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Edmond New Home Construction | Have Questions about the Process

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Edmond new home construction in Fox layer estates is located on the corner of Penn and Waterloo. These homes fit on home sites ranging from three quarters of an acre all the way up to almost two acres. There’s a little piece of Oklahoma land for everyone. Whether you are looking for a Prairie home site or a home site with a ton of trees or a Homesite backing to the Creek, we have that for you. [inaudible] states feeds into award waiting deer Creek schools. Uh, it is far enough away from town to where you feel like you are on your own country property, but it’s close enough to shopping and schools to where it’s not so far to jump in the car and get to the grocery store or mall thoughts, their estates. We are able to build our heritage theories there. So not only are you getting award-winning schools, you’re also getting our award-winning heritage series. Um, our heritage series swept parade of homes this year in this price range. Um, our homes are not only beautiful. They are also functional.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
One of the most popular floor plans we have in this series is the Westport Edmond New Home Construction . The Westport is a large, um, home with, uh, cathedral ceilings, the cathedral ceilings, um, have a centered fireplace in the middle of the living room. It’s open concept, but it also has a dining nook off to the side that feels like a more separate space. Um, many people when they walk through their home assumed that it is formal dining room because of its size, but it isn’t fact in a marsh nook, when you walk into the home, you’re met with, uh, uh, a, uh, study to, uh, one side. This study can also be turned into a bedroom with an en suite bathroom. So it’s perfect for those that have boomerang children coming home or for a mother-in-law plan. Um, on the other side, there is a half bathroom so that, um, your guests don’t have to share the families, uh, bathrooms when they come over to have a cup of coffee. Uh, as I said, you have large cathedral ceilings in the living room. You can put beams in here, uh, to give a more

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Rustic feel. Um, it’s large open, huge picture windows in the back meeting lateral light into the home. Um, the master bedroom has a great feature. Not only is it super spacious, it feeds into your in suite bathroom, complete with a freestanding tub and separate shower. Uh, your vanities are separated, so no more sharing your vanity space with your spouse. It then flows into a large walk-in closet. This closet is so massive that it could be considered a, an extra room in the Westport, and then you exit the master closet into the laundry room and the laundry room, and the Westport has more space for folding and, uh, cleaning and everything else that any of our floor plans, there’s a large space, uh, with cabinets in order to fold your laundry and store. And then on the other end there, you have an option to put in a sink, um, and then there’s still hanging racks and everything else.

Speaker 2: (04:11)
This is a pretty intenseEdmond New Home Construction , um, laundry room. And then it exits out into the, uh, utility area with a large, uh, mud bench included. Um, this, uh, four plate is perfect for those that have spouses that need to leave early, uh, for work. Uh, they can exit through the laundry room and not, and not, um, disturbed the spouse sleeping in the master bedroom. Now there’s a nice little planning area or copy area. Um, as you’re walking into the kitchen from the utility area, um, it’s a little Butler’s kind of area where you can, um, store appliances, or you could write your grocery lists, um, about anything that you would need. Um, and then you have a utility closet where you could keep, um, extra things in the kitchen it’s right off the kitchen. So you could keep kitchen utensils or, uh, kitchen appliances, or you could store cleaning supplies, whatever it is.

Speaker 2: (05:25)
And then you have a large corner pantry. And the corner pantry is, um, it’s kind of like the laundry room, almost a separate room in and of itself. Um, you have an option to put a large farm sink in your island. Um, you have an option to include a, an area for either a wet bar or a coffee nook. Um, off to the side. A lot of people use it as a buffet table for large family gatherings. So there is no shortage of space in this home. Um, upstairs, you will find your third bathroom. So if you have been counting that’s three and a half baths, there’s also attic access up here to a large attic, uh, two bedrooms that are really nice size and a game room. So, uh, for under 2,900 square feet, you have, um, your master bedroom, you have an enlarged, uh, living area with cathedral ceilings and an open to the kitchen with a beautiful island, um, and enlarge nook for dining in your Edmond New Home Construction .

Speaker 2: (06:45)
You have the master bedroom, bathroom, laundry, uh, combo, and a utility room. And then you have your game room, your a third bathroom and two bedrooms up there with a game room. So that is three to four bedrooms plus a game room and three and a half baths. So this space is really well used. Uh, it feels really spacious and warm in here. Uh, it’s definitely a place that you could, uh, raise a family. Um, you can look out those picture windows in a Fox layer and probably see deer running past and, um, lots of room to make memories. Um, you’d be able to see out those windows from your living area and or your kitchen, so you can see your kids playing in the backyard in your Edmond New Home Construction . Um, and you’ll be able to build this and Fox Lira states, which Fox Liris states, um, is country living, um, really close to the city.

Speaker 2: (07:57)
Um, it’s a lot of young families. Um, the people that have been buying in this are just really great people and, um, are looking for probably similar things as you, uh, to raise a family, um, in a great school system with a little bit of, um, Oklahoma land, um, Fox layer states again starts in the low four hundreds. Um, and there is something for everyone we build up to 3,500 square feet, um, which would include, uh, five. You could do five bedrooms for that. So for people with larger families or, um, blended families, that is an option for you. We also have, um, our Cypress that includes a media room and a game room in it. Um,

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Come check us out at Shaw homes, uh, new construction, uh, the utility or the inventory is really low in, um, Edmond. And we would be able to get you into this home and build exactly what you want. We don’t want anybody settling for home. We want you to, uh, come home to a place that makes you feel great inside and serves the needs of your family. Um, we not only build functional homes, we build beautiful homes and we would be happy to share our products with you. Uh, to see some of these homes, you can schedule a model home tour with one of our Edmond New Home Construction , consultants. Uh, they’re very knowledgeable and we’ll be able to find something for you out of our over 70 floor plans.

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