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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | The Desirable Locations

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | The Desirable Locations

In today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about the process. Shaw homes has a wonderful process if you’re choosing to build your custom homes, broken Arrow home with shaw homes. One of the neat things that I find appealing about shaw homes is that you get to choose what you want your home to look like. Even if you’re starting at one of our lower price point homes in the sixties. You get to choose options for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. You’d walk in, and first we’d go on and modeled tour of our homes here. You’d get to walk through various different floor plans, looking at all different options that our designers have selected and put into those homes. For your viewing of these choices, you will be able to choose any of those for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and design it to your taste.

Once we’re on the home model tour, you would be given an app that you would be able to follow along the tour with and take notes. That way, if you have any questions or maybe didn’t remember any of the floor plans of your custom homes, broken Arrow homes tour, you’d be able to reference back to the APP and see all the different notes that you took about the homes. Once you’ve decided that you liked shaw homes and wanted to build your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home with shaw homes, then the next process, step of the process would be to select your floor plan. Once you’ve selected your floor plan, we would then make sure we selected the home site that you wanted to build your Custom Homes Broken Arrowhome on. Right now, within the Lower Manchester series price point, we have two communities within the broken Arrow school district.

We have our silver leaf community, which sits at 51st street and county line, and we also have our Tucson village community would sits way far in south broken Arrow at a hundred and 21st street close to the Warren Theater and that shopping area down there. Both of those making them desirable locations for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. Once you’ve selected your floor plan and your home site, the fun begins. That’s when you get to sit down with somebody and design your custom homes, broken Arrow home. At this price point, you’ll be meeting with a cells designed person in the design home, picking out all of your selections that you choose to customize your custom homes, broken Arrow home with. There’s lots of different options regarding flooring, countertops, backsplashes hardware, brick and color, interior colors, door colors, even things as far as your little knobs or your hardware or your sink.

You get to choose all of that and customize it to your personal taste. That’s what makes shaw so fun. When you’re choosing to build with your custom homes, broken Arrow home. If once you’ve selected all of your selections, then we get ready to build. You would sign a contract with your sales person at the model home and then we would begin to pull permits with the city of broken arrow. That is, if you’re looking in our Manchester series, if you’re looking for something a little bit higher price point, the process is a little different. Although you would still go on a custom homes broken Arrow tour, you would go to a different type of home. These homes are going to be larger and more ornate, and the design process is gonna look a little bit different. Once you’ve selected your floor plan and your home site in that collection, which is called the into a design studio and you are going to be working one on one with a designer designing your custom homes, broken Arrow home.

That’s where the fun really begins because there’s lots of variables in that higher price point that you can choose from. If you’d like to modify doors or walls, this is the place that you can do that and our designer is going to help you every step along the way to make sure that your home and your custom homes broken Arrow home fits your needs and is tailored to your taste. After we do that, then we begin the process. We start pulling permits with the city and once we have all of the permits pulled, you get to see the magic start. You’ll start by seeing us clear the land for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and then we’ll start by putting footing, pouring the slab, framing your home, and it all goes from there. After we’ve done framing and the drywall period, that’s when you start to see your design options come into play.

We’ll start putting in your specific flooring, countertops, paint colors, all of the different modifications that you chose for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home since makes it very fun, depending on which route you’d like to go, you still have lots of different options. Our highest level is going to be our waterstone collection in which you can customize your home entirely. This is a custom homes option in which you can either customize and moved different walls or work with one of our designers and architects in order to make sure that we’re building something that fits your needs well. What if you own your own land in broken Arrow, in homes, broken Arrow home on your land to we can do it all. Just make sure you let us know where that land is located and as long as we’re building in broken Arrow in a close proximity which we are building all over Custom Homes Broken Arrow we will be able to build a shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow plan on your specific land.

That’s a great option for somebody who’s maybe inherited a good piece of property and doesn’t need or want to live within a community. Some of the neat things about living within one of our communities are the amenities. A lot of our communities offer things like swimming pools, Custom Homes Broken Arrow playgrounds, clubhouses, golf courses, tennis courses, walkways, fishing ponds, walking trails, and all kinds of very neat things that don’t cost absolutely anything for the residents of that other than the normal homeowners associations do on a yearly basis. So if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken Arrow builder, Shaw should definitely be your number one choice, especially if you’re choosing to build and broken arrow. Some of the things communities that we have in broken Arrow or in the lower end are going to be neighborhoods like silver leaf or Tucson village, which sit opposite from each other. Silverleaf seats on 51st street while Tucson village sits a little bit further south on 121st street, but if you’re looking in the higher price point, we have neighborhoods that are just as enticing or not more like well stone at Forest Ridge or possibly are highlands at forest ridge.

Both of those sitting in broken arrow. We also feature other communities such as seven oaks south. This community is one of my favorites just because it does have a sand volleyball court and how cool is that for your custom homes? Broken Arrow home. This community starts in the low two forties and so it’s also a great cost effective neighborhood with a ton of amenities. We currently have a couple of move in ready homes within the seven oaks south community and one of those is going to be the stone brick. The stone brick is just one of my personal favorites, which is currently listed at $294,597 and has 2,619 square feet of living space. Custom Homes Broken Arrow This four bedroom, two and a half bath, two story three car garage home is available for you to view and tour at any time with one of our sales people downstairs. It features a very, very, very large master closet which goes into the laundry and into the utility room, creating a personal master suite and a great option for some, but a family that wants all the bedrooms upstairs.

The only bedroom downstairs on this particular floor plan is going to be the master suite and it features a steady at the very front of the home with a powder bath. Some people are really partial to about her path, so their company doesn’t have to use their children’s bathroom in the middle of the home. The island faces into the Nook area and it has a gorgeous fireplace in the great room. Once you get upstairs, that’s where you have an awesome game room and three additional bedrooms with the corresponding bathroom, so mom and dad get a ton of privacy downstairs while pub maybe keeping the messy kids upstairs away from the beautiful downstairs area, so this is another just an option in your custom homes, broken Arrow home search, and in one of the floor plans that we have move in ready in that particular community of seven oaks south. We have other plans such as the Ventana Q, which features tons of natural light and beautiful windows are smaller findlay floor at 1800 square feet or the stone brick or pardon the addison. It’s also 1,857 square feet, or our Greenville to one story at 2,556 square feet. All of these are located in the broken Arrow School district with leisure park elementary, Oliver Middle School, Broken Arrow highschool, which are great for your custom homes, broken Arrow home community.

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