Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond Home Builders | Understand Our Process

For the Edmond Home Builders, Shaw Homes wants to let you know that quality is our standard. So while other companies might say that they offer quality we here at Shaw Homes actually mean what we say. So we would make sure that we can be your personable to the table actually go over the procedures in the process with you so that you can fully understand the construction schedule as well as what you can expect. Because we expect on our clients through our help to be able to go into the process with their eyes wide open. Because when make sure that during the time rape to meet with you refer review progress as was also answer questions. Because we would make sure that we’re not getting in your way from actually achieve what you want. And we do that because we are offering the quality assurance plan which actually is involved you every single step the way. Because our goal is you are 100% total satisfaction.

The Edmond Home Builders was to make sure that everybody’s getting a great deal. And so from the very beginning we would make sure that there are no hidden extras or you know any type of tresses are professional craftsmen technically supported’s support staff that are hiding anything from you. We would make sure that we are capable to oversee the construction of each and every home that we have. And we want to keep you involved in the process every single day in every single step of the way. Severely to be able to book a tour of you one of our model homes and see whether or not Shaw Homes is the builder for you that we must certainly would like to schedule that we can. So call it cannot know more about habitation so to get the free as well as what looking to make sure you everything youmay want to have an overall great experience. Because be on the ceiling sure that we build quality.

The Edmond Home Builders, Shaw Homes is a worthwhile venture. And they have honestly been able to continue to prove themselves time and time again and continue to be able to build the reputation of being behind you must reviewed builder. And here in the city and in the Tulsa major areas we are probably serving everybody who’s looking to actually build whether they are in Bixby, broken arrow, Tulsa, Owosso or Oregon Edmond. So quality is standard here at Shaw Homes and we mean business.

So what you can count on is that Shaw Homes will never overpromise or under deliver. Except the opposite. We will under promise and overdeliver every single time. Because a lot of companies out there pulsated there able to do all the stuff but never really follow through. We do not want to be like him.

We want to be our own original company that is always providing a great service. And that’s where you come in. Because we would make sure that our clients know that we are always going out of our way unlike other builders. And obviously we do that through our quality assurance program as well as our warranties. We had that some of the best warrantees in the homebuilding business here in Oklahoma. So that’s my and that’s another reason why people come to us versus other builders. Call (918) 688-5660 into www.shawhomes.com.

Edmond Home Builders | How Can You Find Us?

Here with the Edmond Home Builders, Shaw Homes we went make sugar able to understand the process and be able to go with the 10 step construction process that Shaw Homes uses. So be able to download it be able to have it read out and also ready to print out and being able to go over can we emotionally one be of to inform you as was actually in the process that makes us a call us highest-rated must reviewed homebuilder. Because overall it’s just make sure that the best decision for your family’s needs are actually taking care of another specially done. Severely questions or maybe I’m having a certain questions based on students to make should able to help you through it. We do not want to go from steps Without making sure that you are fully aware what’s happening as well as making sure that your can fully go in with your eyes open.

The Edmond Home Builders in the typical person there’s really no need for you to be able to go anywhere else. Because each of the for similar make sure the row is offering her best., To be Vecsey’s and what is do better because bill to make sure that were on top of our game be able to deliver settlement asking for. So, named know more about how able to help you the schools willing to make sure to whether it be with the preliminary matters or even getting you interest get design studio start picking features we would make sure that the execution is flawless.

The Edmond Home Builders, Shaw Homes is happy to be able to help you and obviously will make sure that were able to step in the very beginning to be able to get the proper permits from the city and County as well as making sure that from very beginning before moving any dirt can actually create a plot plan for your lot to show where your location of your home would actually be in the community. Also be like to be able to go for the building plans with him be able to submit those to the developer as was architecture team for their approval. Want to do that then I will make sure that your able to get in contact with a preferred lender or lender that you’re currently working with. And it will be able to provide the plans to the banks as well as get specifications for the properties appraisal as well as get you the construction loan.

Also we would make sure that we can order windows, doors, brick and all that stuff and obviously did the nature of bureaucracy it’s sometimes unusual for this process to take about 3 to 4 weeks. So we would make sure that we can be open and honest as well as being able to make sure that when were going through all the red tape you can know exactly what to expect that that way you don’t have to stress over it. It’s always sometimes easy to get overwhelmed but we want to make sure that once you fully understand the process you can exit going with your eyes wide open as well as be able to allow us to handle all of the red tape so that you don’t have to. Once we do that and want to begin on execution of the purchase agreement then we can go into the design studio where you actually work with the consultant finalize your home selections.

Call (918) 688-5660 into www.shawhomes.com if you’re looking to be able to have a timely selection of process in which you can actually get the purchase orders and be able to start the billing process is much quicker as possible. Now so when make sure able to work with a consultant that can actually might you design studio addendum for details. So what you actually make your selections feel fancy playing review with the manager today and review all the details so that you can finalize exactly what it is you want before we start building.

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