Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom Homes Jenks | Where Can You Find Shaw Homes?


If you’re wondering when the right time is to give shaw home to call to find out about Custom Homes Jenks, then the right time would be whenever you’re starting to have thoughts about buying a new home. As soon as you have thought about buying a new home and you want to get in touch with us right now because we will be able to help you on your path to finding the right custom built home that is going to be your new Dream Home. Is the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in Oklahoma we’ve been building homes for over 35 years? We now have over 37 communities throughout the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro area and we are going to be able to help you find exactly what you want.

Doing it comes to custom homes Jenks make sure you give us a call because we also have the largest collection of fully furnished in model homes for you to tour. It’s never too early to start looking and figuring out what it is exactly you want to find in your new home. Whether or not they buy from us people consider the Shaw Homes model for the single most helpful thing they did during their home shopping experience. Call us now and you can set up a home tour with Shaw home or you can tour to several different communities looking at model homes that are built with most of our most popular floor plan designs.

The advantage of going on our model home tour to figure out what kind of Custom Homes Jenks you would like to build is going to help you find what it is that you like, and also what you don’t like about what we can offer. We can help you design your new home based on what you’ve seen and what we can offer by seeing it in person and understanding the dimensions the space, and the texture and the feel everything about our homes.

Also whenever you buy one of our Shaw Homes you’re going to get incredible warranties including a 10-year structural warranty a two-year mechanical warranty and also a one-year everything warranty. And it isn’t that we also have some real no-brainers when it comes to buying a home such as paying the closing cost and upgrading a bathroom to a master bath shower on a Manchester series home and for the Heritage series people we also offer to pay $15,000 towards the closing price.

If you’re interested in getting a heads-up on your new home and the ideas circulating the make sure you get in touch with us now at 918-688-5660 so we can set up the model tour or you can just get in touch with us on our website at shawhomes.com and do some research there by looking through our floor plans there and also checking out our customer testimonials and our photo galleries. You can also find the current inventory of all the move-in ready homes that we have ready to go right now.

Custom Homes Jenks | Where Can You Find Shaw Homes?

If you have been thinking about Custom Homes Jenks, but you’re also considering living maybe in another area or another town whenever you move, then she’ll home has you covered. She’ll homes do Custom Homes all throughout the Tulsa Metro in Oklahoma City metro area. We’ve been building homes in Oklahoma for over 35 years and we now have 37 communities spread out throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma City. So wherever you want to live within the greater Tulsa area or even in areas of Oklahoma City, then we have you covered.

Tell me the benefits of living in a Shaw home whenever you decide to move or if you are still looking at only Custom Homes Jenks, you were going to get a beautiful custom built home that you can design yourself with our help, and you can also get high-quality construction home. We are proud of the work that we do here and as such we back all of our homes up with the same three warranties on everyone. Everyone gets a 10-year structural warranty a two-year mechanical warranty and a one-year everything warranty.

Also if it comes down to Custom Homes Jenks, we also offer you the largest collection of fully furnished model homes for you two to her. So if you decided that you want to stay in Jenks, but you’re still trying to figure out which for play me like or what parts of the design that you want to use, you can call to sign up for model home to her and take that whenever you like for free and we can help you figure it out what it is that we’re going to do with your home.

Also whenever you come to Shaw home if you’re going to be getting that only the same great three warranties and every home that we sell, but you also get some incredible and centers that are worth checking out. First of all if you’re interested in a Manchester series home then you will get the closing costs paid for and we will also offer a master bath shower upgrade to your bathroom. If it’s the Heritage series that you have your eyes set on then we can also offer you $15,000 towards the closing price of one of our heritage series homes as well right now.

If you’re really interested in what we can provide you as far as that Shaw Homes goes, keep in mind that we go to the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in Oklahoma and we have been wowing our homeowners for decades. Get in touch with us now at 918-688-5660 or you can always find us on our website at shawhomes.com where you can find customer testimonials, photo galleries and all of our floor plans among many other things. Be sure to check it out today And get in touch with us about the model home tour.

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