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custom homes Broken Arrow | Lots of Different Locks

custom homes Broken Arrow | Lots of Different Locks

Chase scott, session to June 20th, custom homes, Broken Arrow, or we’ve been talking about different floor plans in a different home sites. We’re going to look at Tucson village and some of the different home sites and check all those out and figure out what we can get going there and what we’d like in that community. So you have a block one block two block three, block four, block five, block six, block seven of Oh, custom homes Broken Arrow lot one, lot two, lot three, lot four, lot five, lot six, lot seven, lot eight of block six available. And that we have some very large, a lot of time there. And now we have some different things going on and uh, it’s a larger, uh, it is a larger home site and the, so you can always check that out and make sure that it looks nice and custom homes, broken arrow.

And then we have a lot of different locks in here that, that is just opening up and people taking homesite reservations and figuring out what they want to do and what they like and all those things. So you need to look at that and figure that out. custom homes Broken Arrow and definitely talk about some different stages and what’s going on with all those people. It looks like there is a followup with Jamie about they would today and then a king tour tomorrow at 6:30 and then we have a pretty solid appointment with Jenny at one and then we have Friday selections, Ludwig Eleven, and then we have Kim selections at seven custom homes, broken arrow. So then we need to add a purchase agreement. Caleb, a silver leaf possibly this evening has it comes broken arrow. Then it’s just a. it’s a very busy week. A lot of things going on with the team to keep track of all these things by keeping appointments and all of those things together.

And then we can talk about some of the, some of these spectrums that are available in these communities and around there as well. So we have a few songs elledge several, several plans available. Also we have Tucson village, w zero, one zero, zero four zero, zero six block for a lot six d 1:18. Oh, six SPEC dewberry d one six slash seven slash 13 south 20th street price at two. Oh, eight, two, two, seven dry, dry wall for two, two. Then we have zero, zero to 10, zero one zero, zero four zero, one zero block for lot 10. Oh, one, 1,876. SPEC Ellington. He, oh, one six, seven, zero, zero south 20th place two. Oh, custom homes Broken Arrow eight zero, zero one paint for two to custom homes. Broken Arrow. Then we have zero, zero to TV. Zero. One, zero, zero four, zero, zero seven, four slash seven. The I one, 1,932.

SPEC liberty l one six, seven, zero nine South Twentieth Street to 11, eight, six, five, three, two, two. Then we have zero, zero to 10, zero, one, zero, zero, four, zero, zero, eight, four, eight. That’s block and lot and custom homes Broken Arrow and he won 2048 Spec Newport and he won 6,700, five south 20th street, 213, eight, seven, eight. Drywall for two, two, and we have zero. Zero to 10. Zero is one. Zero, zero, six, zero, zero, three blocks, six lot three r e u, 2000 to 207 square feet spec. Remington Reu six 67 slash 16 south 20th street. Price at 230, zero, five, three a review. So that is what’s going on there. And then you have a bay. What do you have an addison and you have an amber you haven’t asked and you haven’t asked. And you have a baler. Do you have a baby or do you have a cambridge? You have a cambridge, you have a cambridge, you have a dewberry, you have an Ellington, you have liberty, you have a newport, you have a remington. So we have all of those. Pricing starts in the one 74. And uh, all the way up. custom homes Broken Arrow we have tons of options here. So come on by to some village where there are several things to look at. A located on 121st and county line minutes from a Walmart in the creek turnpike in a lot of other things. South Bay is blowing up custom homes, broken arrow. Chase scott, session two, a June 13th. We’re still going through the Cambridge right now. So we talked about the Nook, was that beautiful note. And then we have uh, uh, this, uh, very nice, uh, 49 here as well. So you have the wood grain tile going through and uh, it is a, a barn wood tile, that’s what it looks like. A wood grain tile, so very, very nice, very popular. So now we would just sort of walked from the entrance to the hall with all the bedrooms and you have this coat closet, nice coat closet right off the edge. And then we would walk to the right and you’d have the bathroom and the bathroom has a very large counterspace, uh, for, for everything that you would need. And uh, for the vanity and all that. And then you would walk into that first bedroom which would be the nursery bedroom, custom homes, broken Arrow, and it has a nice sized closet.

And then you would just walk down a little bit further and you’d go to the left and you have the laundry room. And the laundry room is a beautiful. And it’s spacious and it can fit all the things that you need and then you have next to it in another room and this would be a, it has adventure awaits, a brave explorer, some very nice decorations, some cute decorations, all those things. And uh, it is a smaller bedroom but that’s okay. custom homes Broken Arrow and then you would just walk down a little bit further and we’d have another bedroom and this one is larger and you can put a queen size bed in here right now it’s in a full and you have some nice decorations. I don’t really know what those things are. This, uh, you have a nice night stand and a very large lamp and a cool a desk and all those things.

Custom homes, broken arrow. And then you would walk in and see the closet and it has a nice size closet. You walked down a little bit further and then now you have an included feature of a month and just for plans. So that’s a great bonus feature that is exciting to have. And you would go in here, in here is just a ton of stuff, a lot of storage, but going on in there right now. So we’re just kind of avoid the garage because that’s where we keep all of the storage, custom homes Broken Arrow and now we’re walking back down the hall that I was just talking about and we’re going to go back into the living room and just kind of cut that out and see how it looks. And uh, see the four cam lights, which are lovely in the living room or in the kitchen and the living room.

So that’s eight total cam lights in here. It’s beautiful. You all have that under mounted cabinets. Sinks, which is one of my favorite features, custom homes Broken Arrow and uh, we have life is better with friends and a big are some of the signs in here and some of the other decorations. And that’s just, uh, that’s great. And uh, like I said, I love the backsplash in here. I love the upgraded appliances. I love the handles that they are using in here. I think they were very, very nice. And uh, just just great to use and a custom homes, broken Arrow and then we have some other things going on in here so we have a dewberry in Dustin plan in here, so you have those things to look forward to in the sink and the oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed bronze faucet so you can do that.

Custom homes, broken arrow. And then this sign says, remember, as far as everyone knows we are a nice normal family that’s kind of funny, a little humor there, another s going on there and then we’re back on these large windows and it’s facing private property. So you have that beautiful scenery to look at and the homes are getting up and ready to go. And that’s uh, that’s very exciting and very nice to have all of those things going. custom homes Broken Arrow And uh, like I said, it has an upgraded, uh, a backsplash, which is lovely. And then it has the other things as well, like I’ve talked about before, like the contemporary lighting and all of those things. And so you have those things and that’s, that’s a very nice to have. And you have a one panel to panel. Is this the six panel door? Let me check for you. It is a very nice store to see what else is in this phone. Custom homes, broken arrow. So then walking down the hall again, uh, what do you have here? So we have a six panel door. So you have all those things. So you can remember you have those six panel door and white custom homes, broken arrow.

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