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custom homes Broken Arrow | Reserving Your Spot

custom homes Broken Arrow | Reserving Your Spot

Shaw home session to constantly homes, broken Arrow, we’ve talked about the model home tour quite a bit and we talked about how you started out in silver leaf and you go to the Birkdale and we go through that model and then you go through the Cambridge model and check that out as well. And then we go through a. Then we go through the Cambridge model and then we would go to the Ashton and we would also go to the dewberry and look at those different floor plans for you so you can look at those and see which one’s your favorite out of those. And then we would drive down the road to a crystal creek and go look at a decorated Ashton. custom homes Broken Arrow And then there is also an amber. So those are other ones that you can go and look at. So for the model home tour, and then we would drive from there to Tucson village in Tucson village, we would look at the Remington, we’d look at the liberty, we look at the Newport, we’d look at, uh, the dewberry.

And we would look at a, there’s one Ellington and we look at all those floor plans and we’d just find which one is the best for you, which one do you like the most, which is makes the most sense, which is most practical. So that way you finalize what your favorite floor plane is. And then the next step is talking to a preferred lender. We have three, we have spirit bank being first, Oklahoma mortgage and we have the okay. And so all of them are great. They will all right match and they are a pleasure to work with. And so you’ll have a great experience with them. And by using one of them, you got the $40,000 incentive off the purchase price towards closing costs. So that’s important to remember that you get to do that. custom homes Broken Arrow And uh, so you now we know what you’ve qualified for.

Now we do the home site reservation here we walk and see which home site you would like to reserve, which one you would like to build on their hard 12 managers that work for shaw homes. And we all worked with each other’s neighborhoods, so it’s important if you are even thinking about buying or building with us that you need to get this, that homesite reserved and off the market so you don’t have to worry about losing that a one of a kind home site. Do you want a large backyard? Do you want a small backyard? If you need a three car garage, it has to be on a wide enough lots. So you have to remember that as well. There’s a lot of factors that go into all these things. You want to be in a cul de sac, you want to be in the front of the neighborhood.

Do you want to be in the back of the neighborhood? Do you want to be close to the pool? Do you want a green belt lot there? Just so many factors. custom homes Broken Arrow So once we have that perfect one of a kind lot for you and you’ve reserved it for $250 in the form of a check, then what we will do is, uh, we will do the price out. So this is where we talk about any upgrades and we get your house price down to the dollar and then I’ll know, I’ll tell you what your monthly payments will be, so there are no surprises or anything like that and you’ll get an itemized statement with that. Print off and then go take a day or two if you’d like to think about if you’d like to move forward. Now you don’t have to worry because your home site is a under reservation so you don’t have to worry about losing the home site and we don’t want you to make a rough decision.

So that is the reason for giving you that extra time. Custom homes, broken arrow. And uh, after that, if you would like to move forward, we will go to a purchase agreement. At this point, $2,500 is due an earnest money for the purchase agreement and all selections are final. All things are final. And uh, after that we would begin construction. Now we have a couple of other options for people. Uh, we can do a delay of build if you were in a lease and need some extra months before building, just to make sure you don’t have to break the lease. We can do that. We can also do a contingent contract if, uh, you need to sell your home. And so we work with all people, custom homes, broken arrow. So both of those that fits good intention, that money is completely refundable. If you do not sell your home, you have four months to do so listed and sell it. And if you’re unable to sell it, we will completely fully refund the $2,500 custom homes Broken Arrow So that’s important to remember that you get all those things, custom homes, broken Arrow, that you can do everything that you need to do and um, make sure you get it done. So we’ve talked about a couple of steps and I’ll talk about more.
Shot homes session to custom homes Broken Arrow we’re continuing to talk about a lot of the included features because a lot of people forget that we have tons of great included features, uh, that will beat the competition and sometimes they see that someone else starts at a lower price point, but then when they add all the things that we already included our homes, it becomes a more expensive price point, so you might as well just go with us where you’re going to get the more affordable home, better quality, and uh, you have the sharp homes guarantee and also the warranties that, that you’re going to be completely satisfied. And if you look, we have tons of google, Google reviews that say very great things about us. So that’s always fantastic to look out and see customers telling their own stories have been very satisfied with this custom homes.

Broken Arrow. Now we’re going to go back to the insulated fiberglass entry door with a continuous weather stripping and protection. So don’t forget about that in the back patio fiberglass door with a full glass view. So that’s fantastic. We also talked about the low e argon filled vinyl tilt, dual panel energy efficient windows that are a lovely, and then we have the cove front door entry set including deadbolt, your choice of a chrome satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze. Or you can do the oil rubbed bronze. You can do all of those things as well. And you also get that accent color. So do you want a different types of red? We have clay, we have green, we have a brand, we have different things as well. custom homes Broken Arrow and then you have that overhead door, that prime carriage style steel, 16 foot garage door with hardware.

So that is a great look. A that overhead door. A lot of times that’s an upgrade with the door we provide, which is the standard. And then you also get a full side and front and rear yard and you get landscape and you get a planning area in front of home filled with mulch and seasonal shrubs. Metal edging included. Uh, and then you get to frost free hose bibs and three weatherproof Gfi outlets. So don’t forget about that. custom homes Broken Arrow so that talks about a lot of the exquisite exterior. So once again going through that real quick, you get a beautiful break, you get a, an outdoor covered patio depending on what plan you go with. You get energy efficient windows, you get a our 32 blown in ceiling insulation and our 13 exterior bats. And then also you get the sealed energy efficient and weather sealed and then you get hired, you know, ironized and all those things as well.

custom homes Broken Arrow And now we’re going to talk about the top notch mechanicals. So Carrie, you’re 80 percent high efficiency gas furnace, which is fantastic and 14 seer carrier, high efficiency cooling equipment and automatic thermostat with heat and air. And then you get an a o Smith or equivalent 50 gallons, a high efficient gas water heater and then a 200 amp electrical services. And uh, you get the pecs freeze a tolerant plumbing lines as well. So that’s a great thing to have custom homes, broken arrow. And then with the gourmet kitchen you’ve got the frigidaire 30 black in a black slide list. And then the black dishwasher as well, and then the vet was black microwave on there as well, and then you get the high capacity food disposable things. So you got to remember that and you get custom made solid stain grade, older or paints a grade cabinets with a 30 inch chipper and sometimes that can be extra doing something even with the 30 custom homes, broken Arrow and your choice of shaker farmhouse or raised panel door styles comes with hidden hinges and crown molding on there.

Your choice of one paint or stain color throughout the home. But you can also do an accent color. We will allow that task area lighting with four recessed lights in the kitchen. So that’s great. Do you have there as well as well, a lot of people like that. custom homes Broken Arrow And uh, then we can go to the two centimeter granite countertops with the backsplash as well. And that’s pencil half bulldoze. And then you get the stainless steel top mount double bowl sink on there and that comes with it. And Delta Classic Poncelet with chrome finishes. So don’t forget about those great finishes. And granite is always an upgrade and other places to remember, you can get it here for a better price. Custom homes, broken Arrow, not even a better price because it’s included. So you get that included. You get to pick the different types of cabinets. A lot of people would charge for the crown, uh, on the cabinet. So remember that comes included with us as well. custom homes Broken Arrow

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