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custom homes Broken Arrow | Working With Your Applications

custom homes Broken Arrow | Working With Your Applications

Session six, custom homes, broken Arrow, and we’ve been talking about the different floor plans. Now. Talked a lot about them. So you have the bay. Would you have the Birkdale? You have the Ashton, you have the Cambridge, you have the amber. So those were the first five floor plans. The newest floor plan or one of the new floor plans is the Dubarry, which I absolutely love. It’s a four bedroom, two bath that has high high entryways dealings and uh, you have a vaulted ceiling through the dining room to the kitchen, which is fantastic. And uh, I really liked that as well. Um, and then there’s a caution sign here. custom homes Broken Arrow the dewberry, uh, will be in one of our new neighborhoods, also Tucson village. And then it has a couple areas. We’re only a dewberry will fit in silver leaf. And so waiting to sell a couple of those in Silverleaf to see if we can get that going.

Custom homes, broken arrow. I’m surprised we haven’t built a dewberry in there yet. Uh, but surely it’s just around the corner. And um, so we had that dewberry and we have different floor plans as well. We have the Ellington and we have the liberty and we have the newport. Then we have the Remington. Remington is a two story home. It’s her first two story home, the Manchester series. We expect that to do very well. We haven’t built one yet, so a lot of times people just can’t visualize these homes. And uh, so that’s, that’s what, uh, takes place is a people, if it’s difficult to visualize, they don’t want to be the first to build it. They would rather see it first. custom homes Broken Arrow So with that being sad, it’s, it’s important to remember that we can, we can build these homes and then that’s in a, that’s something that you can do and you can always do one of those.

So you can look at a Beta, but you can look at Birkdale, you can look at the national and you can look at an amber, you can look at a camera and you can kind of dewberry a. Then we do have a two other new floor plans. We have a Dawson and uh, another floor plan that I can think of off the top of my head, but those are a three bedroom, two bath. Um, I don’t know if, uh, if from when we’re building those, I believe those can fit on different home sites, so we have a different work places that those can fit and that’s what’s going on with those custom homes, broken arrow. So we have a ton of different floor plans and a more selections in just about anybody. And that was somebody who used to work at one of our competitions builders and they were absolutely shocked at all the standard features that we come with and everything that comes included in our plans.

And a very happy to make the switch over to us because with them it’s a 15,000 to 20,000 in upgrades. And with us you’re looking at 5,000 in upgrades because everything is standard in those homes. custom homes Broken Arrow and they also don’t even give the prices out right away. And with us, they will give those prices out. So you can remember that as well, that you’re always gonna get the upgraded or you’re always going to get the price up front and there are no hidden surprises or anything of that nature has seminomas, broken Arrow and we have different neighborhoods that were going into. So that’s exciting as well. So there are different places that I did you want to live that you can go into so you cannot go and live wherever you’d like. And we have, I think over 25 communities that we’re currently in the shop.

And so you can always do that and not have to worry about anything because there’s going to be communities everywhere. And that’s uh, that’s what we have. And um, you can always do that and look at different communities and see what’s the best for you. And then you can look at that at different prices of floor plans and then you can realize that we have so many different for plans that there’s something for you. custom homes Broken Arrow there are just so many different things that you can go and look at. So why wouldn’t she want to build homes? Because shot holmes is a fantastic filter and we love serving the area and working in here and building these beautiful homes all over the communities and now a brand new home where you have a warranty, a DNA free, all those things. You don’t have to worry about people who’ve lived in there and all those things as well. Custom homes, broken arrow.

Shaw homes session to custom homes Broken Arrow so we’ve been talking about different floor plans of different styles. So we’ve talked a lot about the Brookdale and everyone has a different floor plan and a thing that they like to have a customer who really liked the Birkdale because of the pocket office and because of the large granite when walking in. So that was their favorite part about it and a new thing we have is a blanco saying. So that’s another thing that you can do. It’s a scientifically proven. It’s a easy to claim proven impact resistant, stain resistant, hygenic surface, non fading, scratch resistant, proven heat, uh, you also have safer food prep, a smooth non porous surface. So those are all the different things that you can do. So that’s really nice for our members while you have the and you have the different states and all those things that you can do, custom homes, broken Arrow, and then you have the different things that the frigidaire gallery set comes with.

So the frigidaire basic comes with a continuous grade. So five burners stronger btu fingerprint resistant convection cooking. No. Does not have that fast, but he does not have griddled included and it does not include that handle on the bottom drawer and the fifth burner, small Burger, fifth burner, Oval Burner, and uh, over the range you have fingerprint resistant, raised to cook plates, have a lot of different things as well. And I can’t see 54 dva 51 dba plastic interior stainless steel interior, helps with dry and on five cycles, seven cycles, energy star rated a orbit wash system spinner at the bottom of the tub that has more capacity to get water to a hard to reach places, quick time, last one hour, 30 minutes sensor wash they in place or it allows us to open the door partially without knocking to the ground. 14 plus setting custom homes Broken Arrow

So a lot of different things about that frigidaire set, custom homes Broken Arrow but you can, uh, you can remember. And then looking at some of the exterior recoveries, the have Alexander Beige and marine time. And you have different things like sage mountain in northern cliffs, Kendall, darker or gravestone, Greater Harper grey or silver satin or smokes that gray or sage mountain or Chelsea or a or a night train or Alexandra Beige. So those are all different colors that you can do for the outside of your house. And then you were still on the tour. So this is where you’re going through the function of the home. So you just have to remember it’s the function, uh, so you just want to see how the home feels to you and what you would like to do in that home. And you entertain a lot [inaudible]. You may want to a larger home with a big dining room, things like that if you’d like to do formal entertaining.

So some people like that formal entertaining. And so that’s what they need. They need to something with those larger spaces and things like that. And so you can always find certain things like that. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and maybe you just don’t want a lot of space. Maybe you’re looking to downsize. So then the bay would, would be perfect for you because the bay would just, doesn’t have that much square feet, but it’s a, so a different space and a split level plan and has very nice finishes. So if you’re just looking more for a place to call your home and, uh, have the most affordable option and get rid of a lot of your furniture and things of that nature, then you can do that as well. So just remember, you can do that and that’s important and that’s a lot of fun as well. And uh, we can, we can always get you in that home if you want the thing with more a broom and everything like that. You can do an amber, which is a three bedroom, two bath. It’s the largest three bedroom, two bath and it has a formal dining custom homes Broken Arrow um, or the dewberry, which has a nice vaulted ceiling across the home, uh, which I personally love. And you have a large neck, you have a couple of different pantries and some different things. A high ceiling, grid ceiling, custom homes, broken arrow. So those are all the different options that you can do when a picking it home.

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