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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom Homes Tulsa | Most Versatile

Custom Homes Tulsa | Most Versatile

Brad naifeh, this is february 8th, 2018 shaw homes in the bixby home builders of sean’s been one of the best things to talk about that are available homes and model homes in the things the area. What are the first homes want to talk about? Is in the somerset community. That’s a hundred 21st and sheridan. It is the monterey one single story:this home is 2419 square feet, gorgeous home price at 340, 4003 30, but it has been reduced, $5,000 to 33093 33, full bedrooms, 2 full bath, 3, car garage, 9-foot, white line up two trees right now, and hopefully they’ll say that would never know. What is this a great we’re going to stay in somerset and talk about the model again of all the bixby home builders? Custom Homes

We have for communities, 3, model homes and no one has anything else that competes with us out there. This model honda, we have in somerset, i, think it’s the cadillac of a model homes square footage of 3366 is the marquis home in does of the bixby area during prayed of home wonderwild fact kitchen. It also finished, second of all, the other bixby home builders, that it should have been. First no question. People even said that welcome back and talk about this model here in a second or next time, we’re going to talk about is our monterey one single story and quail creek, similar to the one in Custom Homes somerset.

But this one has our new design has the half bath the powder bath downstairs in the bathtub in the master, unlike the one in somerset, same size, 2004 19 square feet for 324083. So now we’re going to go over to the monroe one eye. This is our largest model. Home is 3671 5 bedroom 3 bath bomb that you got to stay a week is the most Custom Homes versatile floor plan has 15 different designs that we can choose from. So you got to have for plans like this to be the best big d home builder. That’s an export plan is in seven lakes.

It was an old model, the wyndham one eye, 3000 561 square feet, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, the water, beautiful backyards, you selling the model for $399,900 and another home in stone. Seven lakes called are stonebrook v, 327,000, 907 2619 square feet four-bedroom three-and-a-half bath. This is got the best home spot in the big b area. The greenbelt view will always be a greenville to be in the backyard and nobody on top of you on either side of the cul-de-sac, lot of the homes that we have available and also models in the big beach area once again before communities act 5, but the for the hundred 21st and sheridan.

Those communities are somerset, quail, creek, seven, lakes estates at the river in the one. That’s our half acre lots of 171st street is spring hill farms in the best bixby home builder, hotel quality home a lot of floor plans to choose from a lot of options. Now we’re going to change subjects here and go over our 10 or 10 step construction process step. One of the best bixby home builders process is the preliminary matters

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