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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Located In Town

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Located In Town

Today we’re talking about custom homes, broken Arrow, one of the communities that shaw homes features where we build custom homes. Broken Arrow is going to be a rush. Brooke North Community. That community is a gorgeous community, centrally located in south broken Arrow around all of the new shopping. Warren Theater, upcoming community development and homes in this community. Start in the high two hundreds square footage in this community. Ranges anywhere from 2095 square feet all the way up to 3,700 square feet, so this gives you an opportunity to build a large custom homes, broken Arrow home in this community. The schools that correspond with this community are going to be Wolf Creek elementary, Oliver Middle School, and broken Arrow high school. This wonderful community with custom homes, broken Arrow features a community pool, and a gorgeous rock entryway. If you’re looking for something in south broken Arrow, then rush brooke north would be one of the communities that would be very beneficial.

We currently have several available homes in rush. Brooke north, we’re going to have a nottinghill plan available. That plan is a gorgeous floor plane which features 2,600 square feet of living space. It is a two story, three car garage home, and it’s currently priced at $325,628. My particular favorite thing about this home is going to be the elevation or exterior of the home as well if some of the neat interior features that it offers. Um, the bottom level, you’re going to have a large open concept floor plan with lots of natural light and a corner fireplace. As you walk into the home, you’re going to notice a study immediately to your left hand side and also a small powder bath. That’s Custom Homes Broken Arrow just very beneficial for families who are looking to entertain and not have their company use some of the bathrooms that their children or family members use.

Aside from this, this also has a separate utility and laundry room, so it does create an access from the three car garage into the utility room, which a gorgeous mud room sits in there. And from there you can either pass through into the laundry or into the master closet, which feeds into the master bath and into the master bedroom. It’s a very large master bedroom. It’s measured at 13 point three by 16 point five square feet. And that master bedroom is the only bedroom located on the lower level, giving the parents. If you have a family, lots of privacy downstairs, downstairs, you’re also gonna, get a very, very large walk in Pantry as well as a large nook sitting area which feeds onto your covered patio in the back. Custom Homes Broken Arrow The staircase which sits at the front of the home, goes upstairs and upstairs. It features three additional bedrooms as well as a very large game room and two more additional bathrooms.

So you have one additional bathroom that services bedroom four bedroom three as well as another bathroom and the hallway that can be used in case you transform your game room into a media room and want your company to use that bathroom instead. This floor plans features a total of 2,618 square feet and is available as a custom homes broken Arrow home in that community. Along with that home, we also have another monroe that’s available in that home. The Monroe floor plan is one of my favorite floor plans and one of our most popular here at Shaw homes. If we’re looking at building a custom homes, broken Arrow home, this floor plan would be very beneficial because you can customize it in many different ways. Some of the ways that we have are either a one or two story for plant and this one is particularly a one story featuring 2000, 170 square feet of living space.

It’s going to be a large open concept floor plan, which is going to give a lot of lateral light and a huge covered patio in the back. This also features a corner pantry and a large island in the kitchen. It does haven’t dining room area of the front of the home, which can be transformed into a study. This dining room is 11 point three by 13 point one square feet and ample space for something like that. Another thing that I find very intriguing about this floor plan is that it does offer a separate utility space with the mud bench within the home. It’s just a great huge closet space that you can use in case you have to store anything like Christmas trees or things being that you don’t have a two story home. Custom Homes Broken Arrow The laundry and this floor plan also feeds into the master closet and into the master bath, which is a very appealing feature in the custom homes, broken Arrow type of home.

This community features also several different home sites if you’d want to construct another one of the floor plans that we have available. Another one of our communities that we have in broken Arrow is going to be our silverleaf community, which is features at a lower price point and also the village at southern trails. The village at southern trails is going to be a gorgeous community. Um, and we have several move in ready homes in that community as well. That community is going to correspond with Wolf Creek Elementary, Oliver Middle School, and broken Arrow high school, all of the homes in that community or custom homes, broken Arrow homes. The first one that I have available is going to be a Redford one story. Custom Homes Broken Arrow This floor plan is a wonderful floor plan, which features 2,349 square feet of living space. This particular floor plan is three bedrooms, two bath and features gorgeous barn doors leading into the study area.

It is also a large open concept floor plan with a covered back patio in the back. One of the neat features about the Redford is going to be the positioning of the island and many custom homes, broken arrow homes. You’re going to notice that the island feet faces into the great room and this particular floor plan the island actually faces into the nook area, creating more of a dividing space and separation from the nook and the great room. It also features a gorgeous study as you walk in the door, which also can be transformed into a formal dining area. It has the three car garage with a very large laundry room connecting the garage to the home so you can walk in and it’s centrally located where you can conveniently put your groceries away because you can walk from the garage into the laundry, into the kitchen, or you can go into the master closet into master bath, into master bedroom.

This is a very convenient feature in your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and it also is completely separate from the additional bedrooms on the other side of the home, creating a much more private space. The model that we have of this home in another neighborhood in bigsby features a gorgeous fireplace in the nook area. That is what’s neat about choosing shaw homes as your builder for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, we offer the option to custom design your home in our design studio with all of the beautiful features that you desire in your home from fireplaces to countertops, you get to choose everything. This is what makes jaw homes the most desirable builder when it comes to custom homes, broken Arrow, aside from the Redford. We also offer other four plans within this community and different home sites that you can build those on. Custom Homes Broken Arrow

Aside from that, we also have our seven oak south community, which offers a gorgeous Greenville floor plan. This floor plan is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken Arrow home because it also can be modified in a couple of different ways. This particular one that we have available for on the market in that neighborhood offers 2,556 square feet of living space. It’s going to have a very long large master bedroom, which is perfect if you have large scale furniture as well as one of the largest master closets that I’ve seen. The master closet is 10 point four by 10 point nine square feet, which is close to the size of one of the bedrooms, but what’s neat about this is that there is also a steady and an exercise room off of the master bedroom. So if you’re looking for a large master suite that’s going to take away from having to go and rent gym space or even office space, or if you work from home, this plane is going to be extremely beneficial for you. The Greenville too is a beautiful custom homes, broken Arrow home, and also features a very large corner pantry, a passthrough laundry that feeds into that huge master closet and master bathroom area, and a walk in closet and bedroom number three. It’s going to have a large patio and lots of natural light with a corner fireplace, making it a highly desirable option for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home. Custom Homes Broken Arrow

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