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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Making it Easy For Buyers

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Making it Easy For Buyers

Here at Shell homes, we have a great process to building a home, especially if you’re interested in building your own Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. We offer multiple different collections in multiple different price points, so it’s important to figure out first where you’re starting from, maybe you’re a first time homeowner and looking to start your very own family or maybe you’re looking to downsize or upsize. Maybe you’ve added a few children to your family and you need to build a larger Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. We have a path to your new home which simplifies the process. It makes it the easiest for our buyers. At first, we start with a model home tour. This tour usually takes about 60 minutes to 90 minutes and you’re going to have the opportunity to go through five to seven different furnished and decorated homes so you get a chance to view all of our most of our different floor plans in whichever collection you’re interested in, building your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and we really focus on the function of that home.

We don’t really go into pricing or financing just quite yet. We just want you to fall in love with Shaw with no pressure and no strings attached. We believe that once you see our product and our process, nobody compares or even comes close to what we offer. Once you have fallen in love with our homes and you’ve decided that that show homes is your choice for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, then we talk about your financing. It’s important to figure out where you want to be from a monthly payment perspective. We don’t really want to focus on the large number, but more the small number making it easier for you to process. From a monthly payment standpoint. We have three different preferred lenders that we work with. Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank, all of which are very, very experienced and knowledgeable in the process of custom homes, broken arrow.

Once you fill out your financing application with one of those banks who service all different kinds of loans, from Fha to conventional va and even native American loans, they’ll be able to adequately give you a monthly payment of which you’re going to be looking at for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home after you figured out where exactly you want to be from a finance perspective. We start looking at home sites and this is another thing that’s very important because it shaw homes, we do have different floor plans that we build and we can replicate those floor plans many, many times, but we, as we say around here, we can duplicate a house, but we can’t duplicate a home site. It’s very important that you choose the desired piece of land for your custom homes, broken Arrow home that you know will sit there and in the long term you’re going to want a piece of land that’s tailored to fit your specific needs.

Some people are isolationists. They just like to be all by themselves. They prefer no neighbors, especially back neighbors. These types of people would prefer more greenbelt home site or maybe a corner lot or something was a little more acreage. All of which are possible with our Custom Homes Broken Arrow home in her heritage collection, but some people may like the company of other of neighbors and other people around them. Maybe they have pets who liked to play with the dogs next door or children and these scenarios than we offer home sites which are a little closer in like cul de sacs or maybe in the middle of the neighborhood where you actually have access to your friends and neighbors and your children can play and ride their bikes down the street. So the home site reservation, it’s very important, but we also recognize that at this point you’re not fully in a position to make a final decision just quite yet.

That is why shaw homes offers you the opportunity to put down a deposit for this home site, which is 100 percent refundable deposit. We’ll hold your home site for your custom homes, broken Arrow home for seven days. After those seven days, the home site is released and put back on our inventory list. However, for those seven days, you have the option to design the floor plan you’ve selected or design multiple if you’re going back and forth between two different homes and figure out which one you’d want to put on that beautiful piece of land and how it would sit on that piece of land. So once we’ve picked out a good piece of land than we go to the next step, which is called the price out at the price out. That’s where the fun happens because we’re going to be able to give you an exact price of everything that we’re putting in your custom homes, broken Arrow home.

You will get to either build your home with end design it with one of our salespeople in one of our models, which is how we work in the Manchester collection, or you’ll be able to design your custom homes, broken Arrow home, working with one of our designers in our design studio located in broken arrow. Once you do that and you go and you’ve actually priced out your home and you know exactly what you’re getting with no surprises in an itemized pricing list, then you’re ready to make a decision and that’s when we had to purchase agreement in purchase agreement. That’s when we finalize your contract for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. At that point, you can make the decision to either add or take away anything, but that is the last opportunity that you will get to do so, so it’s very important to make sure that you finalize the selections that you chose during your price out and your design appointment to make sure that once you sign on the dotted line, you’re getting exactly what you want.

After that, it would be a change order fee if you’d want it to change a certain option, so we try and give you all the material and information that we can for you to not have to make a change. Once you’ve decided to build your custom homes, broken Arrow home with shaw homes and you’ve signed your contract, that’s where we begin preconstruction. All of the building permits are ordered. Your loan application for the construction and closing is all put in. The construction manager reviews the plan and schedules all of the contractors to begin construction on your home and we begin to break ground. This is where the fun begins for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, we start moving dirt laying the foundation, building the frame, and everything subsequently follows. After that, we recommend that you take pictures so that you can look back and reflect on the beautiful memory of building your very own custom homes, broken Arrow home, and after we built your home, you are ready to head to closing at closing, this is where you’ll be at your title company and you’ll discuss all of the finalities of closing on your home.

This is where you’ll give your down payment in exchange for your keys. Your mortgage lender will sign and you will sign and it’s time to move in. This is where it gets very, very exciting. You are now ready to live in your very own Custom Homes Broken Arrow home with shaw homes. The neat thing about building with us is that we do offer one of the best warranties in the Tulsa area, art, and it is the best warranty. Our warranty is a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, a year limited warranty, all backed by Liberty Mutual, which is a wonderful insurance company, and we’re able to say that it’s not just us, it’s actually backed by an insurance company. We’re going to be giving you a 60 day follow up call as well as an 11 month follow up call just to make sure that you’re completely satisfied and we delivered excellent service on your custom homes, broken Arrow home.

We want you to be satisfied and elated and ultimately refer. Show homes to your friends if they’re interested in building a Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, and one of our many broken arrow communities. This path to your new shaw home makes it very easy to follow so you never feel overwhelmed or bogged down by the process. You also shouldn’t ever feel pressured at any portion along the way. So, so far the money’s collected would be one home site reservation, which would be a deposit depending on which collection you chose to go with. Number two, it would be your earnest money. Once you went to purchase agreement, you would have to put your required earnest money. Again, depending on the collection you chose to build and your home site reservation money would go towards that purchase agreement. Lastly, all those monies would be applied towards your down payment so you actually get a little bit of downpayment assistance that you pay your own upfront. That way, making it a leisurely be easier once you get ready to close on your custom homes, broken Arrow home, this is the path to your new show home and we hope that we’ve made it easy as possible for you to build your very own custom homes. Broken Arrow home.

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