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custom homes Broken Arrow | Not A Speck Of Doubt

custom homes Broken Arrow | Not A Speck Of Doubt

Shot home session six, custom homes, broken arrow. We’ve talked a lot about this a lot in a different market. Ready homes. So now we can go through some of the specs that you have, a zero one, zero, zero, two, zero, three [inaudible]. And we’re looking on this. And now my mouse is dragon and I don’t know why. And uh, so we’re looking at all of this. Do you have a Spec? Monroe met one zero four. One, two, five south, 129th street. East avenue that’s made to completion one for 18 though. Sales a, custom homes Broken Arrow That is a speck of them. It looks like now we’ll go through some of the other sales and check out what’s going on there. And we will do only only the people that, uh, have a sales and not the blank. So we’ll go through all the blanks. We have AAA, so we have a dark nail and uh, Juan Rodriguez and uh, he is doing both of those.

So I didn’t get that one. I’m not sure. And he’s going through post first Oklahoma. Uh, and uh, that’s very nice. A broken or custom homes Broken Arrow and then we have a and that’s three, three, one, six West Jackson that started on February 16th to 18th and that is be a m and I can’t remember who it would be a minister over the life of me and that’s not so that we have a bread knife and uh, he has a lot of firsts. Oklahoma as well. It’ll be okay. And the cash and uh, there’s a lot of different people. September, November, December, all those things as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow, Brooklyn has three going on right now. And those are in the completions agency has one a also in September, then in October and then one in September. That’s going to be a nice early fall for her as well because some homes broken arrow.

Okay. I’m not sure whose initials are the jail. Gay. We shall see. And then we’re going to keep going and you have this more j. okay. Then you have a custom homes Broken Arrow and some other ones as well as custom homes Broken Arrow And uh, you have the building going on right there and just different things with that and it looks like I’m spread out quite a bit. I’ve used the RCB first. Oakland were first Oklahoma Spirit vote be okay first Oklahoma spirit be okay first Oklahoma. So I’ve used the majority of the first, it looks like a lot of people arguing the same and just kind of split it up as well. And you got to Mr Chavez do as a bok bok first. Okay. First. Okay. Are Those be okay then? He still has seven going right now.

One, two, three, four, five, six. He had a six month, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. So I had those as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and then a TV hrr or there’s different things going on there. Well in a different starting points as well and all those things to keep in mind and you have different addresses and different places that you can be at with the company. And there are different locations and we’re right now we’re in silver leaf, but uh, we can go over to [inaudible] village and all those places as well because there was some beautiful homes to consider all those beautiful homes over there and silver leaf and a in Tucson village. And then there’s also crystal creek custom homes, broken arrow. And then I talked about the market ready homes and we have for sale in all those areas.

So that’s a place to remember and you can do any of those places that you can think of and we can just constantly trying to update that and then, uh, do what we need to do there. And uh, go from there. And uh, we have the sales info and then we also have the homes and when I’m going to have an open house this weekend and you can come to the open house and see all of your people as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow and uh, it’s five, 14, 2018. And you have these different places where everybody can go and they are building right now and it’s four, six, eight, one. And then they’re also building an autonomous ron and you have a sheets and those are the different places in Jeremiah case lane, and I just don’t remember where he’s from or if that was a walk in or how that referral happened. Uh, but then there’s also a three nine, zero, one north, 33rd, 67. Oh, nine south 20th. And then there’s one, three, three, zero five east 41st. And that’s a three, two, three, eight, three, two, seven, 18, four slash 6:18. So those are contracts back-to-back-to-back. That’s a very nice, uh, August boarder as well. She can do all that and come back to it. custom homes Broken Arrow going to pick up where I left off and we were still on the Ashton and like I said before, it has one of the largest front porches and Patios this in the amber are the two main plans you want to think of when, if it talks about a front porch that you really like, it’s going to be one of these two. And these are three bedroom, two bath in it, uh, has one of the probably fan favorites for the elevation with the Ashton. People just really, really liked the, uh, Ashton for planning and all that it has to offer. Um, it has a decent sized that goes out to that back patio. So if you’d like grilling, things like that. This is a great playing because you have the kitchen, you have three large windows and then to buy the, the notes so you can be cooking there and preparing and grilling on the porch and also just come in and out of the nook and I’ll be right there.

And it’s also a lot of stores, like I said before, and then convenient for you to bring the groceries home and just walk right into the kitchen and put those way custom homes, broken arrow. The next floor plan would be drum roll would be the bay. The Bay would is our most affordable option. custom homes Broken Arrow That’s at 1,323 square feet, 10 feet entryway, ceiling and crown molding and entry. Those are nice features in it. When you walk in, it just looks pretty grand because it has that 10 foot ceiling, which I happen to love. To the left, you’re going to have two bedrooms, a with spacious closet in the bath. And then to the right, you’re going to have. This is another great feature to the right, you’re gonna have the laundry room that connects to the master closet that connects to one of the larger master bedrooms that we offer.

custom homes Broken Arrow Uh, so that’s very nice. If you have a few work on two different schedules, you can have one person that goes, uh, you know, through the closet to the laundry room, close the door. So they’re not bothering you too much or anything like that. You also have a large, a great room and then one of the larger pantries in the kitchen and you have the island on there and the nook and everything like that. This has a covered patio of course as well. There isn’t much of a front porch, but it does have the back covered patio. Like I said, it’s one of the more affordable options. Custom homes, broken arrow onto our next one would be the birthday of the Brookdale has the pocket office. People love this. It is in the living room right there off of the hope.

It’s an included feature in this. A lot of people think it’s an upcharge and it is not. It’s included, which is just wonderful. This is 14, 24. So you a square feet. It’s 100 more than the Birkdale and that 100 square feet I think comes in the kitchen a little bit. That’s generally where I see it. But you lose some in the master bedroom because that’s 15 by 12 and this is 14 by 14. So the master bedroom and the bay would is a little bit bigger. So just remember that here you have the kitchen, uh, you know, facing the great room again, custom homes Broken Arrow and you have that pocket office in the living room. So if you, uh, you know, work from home or anything like that, but don’t want to be secluded in a room. This is perfect for you. Just open up the doors being the great room, be surrounded by those large windows.

One, two, three, four, five, six, six windows backing up in the back. So you’re going to get a ton of natural white. Not feel claustrophobic, like you’re just stuck in a little room if you work from home. So just remember that you have that pocket office. It’s fantastic. custom homes Broken Arrow The next plan of after the Birkdale is the Cambridge and this is our most affordable option for the, a four bedroom two bath. It is a 48 month bench and it is at 16, Sixty two square feet. So, uh, it’s, it’s, uh, it has everything and it has like a, almost a secret of master bedroom, which is nice. I happened to like quite a bit because it’s just off of the great room, but you kind of forget it’s back there and that has a covered patio porch as well. And then all the other bedrooms are down now. One specific call. So it’s Kinda nice air. You feel separated from everybody else. Custom homes, broken Arrow because you go on that holiday, you have all those different bedrooms. You can also turn the fourth bedroom into to open from the other way and turn it into just the flex in the have. That is like an office for you. Custom homes, broken arrow.

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