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custom homes Broken Arrow | Setting You Up To Succeed

custom homes Broken Arrow | Setting You Up To Succeed

Shaw, home session, one, custom homes Broken Arrow we’re going over the process and we have a seven steps to the process. You have one step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, step six, step five, step four, step three, step two, step, one step. So there’s a lot of different types and you need to remember that you can always do different things with these steps and uh, make sure that you’re doing them properly. The first one would be the model home tours model home for you. You go and look at a bunch of beautiful homes that are fully decorated and the different things you can use right now I’m sitting in the Birkdale, which is a beautiful home in it. It’s a great, fantastic home and you can own one of these, uh, homes if you, uh, if you do everything that you’re supposed to do and uh, then it’s just fantastic.

custom homes Broken Arrow and the custom homes are a fantastic. So you can definitely own one as well. And right now I’m putting off some different things as well. So we are talking Birkdale and it has a pocket office that people love the pocket office. Yes. The model home torque. You want to go through different homes and see what you liked and don’t like, uh, that is gonna help you a lot in deciding what you want to do. We’ve had a lot of people say that the single most important thing that they’ve done is the model homes before. And this is just a really helped them. And so you can always remember that custom homes, broken arrow models. I’m tourists also. Uh, just a lot of fun because you’re just going and looking at home. He doesn’t like to take a look at beautiful homes.

Everybody likes to go look a beautiful homes and you’re also just going to keep your, a fan favorite and uh, all those types of things as well. And you need to remember that you get to, you can, you don’t have to like every plant we don’t expect you to like, just enjoy, enjoy the tour. And uh, you can go from there and we have a. let’s see how many slots we have left. And so really we have one, we have to, we have three, we have four, we have five, six, seven. We have eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. Oh. So there are still 18 home sites. A lot of those have to do various broken arrow. So you have to buy the park and then you have a dewberry, dewberry, and you have a dewberry, dewberry, and that’s an option. Then you have a new barrier. Um, so we have those and you have the new plans and all those different things. You have aspect when Birmington Antique, Brown mill, flagstaff, sheltered box shadow falls. And those are things that you can, uh, pick for your break. So you, uh, you had those options as well as custom homes Broken Arrow.

We have a cameras for sale and we have different things as well. And um, uh, you can, uh, just pick all those and hold on, I’m sorry, in a, uh, custom homes Broken Arrow. And, uh, so we have all these different things that you can do and uh, we have a different home sites and different things that you can plan on doing. And then if you want to be, we still have a couple in the CULDESAC and we have some different ones that you may like a, so don’t hesitate to get on one of those sites as soon as possible because there are different ones available and um, uh, you can do that. So there’s a day with presale and then there’s a third for sale, then the was just Elisa cell. So we have a, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven left. And so you just got to remember that the third is seven left. And I’m actually going to make that one red because that is not for sale, that’s broken arrow. And uh, so it’s so important to remember all those things as well because you, uh, you want to be in here as soon as you can because it is just going so fast and as it’s just a fast enough on place to be. And so you just want to remember that custom homes, broken Arrow, and a custom homes Broken Arrow, and just remember that you don’t do that. Uh, and then you have the different steps and all those things as well.
Shaw homes session five, custom homes, broken Arrow, so we’ve been talking a lot about the different steps so maybe we can talk about a couple of the floor plans and things like that as well. So the first one we can talk about is the bay. Would I love that? They would, it has an arched friend. You can do a three car garage if necessary. This is our most affordable option. It is a just over 1300 square feet. So you have that as well and you have a three bedroom, two bath. Uh, there’s a split floor plan which is a very popular for most people when you walk in, you have that high entry ceiling. Um, that’s always, I think looks very nice. It also is crown molding. Um, you have that. And then you also have the walkthrough with the laundry room so you can go from the laundry room into your master and put everything away.

custom homes Broken Arrow it has the operable windows as well, so you can get those and clean the inside if necessary and do all that. And it’s just an overall, a very nice floor plan. And uh, it’s, it’s, it’s great to have custom homes, broken Arrow, so that is, uh, the bay would and you have large windows in the back and you have a very large master bedroom, so a lot of that square feet is actually in the master and, uh, in the living room and you have a very open concept in that one. Second one would be at Birkdale, the Birkdale. We have a model and that’s another very popular floor plan because of the pocket office and it also looks a lot larger than it actually is and that’s due to the open concept. You have a, one of the larger islands counters in any of the four plans and that’s just facing the kitchen, very functional floor plan.

And uh, you have the master bedroom and the bedroom is all on the same side but separated. So you do have privacy. They’re a custom homes, broken Arrow and uh, but they both have a covered patios and the back. And that’s nice as well. They all have a ton of windows, large windows letting in a lot of natural sunlight and things like that. custom homes Broken Arrow so that’s the Birkdale and then the next one up would be, uh, the Cambridge and for talking square footage of the Cambridge is a four bedroom, two bath. It’s our most affordable four bedroom home. And so that’s important to remember as well as if you’re looking to get into a four bedroom and you’re on a budget, this may be a great one, especially if you want vaulted ceilings and all those things come standard. Those are not upgrades with best.

So that’s um, that’s of great. And how we stand out from the competition. custom homes Broken Arrow what comes included in our homes would be a two centimeter granted vaulted ceiling, cultured marble in the bathroom. You have tile in the wet areas and then you have carpet in the common areas and uh, that you can just kind of go from there. Custom homes, broken arrow. Next up would be the amber, which is our largest three bedroom. And uh, that’s just over 1700 square feet and it’s a three bedroom, two bath with a flex room. And it can either be a dining room or a flex room. So you can do whichever one that you would like and uh, so you can always do that and have the, uh, amber. And then the next step would be the next step would from the amber would be A. Gosh, I don’t even know.

We have the Birkdale we are, we have the bay with the Birkdale to Cambridge, Cambridge, the amber. What floor plan was I missing? Oh, the Aston, which is right there in the middle of that has a large covered patio and front porch as well. Uh, it has a very large living room. Feels bigger than the 1500 square feet that it is. Um, some of the spaces taken out from the master bedroom, but you have a larger closet and things like that. custom homes Broken Arrow and that’s kind of the middle of the pack. A floor plan.

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