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    Custom Homes Tulsa | Community Pool

    Custom Homes Tulsa | Community Pool

    Hello, this is brad naifeh wichita homes today is february, 8th 2018 and we’re going to talk about our many communities that we have to choose from. One thing that sets us apart from all of the big, be home. Builders are all the many communities that we can build in from broken arrow to bigsby and the jenks first neighborhood community that talk about is our half acre lots for homesite in ashbrook, located in east broken arrow to 4000 east 95th, street, south, apollo, nida road about 95th and oneta the homes of starting a new 202. The square foot ranges 1802 to 3712 description of golf course in muskogee, turnpike off of old highway 51 is the kind of girl in that corner of the street light. Is you can get the highway 169 in the broken arrow expressway and about 8 to 10 minutes elementary at highland park in the middle school called ridge middle of with the broken arrow high school, giving choices of half acre lots to regular community size, lots of something at Custom Homes Tulsa sets?

    Shaw home the part with all of the big z home builders. The next neighborhood is brighton village, located 121st street between county line road in linn lanes on the northside of holland 21st, with the community pool and home starting in the low 202 3712. Some benefits of the locator like a 720 first easy to get to the access from county line road and also from elm great little neighborhood with the community pool clubhouse at this one. You want to see on 21st street, but that neighborhood has sold out so I’ll, just crystal creek new manchester, that is a different home in our ninth. Basically, homes range from 1320 square feet to 26, 99th, street, union, school and I can’t have to be all over this tulsa county to set us apart from bixby home builders, edgewood estates of jenks school district and jinx on community east of the highway 75 home side’s range from about 2349 to 3700 square feet, starting in the load, 300 homesense back up to Custom Homes Tulsa reserve there’s about 10 of them, and this is a hood. That is one that you want to check out.

    It isn’t big bees, james, but still bixby home builders will build out there as well and then so we look at another neighborhood outside next to be I should be elmwood park, and that is also a neighborhood i. Don’t have a couple square footage about 2300 square feet, single story, redford and the others are two story, then back to bixby and and because of the communities we have puts us up top of all out of big, be home builders that estates at the river where to stay there, Custom Homes Tulsa I’m starting in the load 300, and this neighborhood is between sheridan and yale on 121st street on the south side of the road, it will be a second phase, great host site, 70 foot wide, almost 7ft backhoes, 150, ft deep hi. There will be a community pool built in phase 2. This is a great neighborhood and and people it’s right off the road there, but you can see in the weather, bixby home builders being built. This is the neighbor that is a quiet, little gym now we’re going to head over to broken arrow and go to highland creek. This is probably the number one community as far as home construction and the broken arrow area. Even though we’re bigsby home builder, we still build out there and highland creek as well as square footage by 1800, maybe 3300 square foot, house highland, creek second phase, there’s community pool, there’s there’s going to be walking trail community one! You definitely have to go see.

    Then we have millicent pain to we don’t have a couple of home side slept in there. One day have a special diet. Is union school, district, union, school district’s that we have left new community in jinxes oak ridge of jinx oak ridge, going to start the two 90s in a lower 300. This is on 111th and l. Custom Homes Tulsa What is absolutely beautiful square feet around 2200 or 3700? This is just minutes from downtown jenks and then also the highway 75 to get to downtown tulsa neighborhood that you have to check out and now we’re over to after oak ridge were going to go to quail creek of bigsby, another neighborhood that sets us, apart from all other guy to hunter’s load, 300 2200 square feet of 3700 square feet in inola call ruby estates home start around the low 200s 1800 square feet goes up to over 3,000 square feet to acres., probably about 40 different home sites out there that really just minutes past catoosa and then, since the growing area was beautiful, homes north, which is a broken arrow community. It’s not far from tulsa and union school district that it is broken arrow from 129th and 98th street, starting also in the high 200 square foot 2095 to 3712 to check out my favorite bixby neighborhood.

    The seven lakes been around the seven lakes area for a while one mini wars being busy best home builder square feet is 2200 to 3700 is what we do. The seven lakes and ponds around the community pool so a popular neighborhood that we have neighbors is seven oaks south, starting in the 1800 square feet up to 3700 as well as 65. Custom Homes Tulsa So we have the whole community at this great northern home builders in the neighborhood that you were looking for, price broken, arrow schools. It’s one that you want to look at somerset is our gated community in big lots in the back gated northeast corner of 121st and sheridan, one that you definitely going to check out. Another quiet we have half acre. Lots is still big the school, but it’s mounds oklahoma 71st street. This is a great community, 2500 square foot, minimum homes, 3700 70s, but half acre lots. You have to go out and check the community app and the last one is timber creek at jenks, half acre to acre half lots on the west side of the highway 75 beautiful neighborhood

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