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custom homes Broken Arrow | Looking At The Price Levels

custom homes Broken Arrow | Looking At The Price Levels

So we’re talking about different floor plans and plots and model home tour and all those things. So now we’re just looking at different streets in Tucson village. So it’s Tucson village and East hundred and 21st street south and 23rd street. County line road, south 193rd east avenue or east. And uh, we have different, lots of different blocks available right now. So we have block for. We have a block for lot one. We have blocked for block to block for lot three. Block four, lot four block for lot five block for a lot six block seven block eight bluck for block nine block four blocks. 10 blocks for what? custom homes Broken Arrow 11 block for lot 12. Block for lot 13. Block for lot 14 block for lot 15. Block for lot 16 block for lot 17. Blog for lot 18 block for lot 19. But for lot 20 block for lot 21 block for lot 22.

So those are all at different places in Tucson village that are available right now. There’s still a lot more as well. So you have the East Winston and you reserve, uh, that is like a green belt, uh, backing up to it and the custom homes Broken Arrow and we’re building a, you married and then we are building a, a newport and we are a building a liberty in another dewberry and in Ellington and a Remington. And so there are different things as well. So we’re going to have a different things that you can go look at and uh, they have different prices on them as well, like 500, $500, $500, $500. And we have another 500. We have 1,750. We have 1,750. We have a seven slash 50, we have $4,500, but we have a 3000, 250. We have a 7:50 so we have different things going on as well.

So we just have to look at those price levels out and get rid of those. I actually probably should delete those right now. custom homes Broken Arrow because I don’t believe those prices are right anymore. So we just have to look and see if they are and go through them and do all that as well and we have different things you can go in and model home tour and have a lot of fun on the model home tours and, and just remember you can definitely just go and see what she would like to view and do all that. And uh, we have a different prices uh, in there as well. So let’s see if I can just delete it and I can. Um, so maybe I will just go through and delete some of these and see what we can do. And uh, yeah, I am deleting them right now.

custom homes Broken Arrow I do not want to save that because I don’t know if, uh, if that is correct or not. So I’m just not going to save it. Custom homes, broken arrow. And then we have the model of the tour next week we have the financing. So you talked to one of our preferred lenders and get the financing. How is that you need to get to in order to buy the home. So when you buy the home, you can afford it and then have a affordable monthly payments. So you just have to remember that’s something to do as well. Custom homes, broken arrow. So with that you can, uh, you can definitely do that. If you could do the bottle home tour, look at it and find the one that you like and then we go through financing and see what we can get you qualified for.

So once you are qualified for that, then we can go onto a homesite reservations, we can get that home site reserved for you and make sure it is all locked and ready for you to get a reserved and then we can undo a price out. And uh, that is where we price that down to the dollar and pick all your selections and everything like that. custom homes Broken Arrow It’s very important to get the price out and do all those things because you need to know, Oh wow, that guy is driving all over the lawn right now. So that was really cool of him to do. And, um, we just have a, something like that that needs to be done and um, yeah, we will be checking that out and uh, then just remember that you can always do the price down and the customer homes and all those things as well. Thanks for listening.

Shaw home session for custom homes Broken Arrow Chase Scott, July twelfth, and we’ve been talking a lot about the process and the different things that it entails. So we just want to continue a going over different things and we can check out and see what is the best way to make sure that everything is taken care of and that you have all those things going on as well. And so you want to remember that. Always need to know the process because it’s very important to understand that process. That’s some homes, broken arrow. So we also want to look at different things at a, let’s see, 12:00, a elephant in the room room. And so I need to remember that appointment because I usually do forget things like that and the appointment and all those things. So we need to remember that custom homes Broken Arrow And then we can talk about the different floor point. So right now I’m in the Newport and the newports a fantastic one, but let’s talk about the warranty a little bit. So you have number nine, which is the warranty Tulsa’s best warranty. It’s a 10 year structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, one year limited warranty, 24 hour emergency line fulltime warranty coordinator on staff, Sixty Day follow up call 11 month followup call, excellent customer service, custom homes Broken Arrow and then you have a number. Step number two or number eight, which is closing, and that’s the title transfer. He’s given time to move in meat at the title company, downpayment fulfilled pay, closing costs, mortgage sign for custom homes, broken Arrow, so you have number nine, which is the warranty number eight, which is closing number seven, which is building the up number six, which just preconstruction number five, which is purchase agreement number four, which is priced out number three, which is homesite reservation number two, which is financing number one was just the model home tour.

So if you go to number seven, which is building it at break ground, construction manager initiates contact with you. Construction manager sends you weekly progress updates. Home is open for your viewing. Discuss homeowner orientation, homeowner orientation seven to 10 days prior to closing, written notice for closing, issued 30 to 45 days prior to closing. Then the next we have the preconstruction, the preconstruction is building ordinance ordered construction loan application and closing for Shaw homes, construction manager, plan review and scheduling and Trades, uh, from contract to breaking down five weeks, building permits, order gratification of agreement, that app main office, custom homes Broken Arrow And then you have a set number five, which is a purchase agreement. That’s a one hour meeting. Congratulations, it’s delay build contention. Mortgage approval. Do additional deposit due of 2,250 or $5,000. If you go over 10,000 in upgrades finishes, our final colors aren’t final upside the selection.

Final structural options. Our final. So that was part of the purchase agreement. custom homes Broken Arrow number four is the price. This is a lot of fun price that takes 45 minutes per screen. That takes one hour, tons of options to choose from. Knowledgeable staff, all questions answered, no surprises. Itemized pricing. Forty five minute meeting. Meet at your favorite home, down to the dollar total price per now on the spot. Tons of options to choose from. Knowledgeable staff down to the dollar price the way you want it. Custom homes, broken Arrow, so the next you of the home site reservation, which is a $250 deposit. Take your time. Home sites is allowed. No rush decisions. Refundable for seven days. Homesites are always one of a kind of competing. Customers are blocked from the site. We don’t cash the check. All questions are answered and then you have the number two, which is the financing monthly payment quotes, three preferred lenders have extra incentives, five minute application, 20 for our approval process, custom homes, broken arrow, interest rate matching, fha loans and va loan, native American lands, convection, conventional loans, closing cost matching and all those things as well.

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