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    custom homes Broken Arrow | Moving Into A New Community

    custom homes Broken Arrow | Moving Into A New Community

    Sha home session, five past him homes, broken arrow. We have two communities in broken arrow. We have a silver leaf and we have to sign diligence is with the Manchester series and Manchester series starts off at one 68 and goes up to about 2:30 square feet, $1,300 up to a 2100. And uh, so that’s in some things to remember about the Manchester series and it is our most affordable option. So that’s another thing to remember. So we have these two different series and that’s great and you cannot purchase a home there and you get to pick everything out. Our Manchester series comes with a great things as well, so it comes up granite and bolted ceilings, a lot of things that, uh, other builders, it would be a large upgrade fee in order to get those things. custom homes Broken Arrow And Tucson village is the newest community and it looks beautiful and you can drive through it.

    It has a green belt, it’s going to have a pool and clubhouse eventually in the second phase. So you need to remember that as well. And we would have all those things and amenities in it and that’ll be an amazing. And uh, we have people that are looking at different home sites. So let’s take you through the whole process. You have a customer come in and we show them different homes. We figured out what their favorite home is and then we go look at it lots as well and we figured out what their favorite lot is and then we have them talk to somebody about financing, see what they can get approved for it. We talked to the preferred lenders which is spirit bank or persons Loma or be okay and we’d have them talk to them and figuring out what they can get approved for so we know what home, uh, custom homes Broken Arrow to recommend and all those things as well.

    And see what the monthly payment. That’s really what it comes down to is the monthly payment that they’re comfortable with custom homes, broken arrow. And then that way you can get all those things and figuring out what you would like to do. And then we have the purchase agreement and the purchase agreement is $2,500 earnest money. Do you need to remember that? And uh, then you put that down and then six months later you’d have the rest of the deposit do in closing costs, custom homes Broken Arrow During that six months you can go look at your home and check it out and just follow the whole process along.

    It’s very exciting for the families because they get to a little watch their home be built and it’s always a good time to see all of that happen and just be a part of that process with them. I enjoy it quite a bit. And so you can do that as well and then you get to look at it and when it’s finished and see how that looks and go from there as well. It’s a very fulfilling job. For the exterior. We have a roughly 10 different colors and trends that you can use and six different bricks and for greatness we have eight different granites and four different courts custom homes broken there. So that’s more than any of our competition for interior walls, you have about eight different colors to look at. You can use brush nickel, you can use oil rubbed bronze for your appliances.

    There’s an upgraded bathroom, if you would like a soaker tub, we can do that as well. So we have all the options that you’d want. We also have large covered front porches and back covered patios and that’s a very nice thing to have custom homes Broken Arrow and then you, you look at all those different options and you get the beautiful home and see what you would like to do there. And uh, then we go from there and we look and we pick out all those colors and like I said, it’s a, it’s always very rewarding and exciting for people and because they get to get all of the things that they want and uh, then they go to get it at the price that they want as well. And when they’re picking out the break you kind of have like either a red tin break or there’s like a gray a option.

    So you can remember that as well, that you get to one of those different options that you can do custom homes Broken Arrow and they have different, uh, options to look at and all those things and we can always walk them through the process. And I do, we just go very slow and make sure that they are content with everything going on, custom homes, broken Arrow because we want to make sure that they are happy with everything and so that they can do that as well and make sure that, uh, everything will run smoothly for them and that they are happy with the entire process of the shell homes process. So that’s important to remember. Custom homes, broken arrow.

    Shaw, home session five, custom homes Broken Arrow will be reviewing the plans sound because we’ve talked a lot about, uh, included features and all the different things we can review real quick for a painting, cabinets and things. You get to 10 options here. You’ve got four options for a wood, and that’s more than any other builder for a granite, you get eight options and choices for courts. That’s way more than any other builder. For the elevation of your home, you get to 10 different choices for that as well. Way more than any builder. Again, when it comes to selections, we’re going to have so many more selections. It’s not even funny. Uh, for doors we have one door to door, three or $4, $5, five different doors that you can flag for the interior of your home. You can also do an accent color on the island if you’d like.

    And then ceramic tiles, we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. There’s seven standard titles. Then you get to pick from for the ceramic tile. So that’s nice as well. custom homes Broken Arrow Now let’s go through some of the floor plans. The first featured for plan is the, uh, amber and that’s is a nine foot ceiling in the entry hall and that’s Crown Molding in the entry. And Holly have the optional study if you’d like to do that. And you have a large front porch that is going to be 19 by 11 on that front porch. And then the back covered porches 11 by nine. So when you walk in, you’re going to have the large entryway and you have the laundry room to the right to the left, you’re going to have two bedrooms and a bathroom in between the two. And then you can walk straight and you have a dining room or a flex room, a to your right, you can turn it into a study and close it off if you’d like.

    And you have that hall custom homes Broken Arrow Um, a lot of people that like the formal dining, this is the plan that they liked. This is the only plane where you have a kind of in the middle of the floor plan and you have a flex option to do, which is a very nice as well, and then to the left you have a two, two studies. Like I said before, that if you keep walking straight, you have the great room and you also can do a fireplace in this floor, plan, a the nephew of the kitchen and all those things and you have the network and everything else to the left and you have one of the larger covered patios. Like I said, going back to the window wise, you’re going to have one window to window three window for window, five windows, six windows, six large windows in the back of the home, custom homes, broken Arrow, and then you have that fireplace.

    Once again, that’s a right there, so that’s nice. And this is one of the larger three bedroom, two bath options that we have. So if you go back to the injury to the right, you have the laundry room. Then to the right, you also have the garage. When you go into that a master bedroom, it is a large master bedroom and one of the larger master bath with a closet large walk in closet in there as well. custom homes Broken Arrow So that’s some of the features of this plan. When I look at this plan, and my favorite features would be that front covered a portion in the back patio as well. And then also the pinch. It’s a very high pitch of the roof and it makes it look a lot larger, I think than it than it is in the end. That vaulted ceiling in there as well.

    Custom homes, broken arrow onto the next plan is going to be the next feature. And plan is the Ashton, which is 1,499 square feet with brackets, 1,554 square feet. Uh, you have, uh, this is the other plane that has a very large front covered patio. Now some people who are poor, so people who liked the porch, they, uh, this is the plan they generally pick because it does have a very nice look. custom homes Broken Arrow And when you walked in to the left, you’re going to have a bit two different bedrooms and the bath and the laundry room right there. And then to the right, you’re going to have the garage from the garage to the kitchen is a forceps. So bringing in your groceries, is that a hassle free? We’d probably grocery shop twice a week. So it is something that you do a lot and something you need to consider when purchasing your home is how convenient is it for you to bring it all those groceries, custom homes, broken arrow. Then you keep walking, you have the kitchen, which is an island, and it’s facing the living room, the living room. This is going to have one of the larger living rooms. Uh, you have your neck and everything to the right. Uh, this plan also has a ton of storage space. It’s known for all of its storage space, custom homes, broken arrow.

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