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Custom Homes Tulsa | Countertop Work

Custom Homes Tulsa | Countertop Work

Are going to be going to have two more items here and that’s going to be your recessed recessed lights will be included in this area for the great room area on adding a recessed light package in any of those other. At. This timeunder cabinet lighting little more light on this countertop and be able to see what you’re doing and maybe later at night as well. If you don’t want those overhead lights on a lot of bixby home builders, Custom Homes Tulsa something like this and we know that a lot of our customers really enjoy.

Having all the options for the different lighting packages with in the kitchen, there’s also optional items in that as well. So if you would like to have a dish, a pendant light or a chandelier in his well to talk about additional lighting options in that enough, full package, madea 2 optional, are going to be the frigidaire gallery or professional package cooktop or in a wall. So obviously the double oven is going to take up a little bit more of that cabinet space. And it’s going to push that microwave up just slightly when you have it in the wall. It’s also important to keep in the refrigerator Custom Homes Tulsa and the washer and dryer are going to be provided by the customer was are not going to be such a variety to choose from. We find it’s better to pass along the savings so that you can choose the appliances of your of your selections there to see the auction. Calories in the frigidaire 36-inch gallery easy to the side of that point.

Really what you’re looking for and they’re, also going to be able to show you the difference appliance packages with the microwave, with the oven as well? Can you really just want to talk about if you are here the countertop on this is really one of the the biggest deciding factors for people when they are looking at the price out and what I always tell people as it’s important to to look at. You know really what your price point is that you would like to have seen the price out and you go through the line. Custom Homes Tulsa She has the most helpful for the customer to really make the best decision for them, so the three surfaces to choose from are going to be here. It’s going to be 6 in premier communities, included difference between the 2 cm + 3 cm + 6 cm. Obviously, the 6 cm is going to be a significant difference from your options are here and what fits your aesthetics at cultured marble, premier community, that 3 centimeter granite, the laundry room comes with 2 cm granite as well cultured marble.

If you do select the optional granite or quartz in the bathroom, you will also need to select an undermount sink, as I said before that we do better than most of our pics other bixby home builders are going to be these selections process to spend time in our design studio and really see all of the options in person to hold the granite at the and see. If that’s, what I think it’s the most important here has one of the largest and you see during a design studio, appointment to sign the model awards during the parade of homes. Custom Homes Tulsa We offered it. The next deposit thing is going to be included first flip phone and you can choose a 60/40 split for a 50/50 split, because it’s just at a grant a non-porous surface. Here in your bathroom that is not cultured marble option of the oval sink for granite of court. You will have that undermount richard marble. The only difference here is wasim monroe. You will have a corner tub that I still see that in the price out. You remember that from your tour and the option here on that tub is going to be adding the cabin front, see the cultured marble on actually see the cabin front so that it matches with your tablet.

You also have the option of doing the drop in tub. Now, the drop in tub is going to look a little bit different and you also will have that sticks in tile backsplash and it’s just going to look a little bit different and a little bit higher end the master shower. So this is going to be where you have so many options in your master bath and what’s going to be here, is that framed shower kenneth? Doing a show? Also remember that you can do the curbless entry here on that shower as well, and you also have the option of doing included glass. There are so many options here when it comes to inside the shower, and the glass that you choose. What does the framed fiberglass and, what’s included in the premier community, is going to be tiled shower with a full wall on side, and you also have the option of doing it. You also have the option of choosing a bench seat in the shower and that’s going to be the rectangular or the triangular bench

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