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Custom Homes Tulsa | Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Homes Tulsa | Kitchen Cabinets

Hi, this is brad naifeh on february, 8th, 2008 timberland continue with the gourmet kitchen that we put into our home they’re, very lovely. We were last podcast talking about being the best biggby home builder and talking about the stuff that we put in there and what sets us apart from other big, be home builders, and we were on the custom hood and then it was going to lead to the garbage disposal and i. We do the high-capacity food disposal in rsync. You also get a recessed lights in the kitchen and nook you get 6 in the kitchen to in the nook, so I place in the whole home. That is in the shower that we’ve have recessed lighting on adam, the other rooms. You can do so and that’s no problem. The other things that we like to do is the cabinet’s, give you a 36 inch cabinet. Custom Homes Tulsa It’s usually a tank raid or stain grade alder. You can upgrade those 2:42 or even 50 twos.

It’s your choice. 52 all about five models can accept thatbut. It’s a choice of yours of shaker, double shaker, farmhouse raised panel door styles, and so they come of hidden hinges. Hinges are great by the way they come through and and the crown molding on the top of the cabinet is your choice, included and are ireland and tomato granite with a flat or pencil edge or you can upgrade, and you can even upgrade. If you choose to do soi, don’t want to home for a customer. He said easily the best bigsby home builder, but he went to 6 centimeter granite and it looks phenomenal in his home. So wait. We also do a full ceramic tile or tumbled stone, backsplash in your kitchen ice maker to your refrigerator and then our sink, that’s included in our kitchen is a stainless steel. Undermount you can go the double sink or the other would do. We call the split think that or you can just single delta faucets to the store, even though the chrome finish. If you choose to do so so now, we’re going to talk about the second run, that people love to discussmaster, Custom Homes Tulsa suite feelings and and it’s like a extended height tray ceiling in the master bedroom and the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. And then then you have the cabinets in your master bath, which is a solid stain grade alder or your choice again with the face panel door styles, and then we have a cultured marble countertops with a 4-inch backsplash. And if you wanted to choose a graph in your master, bathroom play for the culture of the advocacy jetski like or you can do the drop-in just depending on the deck around its marble and then the front of its marble as well. I prayed, all those.

If you like the shower the fiberglass shower, that’s included in the master with the frame glass door and then, but with a great choice of tiles that we have. We can do the the niches for the radiator wheelchair type customers. Children around I mean switch and then there’s a tile floor that says ceramic tile floor throughout the whole master bath area. He get the towel bar in the toilet paper holders of your choice, chrome finished, so that’s how to plumbing fixtures serious laundry. Custom Homes Tulsa We use it and using it as a 30 inch upper cabinet. We include a rod or she’ll all that can be painted or using stain with the altar in the laundry room, and then we also have the lower cabinet, with the to centimeter granite countertop, again, with your choice of a shaker double shaker farmhouse raised panel and so on and fall the other one. We do the in wall, washer box with the hot and cold water supply. There’s a 220 connection for the dryer. We don’t do gas as included any longer, but it is an optional. If you do need to have that, we can out of gas line there and then the dryer vent connection that goes out to the tooth out the roof in the exhaust, fairest in all the rooms in the entry, laundry room, utility room and all bathrooms kitchen and nook is carpet and we use a 6 pound carpet pad. Custom Homes Tulsa We put the fire box in the corner, is a 36-inch superior vent free firebox goes on on natural gas and on the we doing for half of the mantle, and you can do that with the mantle or without without the heart of the mantle is a beam style for the wood mantel.

This paint we do the custom-made, solid stain grain, altura paint cabinets in the hall bath and utility room, with your choice, of the same doors that we mentioned before we bullnose corners and all entry rooms, living dining study in kitchen and when we put a 3-inch og base, trim that you can upgrade to a 5 in your door, casings or the 2 and 1/4 throughout 1st floor and 2nd floor in garage. Please masonite doors with the painted trim. Custom Homes Tulsa Your choice of cheyenne, roman, arch, riverside, riverside, really nice to panel square in 6 panel colonial style choices again is the choices, the customization that you can do at our home door, knobs with brushed nickel chrome. We do put the cable phone combo jackson the great room to study if it’s applicable, the master bedroom, the game room again, if it’s applicable in the bonus room, if applicable, i, would highly recommend looking into the hdmi a pool to be as an option, paint that you and then you also get to cuddle for the doors and trim and so we’ll go in detail about those two white fiberglass shower tub combo and even on master full bath in the commode.

Custom Homes Tulsa Is the white faucet by delta plumbing and with the venetian bronze, brushed, nickel or chrome finish and paint the bottom of the stairs and riding around for a one-story 15in on a two-story is $2,000 that are on lighting studio at andrew’s lighting, that is, are included features we have a nice day on the website and things on the kitchen counter tile ceramic tile, and then we also use a 6 foot, 8 dorsett of the fiberglass door, get with you to get the list of communities that are considered of them in the way of about 15, regular communities. That did not include the upgrades or the premiere depending on if you have oversized yard or land of your own, his own off, like a half acre or an acre lots, and we give you a square footage amount of 15000 square yards are the timber creek neighborhood. That is a fully solid front and rear, and then internet expressions reply on that and then sold. Some other areas will be fully started as well. Just have to look at them, so that’s the best pic be home builder in the market

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