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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond Home Builders | Determine What You Want

The Edmond Home Builders by the name of Shaw Homes want to actually have plenty of lots and community three to choose from. So if you would like to know on how you can expand to close high-speed was reviewed homebuilder or the communities we are building and currently the majority of them are in and around the Tulsa Metro area. We have homes that are starting like made 400 family also have homes in the lower 200s. It seems like that’s not a good thing but usually ranges based on the square footage. If you think more information on a certain type of community and we have plenty all over the state but if you’re looking to live in Jinks or maybe you’d prefer to be able to live in Bixby then we actually have those areas that would like to tell you more about. Usually with every community it usually varies by the square footage. Some are bigger than others and some little bit smaller for those who maybe not need a whole lot of room.

The Edmond Home Builders Shaw Homes always can be provide to it is you need that we most certainly when make sure that people get a great service overall. How did how do people determine whether or not this is a good home building company? He determined that by the fact that there to answer the phone new call and that they are to provide you plenty incentives as well as stick to timeline and budget. Because with the company we obviously one make sure that were always to save to do something exit follow through. So what we like to do is be able to under promise yet always overdeliver. That’s usually an important plant part to play this would make sure that were giving the best but also making sure that people know that we are there for them when they need us. So you can information or this one looks at the what is can provide and of course we when he gave it you our best efforts. The common be able to find that is what is really doing and how we can actually do better.

The Edmond Home Builders has everything that you need to ceiling any fee to have to go to any other builder nor checkout any other builder or meet with. Because the no-brainer is obviously can be Shaw Homes. Because were homes highest rating was reviewed. So that means we done something right over the years that we you have 35+ years in home building experience and it just keeps on getting better year-over-year. We have plenty of home lots and communities choose from. So if you’re partial to living in Edmond or you are wanting to be able to live in Bixby for the school district communities in those areas.

So for that to be able to get information on a certain area or certain community I have to do is just… 26 communities in the can scroll through and find a community that you would like and then you can click view map or even click the button that says more info. It was a community it usually varies in price as well as in square footage. I’m so yes I do have homes that are starting the more need for hundred thousands and the square footage is somewhere between 2373 two 3494 ft.². Reserve your lot today in your desired community.

Call (918) 688-5660 and go to www.shawhomes.com. They do very that by acre size so if you’re looking for corner lot or you like to build have your home built in the cul-de-sac then let us now will be able to preserve that lot as soon as possible

Edmond Home Builders | What Else Are You Searching For?

The Edmond Home Builders, Shaw Homes wants to help you determine exactly what it is you want in a home. Whether you want to be able to build from the ground up or you want to be able to already choose one one of our 47 move-in ready homes. We have plenty to choose from and we of course like to be sure the details with you. Most of them vary from location. And we have move-in ready homes that are in the broken arrow school district we also have homes that are in the Bixby school district. So if you are basing where you want to live based on the schools for your kids we have plenty of options and obviously we also have options that vary in price. So course to make sure that we have for sale or it what is under construction can then be except what you want. So if you want be would have three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as at home that has two stories or maybe one has a three car garage then we can make it happen. So the best thing you should do is you not take a look at the floor plan and then be able to decide based on what were offering in terms of move-in ready homes what floorplate would work best for you. Because they do vary based on square footage as well as whether or not they have three bedrooms or 2 1/2 bath and stuff like that.

The Edmond Home Builders, Shaw Homes once be able to show you plenty of communities in which homes are being built as well as move-in ready homes that are available or currently being built they can move in once they’re built. They do vary by the actual floorplan so if you would like to know seven with the plan looks like you can then visit our website and actually click on the tab that says find your home go to the drop-down menu and click available homes and you can actually see listed out on homes that you can buy floorplan already to go out once it rebuilt or was are in the process of building and you can choose the area whether you want to be able to have an area in Bixby, broken arrow, Tulsa, admin, or wherever.

The Edmond Home Builders to life-changing service. Obviously make sure that actually sort through all these things as well as provide you plenty of plans to choose from for your floorplan. So we actually have the highest collection of move-in ready homes, model homes and floor plans for people to choose from. No other builder actually has that many and available homes to view or even floor plans choose from. So it’s time for you to determine exactly what it is that you want your home. When he want to be able to live in a community in Bixby or you want to live in one of the communities and jacks. It’s completely up to you. It also depends on your budget. They do vary based upon the features or even just the floorplan offered.

So whether you want a four bedroom home with two baths that’s one story as well as just a nice two-car garage then we can do that as well. We also make sure that you are able to be in a neighborhood that can also be close to parks and also the schools. So whatever it is you want you need to let us know. But first would like to be able to set you up with a model home tour to be able to view one of our furnished model home so we can kind get an idea of how we build or at least be able to talk to somebody in person and discuss what it is you’re looking for as well as get some questions answered about our company.

Call (918) 688-5660 Inga to www.shawhomes.com. Because we absolutely should able to provide you plenty of communities and floor plans designed to make you happy. He also want to make sure that you plenty flexibility with our services. So feedback to go ahead and get started and become one of our proud homebuying clients join our epic team here at Shaw Homes today.

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