

So a feature dumping awkward silence. I think I’ve covered that pretty incredibly. Um, last time we were talking, I was given a story about an agent. I know, um, that we’re used to work at Shaw, who I thought was extremely terrible at the first pitfall, which is feature dumping his heart though it person’s heart. The agent was a great agent as far as his desire to help. I mean, he never did it with malice is he was intentional. Um, and uh, his motives were good. A homes Custom Homes Broken Arrow builders, and as a, as an agent for shaw homes, custom homes broken. They’re a builder. He was, he was a, his motives were great and he was good at that, but his style was off quite a bit and I think he’d got into pressing and pressing and pressing because he wasn’t selling, selling, selling that he felt like the more he talked, the more value you brought, which was the absolute opposite

we’ve all done it. We’ve all had those days, we don’t feel like talking to anybody and we just let people walk through. I’m genuinely, I don’t have a full day of that. I might have a moment of that. Um, but you know, typically if I got people walking through my house, I would say 95 percent of the time I’m leading them through. I’m getting to know them or I’m enjoying that because I do enjoy that step a lot here at shaw homes, custom homes, broken Aaron, builder. I think that that’s a big deal when you can’t, you can’t greet a person and if you do greet them and you walk them through, you don’t want to say a word. And I’m that, that’s either. I don’t think there’s an easier way to lose a buyer than that because the tension can be thick because they know what you’re not understanding is the prospective buyer has to have bonus just to come through the door and in many times they are dreading walking through your door.

So you need to be open, honest, excited, emotionally attached, invested in curious about the buyer and why they came in. And that needs to be huge thing. So the awkward silence is a big deal. As a sales manager, I would not ever have an agent that, that it couldn’t greet and get to know, have the ability to get to know I’m a buyer. So sometimes it is a learned art and here’s Charlotte homes, custom homes working or builders. We do inspect it. So again, that was the second pitfall. Third pitfall we were touching on is going to be blatant neglect. Um, we’re going to talk about that a little bit. And again, shaw homes, Custom Homes Broken Arrow builder. This is Nigel. Look forward to talking later.

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