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Custom Homes Tulsa | Glass and Windows

Custom Homes Tulsa | Glass and Windows

When doing a price out with shaw to make sure that we exhaust options as far as what you are going to be having in the home things that are going to be included here, as well as what will be optional or what will be an upgrade as well, so you can go over with your new home specialist things are going to be things such as flooring, lighting, captree talk to you about what will be included here is going to be the effort that come with wood doors, and you will have the option to the glass to those doors was going to be included. Is the 36 inch upper so the come will come with 36 in upper cabinets with optional, hear the 42-inch upper cabinets in a 52 inch upper cabinet you’re also going to have the option of putting glass lee’s cabinets and they putting a design on either the shape or the x shave. 36 inch doors 2 inch solid with the glass your your new home specialist can kind of go over.

What the options look like for the different glass displays and vertical stripe on their looks like you can see what the x design looks like a better idea to do a design in that class. You also want to make sure height of the cabinets goes along with the tight in your kitchen, depending on, if you’re, on a 9-foot that you know really what that’s going to look like in that in that kitchen. So there are four models of parkwood, the stonebrook, the monterey and the redford, so the other cabinets doing a 42 inch is actually you can go in those other models also want to know that two separate doors, different options for hoods. The hood really makes a difference in this comments, because we are a bixby home builder. We want to make sure that we offer all of those selections to our clients, as well so you’re, going to see the hoods for 36 inch uppers for 42 inch or 52 inch peppers as well, where the ceiling does not have a clip. Custom Homes Tulsa

So you want to make sure that you know what what your model looks like. So it’s going to be here is iv2 door solid or the three-panel eyeglass of door. So at this time, you’re going to be able to get the price on this item as well. You are really interested in are going to be in your sink or cooktop, on your on your kik and put kind of beer, your brush senior scrubbers and that kind of stuff on the cooktop. You can have some kitchen utensils that the other option in your cabinet is going to be that pull out double trash. Can this is something that most of our bixby home builders offer. It’s just a way to get those trash cans kitchen floor out of the divide out your recycling as well, which is really helpful feature. He is going to be that rollout tray. So if you want to have your other cabinet, if you want to be able to pull out what is inside those comments, instead of having to reach in and rearrange things on shelf, what’s the most popular options in a cabinet doors, it allows you to have access to all of those pots and pans on a two separate drawers rather than shuffling them around, and you know being really loud and most of the time knocking over that pile of pots and pans. Custom Homes Tulsa

What’s Custom Homes Tulsa in the cabinet is going to be the refrigerator cabinet shelving surrounding in the refrigerator refrigerator, probably will want to go with a little bit more a polished. Look there a little bit more finished as well. I know we’re going to move on to light fixtures. The way that the light fixtures work when your building with shaw and if you will have an allowance for these light, fixtures $1,500 and with a two-story home it’ll, be $2,000 and it works is, will actually be super helpful with selecting those light fixtures for you and they’re going to be able to tell you all of the options to get you with him. If you would like to see some hiring products in there as well, actually show you two to three selections from lighting fixtures that works. Is you actually need to pay the overage if it goes over to your final purchase price? It’s just something. Custom Homes Tulsa

You want to speak with your new home specialist when you are there you’re going to be thinking about or two switches station, your master bedroom, your great room and your game room. If you like me to have the two switches, one for the van on the plastic is, if you were to put a ceiling fan on it, metal ceiling fan bracket. You also want to keep in mind your lights, included. All of the bedrooms for your budget. Just slightly ceiling fan brackets included in their budget. To offer in this three room. Next are going to be optional life options at the pendant lights. You can do the triple above. The islands also changed for you. You want to be able to see all of your options here at shaw homes

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