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custom homes Broken Arrow | Looking For A Home

custom homes Broken Arrow | Looking For A Home

Shaw home session to custom homes, broken Arrow, still going through all of the market ready homes. We just have to go through list and make sure that we finished up that list. So we have uh, homes on 43rd street, 133 East Avenue, Quebec Street, Quebec Street, Quebec Street, Sandusky. Then there’s went back street, then there is also another Quebec street, then there’s another Quebec street, and then we have five that are on Twentieth Street South, so 20th, Twentieth, and then another 20th. And then we have 67. 16 south. We have 67. Oh, five south. We have 67. Oh, nine south. We have 6,700 south. We have 67, 13 south. We have three, four, three, six east. We have three, four, two, nine east. We have three, four, one, three east. We have three, four, four, zero east. We have 34, 45 east. We have 34, 37 east. We have 34 slash 17 east.

We have 43 slash 26 south. We have 13, zero, zero, six custom homes Broken Arrow So we have all these beautiful homes available. No, they’re all different prices in different features and all those things as well. So you’ve got to remember that there are tons of things that you can look for when looking for a home. We can go through the floor plans as well. And then I’m going to read a list of things that we can go over. custom homes Broken Arrow That’s a addison [inaudible]. That’s an amber, a m one. That’s an Ashton. A S one. That’s an. Ashton has one. That’s another bay would be a one. That’s another bay would be a one that’s a cambridge ca one that’s in Cambridge, ca two. And that’s a camera. See a three. That’s a Dewberry d one. That’s an Ellington. He. Oh one when. Oh, now that’s in Tucson village as we have a SPEC.

Ellington, [inaudible], we have a SPEC. Liberty. Oh Hell I won. We have a Spec Newport and he won. We have a SPEC. Remington use. We have all of those as well. So we have different things that you can like custom homes Broken Arrow and now we’re onto a zero. Zero. One. Zero one, zero, zero, zero, one zero, one nine, block one. What? Nineteen. See a one, 1006, six, two SPEC Cambridge, ca one, three, four, one, three East Quebec Street, and that’s 100. One Eight, seven, seven, five, six, 100 percent complete for two, two ml s one eight, zero, one, one eight, eight. Then we have one, zero, zero, one zero, two, two, zero, zero, six, block two lot 16, ca one, 1,662 square feet spec Cambridge, ca one, three, four, two, nine. East Quebec’s treat one eight, nine, three, zero four, 100 percent complete for two, two, and then you have zero, zero, one c, l a s l zero, one zero, zero five, zero, zero to block five lot to see a one, 1000, 662 SPEC Cambridge, ca one, three, four, three, six, east Quebec Street, one, eight, seven, four, one, three, a hundred percent complete for two, two mls, one eight, one, six, two, two, nine.

custom homes Broken Arrow There are a lot of different floor plans. I like the Newport. Newport is a great plan and we’re building that in to some village so you can go check that out. It’ll be one of our SPEC homes are one of our model homes that you can go and look through though the friendliness almost complete and all those things as well. So it’s a. it’s a great plan and they’re reviewing and now they’re designing the Remington, which is a two story plan. Custom homes, broken arrow. The next one, up to zero, zero to 10, zero, one, zero, zero, four, zero, zero, six, block for a lot 60 [inaudible] 1008. Oh, six SPEC dewberry, d one, six, seven, one, three south 20th street, two. Oh, eight, two, two, seven, four, two, two, zero, zero. Two TV a one, zero, zero. One, zero, zero, four, zero. One zero, four block lot, six or lot 10 Ellington, one, 1,876. SPEC Ellington he one and 6,700 south 20th place two. Oh, eight zero, zero. One electric for two to custom homes. Broken Arrow for four, two custom homes, broken arrow. And then we have Remington, newport, Liberty Ellington, custom homes. Broken out, we have a dewberry, Cambridge Bay would ashton, amber addison, custom homes, broken arrow. Then we have bay would cambridge. Ashton.

Session two, custom homes Broken Arrow we left off and uh, the hopes I reservation because we had already talked about the model home tours in the model home tours, very important. And then we talked about the financing. The financing was also very important and we’ve talked about both of those in great detail. So you have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And we’ve talked about, uh, the model home tour and all of the different models that you can go into and all the different things that you can, you can really, uh, get in what you would like. And then we also talked about financing and uh, you know, we prefer that you go through the preferred lender and you get the $4,000 incentive by doing so and they will rate match all those states as well. And once again, that Spirit Bank for Oklahoma and uh, uh, or smear bank first Oklahoma and.

Okay, so those are the banks that you can use for that. Custom homes, broken arrow. And then we went onto the website reservation, the reservation. All of those were one of the kind of home sites that you want a large plot. Do you want a small lot? Do you want to be in the front? Do you want to be in the back? Do you want to be close to the ball? Where do you really want to be? It’s all up to you. Those go very quickly. Custom homes, broken Arrow, so it’s completely risk free. It’s a check for $250. We need noncash that for a week and that once you hit the pause button and decide if you’d like to move forward while you don’t have to risk losing your sight during this week, we will schedule a price out. Now during the price out, we will get together and we will go over any upgrades, custom homes Broken Arrow any upgrades that you were thinking about doing in that home.

And during that time, uh, we will, uh, I will get you the price of the home down to the dollars. And there are no surprises. You will know the monthly payment. You will have all of that information for you. You’re going to get an itemized statement as well, and that’s important. Uh, you, you can take that with you. So we have step one, step two, step three, support step five, step six, step seven. And uh, so those are the important steps to remember. Um, and then, so we’ve talked about the model home tour. We’ve talked about financing, we’ve talked about the home site reservation. Uh, then we, uh, talked about the price out where you get all that information, custom homes Broken Arrow and uh, that’s a very important meeting. And uh, like I said, there are no surprises. A lot of other builders will not give you the price information until you do a deposit of $1,000 or more, um, while whereas us, we will do it at no charge if necessary.

All those states, custom homes Broken Arrow And then we go onto the next step, which would be the purchase agreement, the purchase agreement. The meeting takes about 45 minutes first we’ve gone over so far we’ve got over step two, step three, step four and five. So five is the purchase agreement. So for was the price of send three, was that, I’m sorry, reservation. Step two is financing and stuff. One was a model home tours, so you can just remember those things as well. And uh, then we have the purchase agreement. So this is when your earnest money is, do a, all selections are final, everything is final. We have your preapproval letter in hand and we make all of your selections. This is a lot of fondness is the most fun meeting that I get to have with people, custom homes, broken Arrow because we make all of your selections and you get to pick your grant, you got to pick your colors, he gets picked your doors, you get to pick everything and that’s just a lot of fun to do.

So then we go over the purchase agreement. That’s $2,500 would be due if you spend over $10,000 on his $5,000 in earnest money. Again, that earnest money goes towards your down payment of the home. That is not any type of fee. So that is what we do. And then we signed that. And uh, that’s when that becomes a nonrefundable. Once you’ve signed that purchase agreement for people who need to sell their homes, we can do a contingent contract, meaning not that $2,500 that you deposited is completely refundable. We make that contract for four months. If you do not sell your home within the four months, then the contract is voided and we tear it up and you can be refunded or you can sign a new contract for four months if you’re still available. Custom homes, broken arrow. So we have options for people in those situations as well. So we’ve gone over step one, we’ve not overstep too. We’ve got a receptor three without over step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. There’s so many different steps and a lot of things that you can do in these steps. And just remember it’s a great investment and you will love your brand new home. And it’s amazing. So just never forget that a shot homes is the best builder in the Greater Tulsa area. And we have great customer satisfaction than a 10 year warranty.

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