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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom Homes Tulsa | Few Neighborhoods

Custom Homes Tulsa | Few Neighborhoods

Bixby home at shaw homes, community and location, very important to a lot of our families, bixby area. Since we are a bixby home builder, we like to give you a lot of options:our bixby homes, communities in the bixby area. We have quail creek, which is located on 121st and memorial. On the southeast corner. We also have somerset, which is a gated community on the northeast corner of 121st and sheridan across the way from that we have our community called 7 late, which is on the south southwest corner southeast, southeast, corner 100, 21st and sheridan. Custom Homes Tulsa

We have another community called estates at the river, which is located on a hundred and 21st sheridan on the southwest corner of sheridan. We have another community, bixby school, that one is located:outback peoria, it’s a bixby school, but jenks address in our community called yorktown. We have quite a few different communities, but as a bixby home builder communities and neighborhoods as well. We also have our community that surrounds it in your jinx location, I mean just a couple of miles away. Do you have quite a few neighborhoods? And, even though we are a big home builder, we like to make sure that were available in all locations. Custom Homes Tulsa

Jinx is a very desirable location to wise, a bigsby home builder. We like to give you those options we like to give you those options so whether you’re in broken, arrow bixby jenks we’re going to make sure that we have a lot of communities available for you and your family. Some of the best thing to do is just to contact a sales manager and get your model home tour, but, and the great about the model tour is that, typically, you will end up a lot of the different communities that’s available for you to build so whether they are bigsby, broken, arrow, jenks or whatever you can start from there. Custom Homes Tulsa

We have various price points available, because we know price is going to be important to a lot of our a lot of our buyers. It maybe location you know see. What’s out there, yourselves manager can get you all squared away when it comes to these different items and features that you may be looking for in your house, and a sales manager can answer all of your questions through the model home tour and greet, and they will also talk to you about finances and what it is that you’re.

Looking for and price-wise of what you want to be at for your house, so whether you’re building in bixby or other cities, we can get you taken care of and talk to you about the financing aspect. We have multiple different types of loans and interest in different promotions, going on it’s all just pending on what it is that you want I need in your house for you and your family at shaw homes, and that’s the great thing about building at shaw homes. Is that you’re going to have a lot of options and selections that are automatically included

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